Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Single & Snoh Aalegra Performance | #MTVFreshOut

Ladies and gentl,
welcome to Rick Ross Sells at all.
So nice had to do it twice. This is my new album
Port of Miami 2. I revisited the classic Port
of Miami 2 continue the legacy. This album of features,
Drake, Meek Mill, Swiss Beats, my homie
Lil Tunechi, many more. And of course you know
it’s Grammy bait. I already reserved a wall
and my huge mansion just for the platinum plaque. Excuse me,
the double platinum plaque commemorating this LP.
How’s it sounding ladies. So make sure your’re
streaming now.Buy the physicals because as you can see,
Rosie keeps the physicals. Port of Miami,
album available now featuring Lil Wayne Drake, Meek Mills,
Swiss Beats, Nipsey Hussle, Wale,
Jeezy and more. Ricky Ross.
Rick Ross, if the rap thing
doesn’t work out, I’m telling you right now,
buddy, you can make a heck
of a home shopping host. We’re going to Fresh
Out Fridays. I’m Kevin Kenny joined
as always with Times Square behind me
and this is the show. Episode three you should
know by now if it’s popping
in the world of game gear, fashion, music, entertainment, we’re going to cover it
for you in depth over the next 20 minutes.
Rick Ross, you just saw
at the top in addition to being great hosts there, he’s dropping a new album
Port of Miami 2 today. Also, Katy
Perry is out with new music. Megan the Stallion
is linking up with Nicki Minaj. Bluefish has a new
EP called Dirt Bag out. Meek Mill has a new documentary
we’ll cover as well. We’re going to kick off
your weekend playlist with an exclusive performance
you can only see here on MTV Fresh Out Mill has Aalegra
and all five, oh yeah. Of the SpongeBob sneakers
are going to be joining me live in studio.
How exciting is that? It is officially Ross season. He dropped
Port of Miami 2 today. This album is absolutely packed
and superstar guests including Meek Mill,
the late Nipsy Hustle, who actually inspired
another song and the album Gold Roses, which
Drake is featured on. Ross also dropped a new video
for Turnpike Ike. (singing). The Katy Perry comeback
continues. We had Never Really
Over kicking off the summer. Now she returned with
a brand new song that Charlie Puth actually worked on called
Small Talk. (singing) Some other big releases
out today that we’re feeling here at MTV Fresh out is push artists
Bazzi, also VMA nominee Bazzi who is following up
on his multi-platinum debut with a mix tape
called Soul Searching. Also out today or albums by Tori
Kelly and Ohio’s own Trippy Res. One of our favorites
here at MTV, Megan The Stallion just made
hot girl summer official after releasing
the cover artwork by Instagram earlier this week. The single featuring
Sign and Nicki Minaj drop today and we hear the video
is being shot next week and personally cannot wait to
see how that one comes together. Should be a movie. Social House have penned songs
for J-lo and Chris Brown, but they’ve become
a lot more visible as of late since linking up
with Ariana Grande. They wrote and produced
Thank You Next, Seven Rings and are opening
up for her on her Sweetener tour. The duo also appear
in her latest video, which you may have seen on
TRL top 10 called Boyfriend perform
for the first time ever live at Lollapalooza out in Chicago
this past weekend, which was pretty cool
to check out. I got the chance to talk
to both these gentlemen about working with Ariana
as well as their brand new EP, which you can
check out right now called Everything Changes. What is up gu?
Say hello to New York City.You’re on a huge screen
right now. What’s up k
City? First off,
what a week. Congratulations on everything.
A hell of a week. You guys, of course, you dropped
a single last Friday. You did Lollapalooza
over the weekend. You’ve got your own
EP out now. Why? What? Bro, I’ver
seen that many people in my life. Lollapalooza was the craziest
moment for real. I’ve never seen that many
people. It was unbelievable. I want to talk t
Boyfriend really quick because the backstory
of the song is great. Scootie, you recorded your verse
for this song backstage I think before a sweetener
date at The Forum in LA. We actually got off stage
after we performed and I ran back
and recorded my verse. Oh my gosh. I got to ask though. What was your
in real time reaction when you heard Ariana spit
that opening line to the song? After wed
the verse with one time we were like, “I know a hundred people
in this same situation.”. Yeah. I mean that’s a,
that’s a bonafide bar. Do you think she can …
can she really rap? You guys work with it
all the time. You think she can actually rap,
Ariana? She got .
She got all the … Bariana Grande.
What are you talking about? Hey, what’s the most unexpected
thing about her would you say? How funny she is.
Oh ye. We, we are playing with play
dough one day with a group of people
and she made a whole sushi tray that was like crazy
and it was legit. Like I actually tried to eat
one of it because I forgot. Yeah. I came bae
an hour later I was like, “Yo, they brought sushi.”. Also she engineers,
her own sessions. That’s kind of crazy.You
don’t really see that that much. And she .
She can knit like … She was making a scarf
when I first met her and she promised she would
make me one and she never did. Arie. Crochet game strong though
it sounds like. I just want to say
congratulations again. It’s looking like top
five at billboards. Congratulations on that.
Back at the top of the charts. Guys one more time
for Social House. Finally in honor of today’s
debut release, affectionately titled
Dirt Bag courtesy of, really the only guy
I can think of with Benjamin Franklin
tatted on his face. It’s Blue Face Baby. We asked some
of New York’s Black Ink crew to rate
their favorite face. Tattoos. Check this out. Number five. The rapper Blue face
got a Benjamin Franklin Definitely on his face. I’ve never seen a tattoo
on a face with a tattoo on his face.
Like that’s different. That’s Ben Franklin?
Right. That is not Ben Franklin. Me personally,
I don’t like the Tattoo. I think Ben Franklin
could have looked way better. Number four. So Post Malone got a barbed wire
across his forehead. Definitely not walking up in no
Starbucks to get a job. Probably like Dunkin donuts,
but not Starbucks. Always tired? You like that? We both illiter. No, no, I’m good. Yeah. I like
Post Malone’s sword. It’s pretty good. Yeah, it’s cool. It’s a little crooked,
but I still like it. Always tire.
I’m with you. Number three? Oh my God. Oh my God. I don’t know. What the (beep).
I don’t know. I’m not mad at Lil Xan’s face.
At least his words are clear. He go crisp lines. I don’t know about this kid.
Let’s see. Number two. Tekashi 69 got the six,
nine a tatted. All over his body because it’s looking
from a different perspective. So he covered
his whole body in six, nine. Talk about 6, you know how you like
that (beep). It does seem like he went
a little too hard, too fast with the tattoos
and now he’s sitting in jail with a big 69 on his forehead. Number one, Gucci. Now this is iconic. Gucci is really like the gold,
as far as like, “What the (beep) are you doing?”
Iconic and middle of your cheek tattoos.
[inaudible]. Gucci has an ice cream cone.
Brr is forever. Not just one scoop though,
three scoops. That is a dope ass tattoo.
That- We like it. I really haven’t started
doing the face tattoos until the last three years- Me neither. Because I never really wanted
to ruin anybody’s life. Oh my God.
Yeah. Same thing. You don’t even really have
a career. Nothing like that. Why am I putting
a face tattoo on? Right. Little ,
18 year old, “I’ll be a rapper.
Do my tattoo.” No. No.
Go be famous fi. Yes.
Come back. Yes. And then you get
a face tattoo. Right.
Look, look, face tattoo. If it fits you .
But face tats are for everybody. Yo, yo, yo, Y. Welcome to Rick Ross
shows at all. Wealth is more
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hemp oil, champagne, and more. Who Mannequins were harmed in
the making of this commercial? Port of Miami 2 album available
now featuring Lil Wayne Drake Meek Mill,
Swiss Beats, Nipsey Hussle, Wale, Jeezy and more. Ricky Ross. What’s up guys? I’m your girl.
Jamila Mustafa and I’m here to give you
the latest releases in TV and film out now. Last year, Jay-Z executive
produced the documentary Time, The Kalief
Browder story, and he continues
to shine a light on the criminal justice system
and his latest five-part Docu series Free Meek. This series which starts
streaming on Amazon prime. This weekend is the most
definitive documentary about Meek Mills’
agonizing experience, but when he was arrested
at the age of 19 serve the years sentence, but then remained on probation
for over 10 years. It also documents
how Meek Mill and many other
young men of color have gotten caught up
in the justice system, going back to jail
multiple times due to technicalities
in probation agreements and how Meek Mills has vowed
to dedicate himself to criminal justice reform. I just thought its
real life for a black kid in America. (singing). Meek Mills’ story is way
too familiar to too many black families. You’re working tos
your life goals and something
keep pulling you back. It’s like millions of people
like Meek. The gorgeous ladies of wrestling
or back in the ring, this time in Vegas
for the premiere of the third season of Netflix is critically acclaimed
hit comedy, Glow. Thinking about
checking out the movies? Well you grew up with her
as a cute little cartoon, but now Dora
The Explorer is all grown. Dora the Explorer
The Lost City of Gold. A live action version
of the beloved Nick series opens up
this weekend in theaters starring Isabella Monera as Dora the Explorer
who is now in high school. Sheesh, I’m getting old, but at least
she still has her trusty Boots, the monkey by her side
as she goes on a quest to save her parents and solve
an ancient Incan mystery. It’s now or nev. She’s freaking awesome. Welcome to
Rick Sells it All. Growing up where I’m from,
we all wanted a Thunderbird. Sure you wanted a Thunderbird.
Your Dad wanted to Thunderbird. Your uncle wanted
to done the bird. Well, guess what? You couldn’t
afford a thunder burn. Your dad couldn’t afford. Your uncle couldn’t afford
the Thunderbird. Guess what they could afford?
Something that went. Hand in hand
with the Thunderbird, the all American mullet.
We got it for you right now. We’ve got a flash show
going on on All American mullets.
You crack your window. If you’re hair line way
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so a real baller. I suggest
you buy two of these. You have some
coming out the back. Have a little more
coming out beside baby. I saw you do it big
because you don’t have that Trans-am or that Thunderbird.
Hit us up. Rick Ross
Sells it all baby. Cotton, polyesr
blend, Alaska sports headband
with synthetic hair sewn in.Port of Miami 2 album
available now featuring Lil Wayne, Drake,
Meek Mills, Swiss Beats, Nipsey Hussle, Wale,
Jeezy and more. Ricky Ross. Welcome to whe
Rick Ross sells it all. One night I came up
with a genius idea. When you have a huge mansion and you spend a lot
on mall floors, you really don’t want just
any feet on those marble floors. One night I had a young lady
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in the middle of the night and she thought
it was out of place for me to ask her
to hop to the restroom. So I said,
“Wow, I have a idea.” I came over up
with an emergency sock. One sock.
That’s all you need ladies. Whenever you visit
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You know he may not have …. See, back on your feet. He may not hae
the Thunderbird, but guess what?
He has the marble floors. We got a 30 second flash sale. Fellas, you don’t want anybody
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dyed emergency sock. No Mannequins were harmed
in the making of this commercial.Port of Miami 2,
album available now featuring Lil Wayne,
Drake, Meek Mills, Swiss Beats, Nipsey
Hussle, Wale, Jeezy and more. Ricky Ross. Thank you very much Mr. Ross.
I’m going to try to channel his hosting prowess
into this next segment, All about Gear. Now the biggest sneaker
dropped this week is none other than the Kyries SpongeBob
collection and no, I’ll stop you right there. This is not a rerun of Fresh
Out Fridays. Yes, we’ve previously
shown you the actual SpongeBob sneaker
right here, but that is merely one
fifth of the entire collection, who join us in studio. Now guys, thank you
so much for being here. From this side over,
we have these Squidward. We have
the SpongeBobs of course. This is Mr Krabs’ shoe. Sandy has got a shoe
and of course check out Patrick. You can’t miss
that right there. It looks like
Patrick, that shoe. So these are probably
gonna be on …Let’s be honest, these are probably going to be
a hard ticket to grab. Get out there early and best
of luck with these crowds this weekend when these drop,
it’s going to be pretty crazy. Also out today, you’ve got
the PSG collab on the Jordan six and a if you’re feeling or
looking for some low key cool. You also have the Air Max
Sketch to Shelf, which sold out on
it’s first run, if you remember, so be sure
to get out there early. Try and grab these.
It’s being released today and if you’ve ever wanted it,
a rock Future’s designer gear, well today is your lucky day.
You’ve heard of Grail, right? It’s very popular,
high end resale site. They’re teaming up
the leader of the Freebandz to sell pieces from his closet
and hey, you can feel better
about your $1,500 splurge on that Gucci puffer
because it’s all going to Future’s new charity
Free Wishes. Now here’s Jamila with a look
at a hot new beauty release. For the fourth year Kylie Jenner
is celebrating her b-day with the new
cosmetic collections set a launch this weekend.
Now I would like to say that the theme of this
collection is get money, which is something
that the soon to be 22 year old knows all about.
As Forbes recently named her, the youngest self
made billionaire, something that you
and I know nothing about. Well, I can definitely say
some of my favorite shades is Time is Money,
Build Your Empire On A Budget, and of course
I love the body glow which you can also use
as a face highlighter. But the true highlight of this
release is at Kylie Jenner’s reportedly donating
the proceeds to charity. Good Job Kylie. Hey you guys. Welcome to another edition of
Rick Ross Sells it All. This next item
comes right on time for lunch. This is a large 10 piece lemon
pepper wing Combo. We got everything from original, Hawaiian, atomic.
That’s if you like a spicy, but to the boss, lemon pepper
is my personal favorite. And why? Because the ladies
love lemon pepper. Thank you once again
for joining me for another great edition
of Rick Ross Sells it
All. I want to make sure you stream, download or pick up the physical
copy of my new album. Port of Miami 2 August 9th,
of course was the special gate. Ladies how are you feeling?
I’m feeling good. You feel like da?
Give me a dance move, baby. You give me a dance move.
I won’t give you a dance move, but thank you for coming by
and enjoy your day baby. Ricky Ross. Another Fresh Out Friday’s
in the books. Thank you very much
for hanging out because without, you would just be me
talking to myself in this big empty studio
in Times Square. Now, before you head out
for the weekend, we have an exclusive
performance. You’re only going to see here on
MTV Fresh Out from Snoh Aalegra. This is, I Want You Around.

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