Most Sophisticated Shio Ramen

Oh what’s up, everyone!
Long time no see! We are here today at Akihabara. That’s right!
The Otaku central of Japan. Nothing against the otaku culture but when it comes to food, not the most refined refined palate out there. But one of Tokyo’s most refined ramen shops is here is just few blocks to the east of Akihabara. Let’s check it out. This way. Here we are at Motenashi Kuroki. That’s right. One thing about this shop,
you would always wait in the line. But that’s okay.
Good ramen is worth to wait. Motenashi Kuroki is known for their Shio ramen. So the base flavor in salt, he acutually uses 6 different kinds of salt from the ocean ,from the mountains. Could be my number one Shio ramen in Tokyo. One thing I like about this shop is that it’s just got ingredients sitting around. Look at these. Different kinds of dried fish he uses in the soup. Home made noodles
Umami rich shio ramen. Let’s get it on. Yeah, this is pristine bowl. You’ve got some nice rare slow cooked chasyu. Chicken chasyu. Beautiful eggs. Dig in.
Itadakimasu! It’s ridiculous. I used not to be a big fan of Shio
and then I started eating at places like this. After taste, it’s just umami in your face. I love it! Yeah, delicious. Chasyu is like herb flavor. Beautiful. So everything about this bowl, amazing! Yes!
I don’t know this could be Tokyo’s No.1 Shio ramen. Yeah, you know, it’s recommended in my book.
Did you pick it up yet? Get it! Alright!
Well, anyways. We are here with the man, Kuroki-san. Thank you for the good bowl. Thank you for coming. It was super good. What is the best point of your ramen? Everything is hand made and made with passion. We try to cook what our customers need. Great, man.
I love it. He really puts his heart into this food. Come check it out!
Get the Shio ramen. See you next time!

27 comments on “Most Sophisticated Shio Ramen”

  1. Hello says:

    Would like to see more videos more often

  2. My 2µF says:

    Are these buckwheat noodles or the cheap wheat knock-off?

  3. おっぱいもみお says:


  4. nena says:


  5. stvsueoka1 says:

    I just looked your book up. Assume it's not in English yet huh 🙂

  6. bcgrote says:

    Shio yeah, that looked yummy!

  7. ぱいせんやまくち says:

    It just wasn't the same without you!

  8. ikaduti gorogoro says:


  9. 田辺J says:


  10. ross reed says:

    love ur channel man wish you posted more videos. sucks I get nothing good out here in sacramento

  11. Righteousfangs says:

    Hey brian did u check out some of the ramen featured on ramen walker youtube Channel? They have some good coverage of ramen in japan

  12. Vincent Colistro says:

    I've been curious, ever since I started following your blog a couple years ago, how they get that pink chashu. I haven't seen it in North America, and you refer to it as "rare" and "slow cooked" which further confuses me. Is it cooked sous vide? With no soy to discolour it?

  13. Ramen Adventures says:

    This is the probably most delicious shio ramen in Tokyo.

  14. ghyssy says:

    This guy is annoying

  15. 自己中になりたい says:


  16. RiseUpBlue says:

    Shio Ramen, my favorite!!

  17. Ask says:

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm. I usually never meet anyone as hyped about food as me. That face when you are served a bowl is so awesome. Big fan of your channel.

    Off topic, does your very visible tattoo every cause you problems? Aside from at onsens, of course.

  18. iSaevilys says:

    I need to know where to get those chopsticks.

  19. Jing Ren says:

    New subscriber here. I notice that the ramen you eat has clear broth. In Toronto, I've never seen it. Most of it is pork based, white and creamy. Which is more popular in Japan?

  20. Veigar's Twitchy Hand says:

    you said that because otakus only care about the entertainment value, right? like maids and cats. not so much the quality of the food.

  21. Charlie Mendez says:

    Why is the ramen name soba? 🙂 Thanks

  22. 田舎の景色 says:

    Mr. Ramen Adventuresさんはどんだけらあめんが好きなんだ・・・

    竹ノ塚 しおの風はどうですか  Takenozuka station. Sio No Kaze.

  23. Diassiau says:

    Thank you for all the content, you upgraded my ramen game.

  24. Christian DeCordova says:

    pause at 2:11

  25. Flying Translator says:

    I went there last September. I have never had olives in 塩ラーメン before. It was definitely worth it. Even though I am not a great 塩ラーメン fan.

  26. Xavier Paquin says:

    I don't know that I can differentiate two kinds of salt, let alone six…

  27. Montgomery Fortenberry says:

    I always enjoy seeing the noodle characteristics, these seemed very homogeneous and somewhat thin like a standard box of spaghetti from the grocery store in the states. Not a condemnation just an observation.

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