Mediterranean Roasted Chicken – Maruchan Ramen Noodles Recipe

Fusion. We’re not talking maybe a good marriage or the music kind. Today we’re going to jazz it up by cooking it up Mediterranean style.
Here to fuse the very best of Greek and Italian we have Chef Chris Paul of Chris Paul’s 51 Supper Club and Lounge located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Hey, what’s up, Chris? Hey, how are you? I’m good. Do you know how to sing, dance, do a little
fusion thing? Absolutely. Ah, there was not a whole lot of movement happening there. You better cook better than you move, okay? Alright! Today we’re going to be talking noodles and roasted chicken. That’s always a great combination especially for busy families like mine What makes the flavors of
today’s ingredients just kind of fuse so well together? Well, that’s it. I mean, fusion is so out there. We’re taking blends right now: we’re
taking Italian fusion. When you think of Italian you think of what? Noodles, right? Sauce, all those blend together, you really want to take them, and Greek, you think of Feta cheese, you think of kalamata olives. I
don’t necessarily think of that together. That’s why I’m so glad you’re here today
to talk about this. Alright. Maruchan Yakisoba noodles. They’re very popular. We see them in the stores, they’re great as a side dish, right? You pop in the microwave, you eat them solo but here you’re using them as an integral part of a main dish. Yes. Well sure, you want to bring it home, and that’s where it starts. Alright, well bring it on home, Chris Paul!
If you would be my assistant today? I would love to do that. You’re going to let me cook? Yeah. Oh my goodness. I have graduated. Okay so we’re going to take this, this is one cup of water, we’re going to pour it in here. These are really quick, we’re talking about four minutes. Okay, anything else go in here? Yeah, we’re going to put the little herb packet in there. Can’t forget the herb packet. I shouldn’t do this I’m sorry. We didn’t see that. See, we don’t see that. Okay no one sees that. Okay, got your herb packet. Stick it in there. And now we’re just going to throw it in the microwave. Ha ha ha. It’s okay And due to the wonderful technology of today we have post magico! It’s already to go! So we got one. So we got the noodles all set, so we’re just going to mix that up, okay, and we’re going to also add all these wonderful ingredients. This
is where the fusion factor starts. Okay, let me ask you this? You know, do I need to put
this in here now? Yes. Flavor packet. You know, taste is really such a personal thing. What makes this Mediterranean cuisine? I know
you’ve talked about fusing all of these things, what makes this Mediterranean? Well, again, you’re talking about the ingredients. That’s really what it’s all about. You want fresh ingredients. I’m stirring. I’m sorry. naturally when it’s all about you know
fresh ingredients You’re so used to letting no one help you! So you want to blend that together, and again it’s about the ingredients, it really is. So that’s really what it is that gives it that Mediterranean flare. Oh yeah, and without fresh ingredients where are we? Okay, perfect, good, put it right in there, and we have the noodles And then we’re going to add a little bit of chicken. Do you like Gouda? I love Gouda. Let me ask you, yeah, the Gouda’s great. So, you talk about feta, and you talk about the fusion in those
things fusing well together fed and you talk about the fusion in
those things he wasn’t altogether you do this kind of in a two-to-one ratio. See I’m getting good here! Awesome. Why more Gouda then feta? Well, again, Gouda is that smoky, woody taste, and that’s really what you want to do is
capture all different flavors I’m sorry! As we cook we eat, there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s a good thing. We’re keeping it real here. And this is the feta here. Oh this looks great, put this in here, for now? Yup, asparagus, we’re going to mix a little asparagus in there, a little white asparagus, a little green asparagus. Why asparagus? Good stuff, lots of love. A little bit of kalamata olives, you’re really good at this, this is amazing. Pinoles. What is this? Pine nuts, and again that’s the flavor We roasted those off a little bit. Those are so good. Oh, I know. I could just sit down and eat a bunch of those And then a little basil you need to put in there. Did I do that? Yes you did. and then you just want to mix it up and again it’s about a fusion. Now you’re creating a fusion process. Under how
many minutes? How long does it take to do this? Four minutes. Under four minutes? One cup. Four minutes. The pack. It’s done. And then you have your noodles. And the combination of everything. You’ve got different roles, and it smells great. Super convenient for busy moms like me. I
have to tell you: great job. Score! Awesome! You hit it out of the park. Can’t dance but yeah you can cook. No, I can’t. Thanks for being with us. And if you’d like to learn more about the versatility of Maruchan Yakisoba noodles from soups to salads to szechuan stir-fry, get your fusion on by visiting the website of the fabulous food folks at at

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