Momma Cherri makes Japanese Ramen Noodle soup with belly pork

Konichiwa. And don’t even try it, Katrina,
because I do speak some Japanese. * speaks Japanese* So, today. I had a knock on my door
and when I went to the door, there was a international, ooh let’s put this back in, an international
package had arrived for me from Japan. Oh yes. Momma gets around the world. You know,
I ain’t never been to Japan. However, I had a little interesting inbox to me a couple
of weeks ago from this company, from the Ramen Box. Saying ‘Momma, would you like to try
some noodles?’ I said, ‘Are they free?’ They said, ‘Yes’, I said, ‘Send them to the Mama
and Mama will cook.’ They said, ‘All we’d like for you to do is just try them out.’
Well, I do like me some Japanese noodles. So I called up Katrina. I said, ‘Katrina,
today we gonna ramen it.’ Yes, we’re gonna ramen it with some ramen noodles. So now.
Then when it arrived, I opened up the box. It looked like Christmas, except even the
packaging, let’s have a look, is in Japanese. Well you, one would expect it being that,
but it shows it has come straight from the motherland of Japan, their land. Now the only
problem I got is, I can’t decipher one for another. I’m just having to look at the pictures.
So if any of you people out there speak Japanese, can you please message the Momma and let me
know what I’m about to cook because I don’t care what it is. I’m going to cook it. So.
See, look at all these. So I decided I wanted to do like a stir fry with pork. So looking
at the pictures, cause that’s all I can go by, I don’t know. I think it’s the orange
one. That looked like a little piece of pork. Let’s have a look. Yeah, or it could be duck.
Or duck, well that’s close enough. That’s close enough. They both have legs. And that one look like chicken. Let’s have
a look. Yeah. That one got an egg on it. I don’t know what it is, but you know what?
I’m going to go with these two. OK. And I thought, I’m gonna save this picture. I’m
going to save this cause maybe I might get my grandchildren to learn some Japanese and
then they can read it to me, but if you know what it says, please can you message me and
let me know. It’s another language I need to learn. So we are going to make my version
of a quick and easy pork and ramen noodles a la Mamma. Are you going to do it in a soup
or are you going to do it dry? It’s gonna be a soup. Just to throw a spanner in the
works. It’s gonna be like a noodle soup. Oh yum. So, the first thing I got to do is turn
my stove on. So let’s do that. Oh, I got to turn it on here first. Right. So let’s get
my, wrong one. Where’s the one? Oh, it’s this one. So first thing first get your pot ready. So the first thing you want to put a little
bit of oil in the pot. I don’t care if it’s ramen, jamming, or slamming, you’re going
to season it. So we’re gonna season my pot with my cajun seasoning. Oh I thought it was
called Love Dust mum? Wait a minute. And as it falls from my fingers, it’s the Love Dust.
It’s only dust when you drop it into the pan. So let’s get some more Love Dust up in there.
Then we’re going to add, because I said it was pork I am using, I got some pork seasoning
here. Let’s throw that in. Hold on. Take it off because it’s hot. Now I’ve got
to cut, get one of my new knives. So I’m going to cut up some pork belly slices just into
chunks. Butter. It cuts like butter. Okay. Alright, hold on. Woo I’m going to try
not to fall. Ooh that seasoning smells good. Katrina trying to multitask in here. I am
trying to multitask. So, Okay. So got that seasoning. Just cook
it off a little bit. Straight to the pan with our pork. Ooh, I just got my camera in sight.
Hang on mum, let’s take a picture. Just toss it about so It picks up all of that seasoning
as you can see. Look at me mummy. Can you see it? Smile. Thank you. I’m trying to do
two things at once here. OK so we’ve got that pork in the pan. So while that is cooking
– I’m just going to zoom in to the pan. I’m going to basically now, I’m going to cut up
my veg and yes, I’m using the same knife that I cut the pork because guess what? It’s going
into the pork. Right hold on a minute. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to add
some chilli. So I’m going to cut it into little thin strips and then dice it up a bit. Okay? So get that chili into the pot. Then
let’s get, I’ve got some spring onions and we’re going to to take off the little toppy
bits. Take off the hairy bits and then I’m going to cut these on the diagonal. Alright.
You know how they do. You know when you see proper little Chinese restaurants and Japanese
restaurants, they do it all like this so I’m doing it too. If it’s good enough for them,
It’s good enough for me. So now let’s throw these straight into the pot. Where’s my spoon?
Here we go. And give it a stir. The smoke alarm will go off in a minute. Yeah it probably
will. Oh no it won’t I removed it. Mum! But I had to it needs to go back and new batteries.
Oh OK. I got one upstairs. So if it hits upstairs then you know we’ve been smoked out. Right
I’m just going to zoom into the pot mum. Okay, let me just turn each of these pieces.
Oh looking good. See that you want to put your next vegetable that’s going to take the
longest to cook, which is our carrots. *Coughing* Spices have got me. Yeah. Woah, careful. So
same thing. Nice and thin. Cool and again. Alrighty. So let’s get them this way. We want
them to be kind of like in strips so when Phil comes home for dinner tonight, I’m going
to tell him that I got to take away because it’s going to look that dawg-gone good. Gonna
look like Mamma done dial up Let’s Eat or somebody. Alrighty, so let’s get these in
and, let’s see, also let’s open up our noodles here because they usually come with seasoning
mix. Oh yes they do. So we’re gonna add a little bit of the seasoning. Now that one
feels wet and that feels dry. I don’t know what’s going on here, but we’re going to use
dry first. Oh. Wait a minute. Didn’t get that opened
up well enough. Let’s get it, there we go. Let’s put that all in. And now to this I’m
just going to add a little bit, of the water. Alright. Let’s get this, stir that up. Oh
my goodness gracious yes. Smelling good people. Smells great. Okay. Now, let’s move these
noodles here. We’re going to come back to your noodles I promise. So we’ve got some
Broccoli here. So let’s get our Broccoli in. I like to keep them kind of big. So in the
pot, into our wok goes the Broccoli. Cool. Let’s move that aside and you all know I love
me a courgette, so I’ll we gonna put some courgette in too. Let’s do it the same way.
Nice big pieces. I’m going to cut those in half, so let’s get
them like this. Nice big pieces and throw those in. Right, can I see the pop please
Mum? Yeah, I’ll let you see the pot. I can just zoom in. If you just move out the way.
OK, can you get it.? Yes. It looks great. Alright. Now going to put a little bit of
salt over the veg. Going to put a little bit of garlic granules, straight over the veg
and a little bit of black pepper. Next let’s get the rest of these in. I think it’s time
for little noodles, but before we put the noodles, let’s put a little bit of soy sauce
on up in there. So I’m using light soy sauce over the top. Now we’re going to take our noodles. Are you
alright? Yeah, some of that seasoning just got caught in the back of my throat. Drop
that on. I think we need two – ooh they’re lovely colors, the color they are different,
straight in. And now I’m going to add a little bit more water. Because remember I want this
like a soup. Let’s give this a little bit of a stir and then I’m going to get a pot,
I’m going to get a lid and I’m going to cover it because I want this to come to a boil.
Get those noodles down in there. So let me just go get myself a lid. I’ll be right back.
It looks so colourful. So let’s just cover that over. Hold on, out
the way mum I’ll get a photo of the lid. Thank you. So – Oh, we’ve got this other sauce.
Yes, we do. Let me put this over the top because I know this is going to add some flavor, Taste
it. Let me taste it here. Very salty. But very nice. Let’s just drip this over. And
this is our dinner for tonight. Our ramen soup mixture, our ramen noodles, our pork
belly and vegetables. So that’s – Are you alright?. Yeah it’s just that chilli, I’m
sure. I think that needs to cook for about 10 minutes at least, but I’m pretty sure this
is going to be a quick, easy, deliciosa. I need to look up how to say. Um, I’m, I’ll
tell y’all what, I’m going to come back to you with a phrase in Japanese. I’m gonna Google
it and then I’m going to put it out there to you and then y’all have to tell me what
I’m saying. See you in a minute. I’m recording. Alright, I’ll start again. Mmm yes. Look at
that. Don’t that look delicious. Look like something you get right out of a restaurant.
Oh my gosh that looks amazing mum. That’s my ramen noodles with my belly pork
and vegetables. But the proof – that looks great mum – is in the tongue. In the tongue?
Oh yes. Oh yes. Here we go. Let’s get some of this. Gets some of these noodles, here
we go. Yeah I want to taste this. This looks great. And you see how quick it was. And that
is literally like 15 minutes. You left it once we stopped filming. Well ten minutes.
Do you want to wipe the bowl? I want a fork. Alright wait a minute. I said wipe the bowl.
How is it? Delicious. The flavor is off the charts. Okay. So hold on. So it’s the Japan
Ramen box. They’re are subscription box. You can go to their website and basically you
can sign up and they will send you a box every month. Just to be clear, they sent this to
us for free. They just wanted us to see what we liked, what do you think mum? I love it.
And you know what? I might even subscribe to it. Oh really? I might do because I like
it. I like it. Now I said I was going to speak to you all in Japanese so here we go. Oh mum
I need to taste this. Hang on, I’ll do it in a minute. Here we go. I got my thing. So
I say I love you. And they say *Japanese speech on phone*. Let’s do that again. I love you.
I love you so much. *Japanese speech on phone* See I told y’all I could speak Japanese. So
all I have to say to you now is with a little bit of peace *Japanese speech on phone* A
little bit of love *Japanese speech on phone* and a whole lot of soul from the Momma *Japanese
speech on phone* Well I’m sorry they let me down on the soul. Let me do that again soul.
It didn’t register Mom. Didn’t know what it was. They got something in the matter. Ain’t
no matter. Here we go. One more time, please like and subscribe *Japanese speech on phone*
and welcome to my world all my wonderful new Japanese friends. *Japanese speech on phone*
This could be hours of fun. Love you people. Love you so much. * Japanese
speech on phone. Mum. Say Goodbye, say goodbye I want to eat.
I am. I am. And goodbye. Goodbye. *Japanese speech on phone* Sayonara. Bye. Bye people.
Try it.

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