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So lovely people here we are on the top of a hill in Naples, now we’re gonna make the most famous pizza in the world the Pizza Margherita, named after the Queen Yeah, of Italy, yes! This Moorish margarita boasts sweet tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and fragrant basil, believe me this could be the best pizza you ever make. Every amazing pizza starts life with an incredible dough, so one litre of water goes in, not freezing, not warm, from the tap cold to make eight to ten pizzas for a family cook up, dissolve ten grams of salt in the water, then add 1.8 kilos of fine Italian zero-zero flour and some fresh yeast. I’m gonna put into here five grams of yeast, use give it a really good mix and get kneading until the dough becomes elastic and springy This should take about ten minutes, here let me take over, yeah you take over hold it, you got to help the old man, you know what i mean? I’m just pulling it back and just tucking it in and I’m kind of pushing it in with my heel, I’m bringing it back like that Look there’s no right or wrong you can keep moving it, as long as you’re stretching the dough That’s the only thing that matters, look at that, a lovely dough Let your dough relax for about an hour and simply divide it into ten equal pieces, around about the size of a cricket ball, you can see how alive this dough is, because as soon as I put it down, see how it moves right and that’s just the elasticity of the gluten because we’ve worked it, the dough needs about six hours to prove in a fridge or a cool place, even better make it the day before and leave it overnight Next onto the base, just use your fingers to shape it now when it comes to the ingredients tinned tomatoes are really, really important, so just really nice organic plum tomatoes scrunched up with your bare hands, they’re not cooked no garlic, no herbs, so simple, so, so simple, we’re going to go Four tablespoons specifically of the fantastic tomatoes, a little bit of salt goes on top of our tomato and then Gennaro is gonna add 80 grams of cow’s mozzarella, so the buffalo mozzarella is beautiful but it’s too wet for the classic margarita and then on top of that we’ll put five or six beautiful leaves of torn basil and a little parmigiano-reggiano and then a nice little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil Over it goes look at that, slide it onto a floured board, jiggle it about to stop it sticking and Get it into the oven, if you’re cooking in a normal oven at home add it to a floured baking tray or Pizza stone at the bottom of the oven, this is about 400 degrees Celsius right, so at home you’ll probably only get to 260 degrees so It’ll take about seven minutes at home, about three and a half minutes here There you go my friend Pizza Margherita, delicious flavour, that cheese is delicious the tomatoes are so sweet, the basil got such perfume and you got that lovely sort of crisp but spongy dough, in a way it’s a lesson on simplicity isn’t it? You’ve got to get it absolutely right, I just love it! Pizza Margherita above Naples! If somebody else makes it better, I don’t want to know Laughter

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  1. Cheru Siderea says:

    When we arrived at Naples, I saw a stall that sold "I <3 Napoli" t-shirts and I was interested but still decided to wait until I could say whether or not I really loved Naples. So we went to the National Museum for Archeology and then had some probably pretty ordinary Pizza at some Peppino's (all the risorantes there are called da Peppino, I don't know why) afterwards and when I took the first bite, I was immediately and on the spot certain that I HAD TO buy one of them "I <3 Napoli" t-shirts and at every new bite I went like, "This is soooo good", I think my table neighbors were already getting annyoed. But it was soooo good, I even have the photo of the pizza as my WA profile pic now. Yeah, Naple's pizza, gotta love it.

  2. Sebastian Slettebø says:

    Question: How do you make gluten free Margherita?

  3. Shadsy The Hedgehog says:

    Just eat it though.

  4. CUIDADOSAmente essencial says:

    Y love you Jamie…

    I'm Josane … I live in Brasil…
    Like you so much

  5. Em Kovat says:

    Ovviamente la miglior cosa del mondo , la pizza ❤️😍

  6. Zilero says:

    why isn’t Gennaro talking? blink twice if Jaime is hurting you

  7. Кирина Кухня says:

    pizza ti amo!

  8. Valen Sinclair says:

    Would eat.

  9. Carlos Orlando Fuentes Tábora says:

    You two make it look so easy!!

  10. PopukoLemon * says:

    Nobody wanna ask about that old oven on that trucks?

  11. Florin says:

    what about the traditional marinara ??

  12. Nimici Hanamaya says:

    I love you jamie!!!

  13. Jamie Volgs says:

    Did you guys know

    My name is Jamie

  14. Tiffin Box says:

    It looks so delicious and yummy. I will sure try it because of my son and me like it a lot 😃😍

  15. Drahon says:

    My dear chef
    I'm Azriel, and I'm 10 years oldI love your cooking channel programs, I am attracted by your recipes and your creativity when it comes to making those delicious dishes.In my school in Madrid, they will give me cooking classes, it is the only school in Spain that gives cooking in 6 of primary school. I would like very much to know you and give me advice, I want to be the best of my class so I'm counting on you👨‍🍳🔪🐔🥦

  16. Andric Sajeev says:

    But the question is can you make it afternoon?

    (Edit) Woah I can believe you commented?! My life is complete………

  17. Jar of Tar Tar sauce says:

    I was relieved when you stated all the ingredients also how much each ingredient

  18. AFKA says:

    That’s ya palm Jamie

  19. remmuchan says:

    Totally trying this!

  20. Lä Dõlcê Vîtä says:

    Che bella

  21. matej sedlacek says:

    Cmooon canned tomatoes? I got it, its fast and easy but I really want to achieve the perfect home-made tomato sauce for pizza.

  22. László Zombori says:


  23. Natacha Kinsky says:

    how much flour did you put in….please ???

  24. UEberruhrer says:

    Please remove your ring while cooking it is disgusting to watch…

  25. Sagar Rao says:

    Jamie drunk again 😂

  26. 킹킹갓현 says:

    Wow the pizza looks delicious

  27. Arpita Raj says:

    Mouth watering!

  28. junocomm says:

    That pizza oven truck is awesome!

  29. Muffinpurpergurk says:

    In another video Gennaro uses 10g of Yeast for 500g flour (at least this is listed in the description), Jamie uses here 5g Yeast for 1800g flour. What am I supposed to believe? 😭
    Does the proving time matter? In the other video the proving times was only like half an hour (way too short in my opinion)

  30. Natacha Kinsky says:

    thank you i wanted to be sure that what i understood

  31. Krishant Singha says:

    I Love Italy

  32. Адам Адамов says:

    I very much want to pizza but there is no opportunity to go to town. I would like to know how to cook pizza at home

  33. LUIS 333 says:

    Basil First fresh mozzarella on the top

  34. Natacha Kinsky says:

    tinka thank you for answering 1kg 800 – merci

  35. gsdRoyce02 says:

    remove your ring please before you help sir

  36. The Competitive Team says:

    That's not a professional Pizza. If you want to see something professional, visit us !

  37. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens says:

    It's the Wood Oven which turns it into a pizza to remember but we dnt have that luxury at home

  38. PopBubbleWrappable says:

    It's tempting to go wild with all manners of unconventional ingredients, but periodically going back to basics keeps you grounded!

  39. atif rehman farooqui says:

    people dont know what a cricket ball is

  40. diego nicolau says:


  41. Filippo says:

    Btw it's Margherita not Margarita. Please.

  42. moo 2929 says:

    My god my mouth is watering!!

  43. Mark Norville says:

    For everything else, there is dominos

  44. X H U says:

    No one does a recipe for 1 person but all for a family of 8/10. But good video anyway.

  45. Sebastian Pilniok says:

    Which Type of Mozzarella are they using?

  46. A G says:

    can someone tell me the amount of ingredients for 1 pizza i am not wasting that much 00 on the first try i mean comeon those flour r expensive

  47. Witch Kič says:

    No oregano 🙁

  48. Taljeet Mudhar says:

    How Jamie stuck his hand in the tomato liquid like that was yukh, he had his ring on… 🤢

  49. fab lan says:

    Jamie Oliver can't even do the double ball the master needs to take over

  50. Sabine Höpfner says:


  51. Suwito hakim says:

    Very classic pizza without meat addiction that is good choice for vegan

  52. fab lan says:

    This guy doesn't know what he's on about you should let the old man cook

  53. Marcus Tam says:

    The good thing about this is that you can use this as a base and add toppings of your choice if u want

  54. Francesco says:

    Raga questa non è pizza

  55. BrotherTree1 says:

    This is food porn, and is somehow legalised.

  56. Top Youtuber says:

    Best italy food pizza margarita🍕

  57. dahou zakary says:

    So tasteless without Gennaro presenting.

  58. Faiz Shaikh says:

    After Watching The Godfather Series
    I Fell In Love With Italy
    Love Italy

  59. Isuru Ranawaka says:

    02:53 Was waiting to hear the "look-a that!" from Gennaro. 😀

  60. Red Blue40 says:

    cheers from arkansas……love the old world city backgrounds….glass up mates…cheers

  61. RAC official channel rac says:

    Love you Gennaro!! 🍕 🍅 🍷 🌿

  62. coooolibri says:

    this is how i make my pizza since like 2 years. im happy i discovered this. you never will have takeout again, after making this yourself.

  63. Pooja Singh says:

    What should i do?? And my convection gets 200° c
    And each time i cook it stays raw r jiggly

  64. Nehal Estormer says:

    The uncle made it

  65. Jip Linnartz says:

    I’ll stick with my instant noodles at 1 am but thanks!

  66. Tech Fan says:

    I don’t wanna know 😆

  67. Александр says:

    Бляяяяя🤣🤣🤣 пипеццц. Еще бы в смокинге делали пиццу . Руками томаты помял. Пипец. Все небрежно

  68. John Frank says:

    Yummy pizza 😋

  69. krutarth shukla says:

    How come their dough retains so much air .. mine just goes back to original size after leavening when i press it

  70. Alzh96 says:

    Put garlic in there

  71. jsfbr says:


  72. Jr 57 says:

    Can somebody explain me : "buffalo mozza is beautiful, but its too wet for the classic margarita" … There is something wrong…
    Cow mozzarella doesnt really exist, it is an invention of food industry, which realized that mozzarella could be make with cow's milk. But before that, no one has ever made cow's mozza…
    So your wrong, they certainly use buffalo mozzarella for years and years to do their Classic margarita pizza… How can u let ppl think that in naple for the best pizza in the world they use cheap cheese ?

  73. Vincenzo's Plate says:

    My God😍😍😍

  74. Samuel Augusto Da Silva says:

    margherita is my favourite flavour. i really love 🍕

  75. G Boss says:

    Ahhh bless this brings back memories when i spent my first anniversary in Naples great pizza

  76. Guto Mattos says:

    Great, delicious!

  77. Sturgeon says:


  78. ninuxy says:

    I don't think you can find these fresh ingredients here in the U.S. easily. Not in most places.

  79. evilskeletor1 says:

    I LOVE that you said the size of a cricket ball LOL

  80. Lakshit Kohli says:

    Jamie seems to be drunk here 😂

  81. Karim S says:

    Cooking it’s the life

  82. Lurch Amok says:

    2:42 "about 400°C ……. 3 and a half minutes " hahaha then I would call this "pizza crematoria"

  83. Mananc un castravete dar says:

    One of the worst pizzas ive seen

  84. Maninderjit Ghotra says:

    Weird to see thumbnail have three big balls of mozzarella – I thought I gotta check this out no way that works. Turns out, they don’t do that in the video. Is this clickbait?

  85. daipaulig says:

    Jamie, you Said margarita you moron

  86. Wuscher says:

    Really nicely done and also well presented…I already started making the dough. 🙂 Greetings from Germany =)

  87. Shadow Moon says:

    Обожаю твои видео,привет из России😋✌

  88. Giuseppe Capuzzello says:

    6 ore di lievitazione?? sento gia' le bestemmie arrivare dal porto di napoli……

  89. Gordon Brennan says:

    Imagine the smell of sweat from his ring in the tomatoes, feel sick now

  90. margarita dimitriou says:

    Unfortunately my oven has only air 😞,what can I do?

  91. Salih Başkaya says:

    2:54 sounds like "Look at that" D:

  92. Detomaso Pantera says:

    Best pizza in the world…hands down👌👌👌

  93. Konstantin says:

    No salt in the dough?

  94. Jürgen Schmidt says:

    Sry! I like you Jamie, but please ………….. if there is some italian cooking going on, let Gennaro have the word. HE IS THE KING!

  95. Ali Raza Punjani says:

    Where exactly in Napoli is this wood oven located? And can the public also make pizzas their?

  96. writing one says:

    Good guy, hope Oliver really looks out for Gennaro what a great man.

  97. Abalooga Smuffy says:

    Beautiful but i hate when people drown it in olive oil its unnecessary

  98. Nirbhay Shastry says:

    in his previous video its written 220 degrees in standard oven for 7 minutes. this guy says 260 degrees for 7 minutes. please explain.

  99. Awe some says:

    3:06 when you eat in public and afraid to look bad messing up mannerlessly
    So you stress about it and it actually comes out worse the more you stress about it.

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