Hello Sammiefam!! nomnom crew I love all of you! like and subscribe for more wild food adventures! it has been so long Ronald over a year since your savory crispy nuggets touched my lips are you sorry we drifted apart? does your heart fill with pain, shall I come back again? Here I am baby and I brought a big bowl of spicy cheese sauce with me I want to take a bath with you join me in this garlic and paprika laced tub yeah baby just the tip put it in you feel so good you taste so good I needed this I know you needed me too we’re back together, don’t ever leave me Don’t ever let ’em tell you that you’ll never need me My china white, ’til we D.O.A Its chicken forever, baby, lets get away… you’re the only time I’ll happily eat that white meat i can’t even be married when I’m eating you I am always all about that dark meat I need that flavor, that oil, that savor But nuggets baby you white and still have that flavor whatever Ron has done to you it worked I hope it didn’t hurt baby, but I’ll keep you safe with me now You never have to see Ron again just come in me and with me inside of me relax. Let me stuff myself full of your meat I love your boot shape you remind me of Italy. I wish we could go together Maybe I will rescue 40 more of your sisters on the way to JFK and I will hold their love inside me all the way to the Amalfi coast and when I lay them to rest they will be where they belong their beautiful manipulated altered chicken form stylized to the point of abstraction left in the beautiful ancient sewers of the civilization that created so much of modern style and beauty I can think of little more fitting for my beloved escape with me and through me viewer please read this I mean it for you too escape with me and through me free yourselves give yourself to me for these short 10 minutes and I will return you to yourself freer than before this is what I tell all my lovers Sometimes 5 minutes if I’m excited, or 20 minutes if drinking has been involved and you viewer are like a lover to me we are sharing something beautiful and brief a moment of freedom and indulgence that feels outside of life let me show you freedom can be your life


  1. FridayGamers says:

    We need MORE people like you XDD!!

  2. Kwazie_Kitty says:

    LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH FAM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. STaTiCz says:

    I’m in love with these captions XDDDD

  4. Lorena M says:

    Oh Sammie, you make me hungry 😩

  5. Reuben Dyck says:

    You should have dumped all the nuggets in with the cheese and eaten it like soup

  6. Kerrie Blaise says:

    Behollld the union between the Golden nugget and the sacred cheesus!

  7. zeusun kızı says:

    Bu adamı izleyen tek türk ben miyim ? 😂

  8. leah dominguez says:

    omg i love you personality so much😂🤣

  9. billie jo says:

    Let it rain cheese and nuggies
    And we shout fuck you cholesterol god

  10. Wilted Rose ASMR says:

    Ronald the dirty dog is back giving you forty blessed nuggs!

  11. Joshua Chibo says:

    One like if you love nomnomsammieboy


  12. gigsby waves says:

    Alr so we’re just gonna pretend those subtitles never existed?

  13. Tia-rex !!! says:

    I genuinely love watching your videos! They're entertaining!

  14. Blue ArmBaby says:

    Omg 😮 I wish I had Mooney to buy all of that and eat it like u do 🤤🥴

  15. Maria Mac says:

    0:26 that moment that it is so good that you got to slap it like a fat ass 😂 I love that

  16. ピーコ2等兵 says:

    I waited for the video that you eat chicken nuggets❗️

  17. Zinnia Qasim says:

    This guy here is serving us the literal meaning of "Food Porn"

  18. chxyde says:

    i really like your videos because it shows that i shouldn’t care about my body image and that i can eat whatever i want however i want so thank you so much

  19. Ricardo Milos says:

    I didn’t know they served 20 box of McNuggets in America because normally I see people on YouTube from the usa order two ten boxes instead of just 20, you learn something new everyday I guess..

  20. Lara Ishtayeh says:

    When you tore the napkins I was on the floor😂😂😂

  21. A Michele says:

    I’m very excited for this video considering McDonalds chicken nuggets are literally a food group to me 🤤

  22. Kdlski says:

    Lol! I love the happy food dance you do when the food and sauces are good. I do the same thing too. Your so very entertaining. Love the messy eating and lip smacking.💓💓💓

  23. Danelle Lourens says:

    Im craving nuggets with cheese sauce now 🥺

  24. Keigan Lewis says:

    7:25 the most intense water pouring ever😂

  25. 600Mahmood Ali says:

    hi .. did you remember me ..
    i tell you in last video i respect you and exusme cause my English bad i follow you from Iraq
    keep going 🌸

  26. ꧁AN0N1MO꧂ 0-0 says:

    Por que en donde yo vivo no hay mc'donald 😞😞😥

  27. Ahoy Nick says:

    Finally the nose is safe😀😀!!!

  28. AllNightLongPT says:

    My G i love your videos but please go to fhe gym after these videos i can see in your face you are becoming fat 😔😔

  29. all nxght says:

    im hungry asf help

  30. Yo Boi says:

    Bruh when you put the video at 2x speed😂😂

  31. - strawberrymilk says:

    i love how hes turned on by the food

  32. D4ri4 Beys says:

    Non gli scorre sangue nelle vene, ma formaggio.

  33. Makeda Chantellex says:

    Them subs were ALOT😭😭😭😂

  34. 29 opravdanih says:


  35. Wendell Wilson says:

    Oh god the cheese!!!! Soooo gooood!!!!

  36. chicken nuggets says:

    Still back 😁😁😁

  37. Godly_Fire says:

    You're weird…..

    In a good way!

  38. xXLeGaCyXx 12 says:

    Mhnn looks tasty love ur vids and hope u make a lot more!

  39. TheRealPatrikStar :3 says:


  40. Ariella Maysonet says:

    Idk if you already have or not but could you do a Chick-fil-a Mukbang?

  41. Live By Faith says:

    I'm really glad your married becuz if some girl saw your mukbung videos man you would be single forever

  42. xXMichaelPlays_YTX x says:

    Hi ur so cool

  43. Léonie Nicola says:

    Sloppy cheese

  44. Léonie Nicola says:


  45. Autumn Bloodmoon says:

    Your McDonald's videos low-key feel sinful AF to me bc I don't allow myself to eat it. So thank you 😂😂😂

  46. Nekohime TheNekoGamer says:

    So many sexual preferences in this video that i lost count 6w9

  47. Ashlynd Hudnell says:

    Yep definitely

  48. India L says:

    Adult not for sensual kids lmao

  49. Abram Hanna says:

    Normal people: Relationship with a boy/girl

    Sammie: Relationship with FOOD…..?

  50. YKHR墨 says:

    0:19 don’t dead open inside

  51. hayden says:

    3:51 loved that sound

  52. GAMER GIRL PINK says:

    R.I.P. napkins

  53. UNI CORN says:

    Ok yesssss!!! Get you some cheesy nuggets!!!

  54. thanoss thicc says:

    Chicken nugget "p¤rn"

  55. Kaélah Williams says:

    Dear cheezus crust,

    I love you and forever will your kingdom is safe with Sammie and I we will eat with cheeze drink with cheeze and follow your cheezy cheeze steps almighty cheezus crust do not worry you kingdom is safe and sound

    Signing off:me

  56. Eric Anyon says:

    the dude couldn’t be anymore iconic nd i love it :3 his energy and vibes are just 😘

  57. Rosario Chula #1 Garcia says:

    Theres something about the way you eat that i can't stop watching your videos lol 😍

  58. Natas 808 says:

    I have glass envy. Great vid

  59. Johnny Utah says:

    Omg 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞!!!!

  60. Nguyen Nguyên says:

    OMG i love chesse

  61. Kaji Rose says:

    Honestly you never disappoint 👏 this really how it be like when we all eat.. let’s just be honest here.. 😂

  62. Calm On Over ASMR & Relaxation says:

    Yesss I’ve been waiting for chicken nuggets! 😱👌

  63. Niecey says:

    Entire time I’m thinking damn I wish I could reach through the screen and pick up a chicken nugget and dip it in the cheese lol I LOVEEEEEE cheese 😐 like loveeee

  64. Chris Reynolds says:

    what brand of cheese sauce do you use?

  65. Jungnysus OT7 says:


  66. Josephine ASMR says:

    I fkn love u

  67. Alfie Noakes says:

    Your first heart attack is very near.

  68. Gâu Gâu says:

    You cute , i actually love ur video alot

  69. Violet Ray says:

    Your my new favorite person eating on YouTube thank you

  70. Anna Drum12 says:

    cheese overload🤤

  71. Chrissy Kapp says:

    This is me when I am drunk, alone and hungry 😀

  72. Chelsea Reyes says:

    Its 8am and I'm starving now. I feel like my day cannot go on without some nuggets in my life now. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😍😍 The way you pour the water is so satisfying 😂😂 I tried didnt work.

  73. Taylor 216 says:

    Did him and his wife break up with something I don't know what's going on lately I haven't been seeing Sammy boy with his girlfriend or his wife what is going on where is she Sammy boy

  74. Kid Reese says:

    Brooo wtf were those captions 💀

  75. Craig Caddick says:

    Bro u are awsome and a insperation bro much love and respect brother

  76. crystallovescupcakes says:

    Your not yourself without food! I always come here when I’m looking for same and good food combination videos you impress me and your my food idol 😂♥️

  77. Amber Hutson says:

    I can tell you are one with your cheese. You, and your cheese will one day rule humanity. This is not a conspiracy, it is a fact.

  78. Fee from H-Town says:

    Very entertaining and hilarious video😊

  79. Linett Reyes says:

    Glad I waited until now to watch this! sitting in the dark because of a power outage, pretty wild storm outside. Cheesy chicken nuggets for the win!! <3

  80. yummy orange says:

    giving me predator vibes

  81. - says:

    Do you heat your cheese?

  82. Wong Cheng Jian says:

    0:35 lol wtf 🤣 looks like your hungry alr

  83. Maddie C says:

    Is your blood just cheese sauce at this point?

  84. Laporcha Lewis says:

    It wouldn’t be a proper Sammie vid if he didn’t get any sauce on his face 💪🏾👌🏾

  85. Gacha Frankie says:

    Dis dood is da definition of food porn ;-;

  86. Dark Disk Gamer says:

    2:35= exotic air slapping

  87. SexieMissLexie says:

    So sexual, bro 😂 and those double nuggie moves slayed me

  88. Miranda A W says:

    You remind me so much of weird al 😂 I can’t be the only one who has told you that before. Love your vids!

  89. Robo Studios says:

    “Yeah baby just the tip put it in” “you feel so good” “I can’t even be married when eating you” “I hope it didn’t hurt baby but ill keep you safe with me” “you never have to see Ron again” “just come in me and with me inside of me relax” “let me stuff myself full of your meat”

  90. Dark Moon says:

    Yep, literal food porn
    And I'm not ashamed

  91. Lil boi Has entered the chat says:

    I swear if someone stabbed this guy blood would not come out cheese sauce will

  92. Circus Clownery says:

    i feel like ronald is afraid of this man

  93. Scuba Tuba says:

    Losing my mind over these captions

  94. Circus Clownery says:

    mans rlly just had an orgasm

  95. juju 35 says:

    dude gets down with his food in the bed😂

  96. germanitastaton says:

    Yep, definitely food porn….GOTTA LOVE IT….GREAT VIDEO 👏🏾👍🏾💪🏾👑🏆⭐😎‼

  97. Anthony skguenza says:

    The cheese on ur face kinda grossed me out but either than that good video lol

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