Mint Chocolate Brownie Recipe

They said it was impossible But we have created a brownie that is both crunchy And gooey Its rich With a fresh tang You can have it before eight Or after eight These are our mint chocolate brownies [Mild laughing] Step one, grab yourself a bowl and break up some dark chocolate and add butter and sugar then place over a pan of simmering water until the whole lot has melted, or in a microwave 30 seconds at a time , if you wanted to do it quicker. Once that’s melted crack in your two eggs along with our flavors. Vanilla extract and some peppermint essence and this is the first minty element cos that is the peppermint and this is the [sniff] spearmint [sniff] Very different Next up flour and coco powder go into your chocolaty mix Combine it equally and then transfer it into a baking tray, a relatively shallow one, that’s lined with baking paper. Before we bake this brownie off we add a few of our other flavorings , so white chocolate and raspberries and then After Eights mints Or any mint fondant chocolate really You want to use half of them now and save half for later At this point it goes into an oven at 170 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes This is what the brownie looks like , after a bake and a little bit of cooling , and to be honest was where we were going to leave it But we’re going to keep going persevere and make this brownie epic by making an amazing ganache To do that , take your chocolate cube it up into a bowl along with your butter oh? I’ve never seen someone tear butter before Bung in a microwave and heat that gently until its nice and smooth Ever recipe we do at Sorted has been tried and tested before we film it, and this is no exception. Except when this went into the oven it looked great with fresh raspberries and white chocolate And when it came out It looked like that. But the flavors of caramelized white chocolate and these smushy raspberries we didn’t want to lose. So we thought , add this layer of ganache. And then put the fresh stuff back on top as well And what you get, is an even better dish. So when your cooking it at home, the lesson here is keep going , if it’s not working experiment Take it a little bit further, you might come out with something even better than the recipe it was itself. [Quietly] the recipe it was itself? Yeah. It needs only a very thin layer just enough so that we can stick more fresh raspberries , fresh white chocolate that we’re not going to caramalise Fresh mint And our minty chocolates. That right there is a master piece. Mint chocolate brownies , give it another 10 /15 minutes in a fridge so the ganache sets up, it will be perfect. Cut it into small pieces, delicious , it’s our mint chocolate brownies. Sorted! Let’s not talk. Oh man. Wow. If you want to experience this, and this then go to and get the recipe That is a very happy accident. You should have told me you had an accident in the middle. [Laughter]

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  1. Pineapple Ice cream says:

    Spaetzle plsssss +SORTEDfood

  2. Pineapple Ice cream says:

    Spaetzle plsssss +SORTEDfood

  3. jackey498 says:

    This looks delicious! I'm definitely going to make this!

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    Barry is so.
    attractive. as alwaysssss

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    I think it looked good before the ganache

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    Could you do it without the mint extract?

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    you guys are amazing .. love your recipes. they are pretty much simple and easy to make

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    so much of fresh mint….Bens ideal dish… (sprig of mint) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. user98765432 says:

    Looks delicious.

  10. scen123 says:

    in the last scene you looked like an acapella boy group ๐Ÿ˜€ i was actually waiting for you to start singing a song about how great that brownie is. maybe next time ๐Ÿ˜€


    "Oh I've never seen someone rip butter before." Neither have I

  12. TheSusanAshley says:

    You guys should try doing an ASMR video! No music and just the sounds of the cooking. You guys make delicious looking food so why not make it sound good too?

  13. SharlzG says:

    Yummmm. Need to make that!

  14. Sam Pibworth says:

    Brownie recipe #234….

  15. Ray Ark says:

    Tried to make carrot and sweet potato fritters this week which were falling apart and going horribly wrong so we turned them into a big old rosti.

  16. Polly So says:

    Why Ben is the only one who doesn't have a beard? Just asking…

  17. Sir Derpington says:

    I like mint chocolate when its the charlie brown. you know one mint choco chip and a double choco chip under it.

  18. Itai Harris says:

    I had this though on my mind for some time now, I LOVE sorted food just as much as the next guy I even watch the recipes when I'm bored, but there are some problems I think need to be addressed.
    1. what the hell happened to the big night in? it just disappeared it was on of my favorite parts of the show
    2. where are all the amazing recipes ben made will you guys were in the U.S?
    3. and finally please please please make James do something else then read comments, think how cool would it be to see a Ben vs James food battle. that's it, stay awesome and British

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    can you show how to make homemade spiced biscuit?
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  21. Claire, The Aware Beauty says:

    This looks unbelievable!!

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    Was anybody else really irritated by "teared" butter?! IT'S TORN BARRY! TORN!

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  26. Makino Ath says:

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  27. DDelilahM says:

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    Hi, I have just stumbled across your channel and I must say I am very impressed, however could you tell me if you have done any gluten free versions of your recipes, if not do you think you may?

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  32. TheGygyGirl says:

    Ganache is not chocolate and butter It is chocolate and cream… Ben you know that!

  33. Sharmeen xo says:

    look so so good!

  34. Eleanor Martinez says:

    Instead of raspberries, could we use different fruit? Like strawberries or blueberries?

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    My husband just turned to me and said (of James):

    "That man has a majestic beard. He's like a rugged lumberjack Weasley!"

    I completely lost it!

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  38. Scott Norris says:

    How would you go about changing this to use Creme de Menthe instead of the extract?

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    That color scheme though

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    Very festive looking! Sounds delicious

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    guys my daughter is six years old and she loves your videos. she is always suggesting that we watch them. thank you for helping her grow her love for food.

  58. AngieGandalf6 says:

    They keep calling it mint chocolate brownie, but I'd say the raspberries are more noticeable than the mint lol Nice recipe!

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  91. Vikorm Narula says:

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