Most UNIQUE Street Food Japan – SPIKY Crab BREAKFAST + Seafood Tour of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan!

– Beast mode! – Beast mode. – Beast mode! – This is-
– Fisherman’s party – Fisherman’s party? – Yeah
– Yeah – At Bibi
– Yes. – Yeah. – Wow. Arigato gozaimasu. (all cheering) – Thank you Chef Akira. (speaking Japanese) (laughing) – All right check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got to Sapporo, in Northern Japan, on Hokkaido Island. We’re in a local seafood
market bright and early, 8 A.M. And we’re bringing you
for a full on, extreme seafood tour today. Let’s check it out. (funky music) And this is such a cool
morning, seafood market here at Sapporo, guys. Today we’re going for
a extreme seafood tour, we got four locations to bring you. First up, we’re going to
go get three giant crabs. One King Crab, one local
Hanasaki Spiky Crab, and one delicious Hairy Crab with the roe. Then later on we’re going
to get a fresh plate of local sashimi and we’re
gonna go get delicious uni and ikura kaisen Don bowl. And then of course we’re gonna go get a delicious crab hot pot. Okay guys, before we go for
this insane seafood feast, I wanna give a big thank-you
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that massive seafood feast. Let’s go. And right up here to start the day, we’re gonna go get the
biggest crabs we can find. Oh, yeah. Konnichiwa. – Konnichiwa.
– Konnichiwa. Wow, so many crabs. – Big crab. – Oh, and look at that.
(laughs) Oh, it’s giant. Whoa. Whoa, look at that, wow. Look at that, guys, that is extreme. 4.53 kg. And just look at these guys. These are the hairy
crabs, famous in Hokkaido, and right now is the hairy crab season. Look at these. You can actually see the
hair on there, very hairy. – [Shop Worker] Hairy. – So what we’re gonna do here is basically pop open the
top lid and then inside we’re gonna boil this and
inside of full of the miso, and you can just slurp it out, and our friend there, the boss
here, he’s just explaining that these are actually more
delicious than the King Crab. Oh, and we’re gonna
finish this trio of crab with the Hanasaki. And we’re gonna have a
side-by-side comparison of the King Hanasaki and oh, of course, the hairy crab as well. Okay, and we’re gonna weight it. Oh, that is 1.475 kg of Hanasaki crab. 1.165 kg. So we’ve got one giant king
– Giant king. – One Hanasaki, and one hairy. – Hairy. – Beautiful. Oh yeah, and we’re just gonna take these in our shopping baskets. Arigato gozaimasu. Okay, let’s go have breakfast, guys. This is such a cool seafood market. There’s so much fresh seafood to eat here. Here we are, here’s Bibi. – Here BiBibi.
– Bibi restaurant. Konnichiwa. Okay guys, so we just
dropped off the crabs, and the main chef is
coming in a little bit to meet up with us. These are the king crabs, cooked, and then they’re put on the ice, and you can take these to go and eat them. But the one we just got is
even bigger and more plump. And we’re just gonna go right inside. And I think we’re gonna go
search for some raw salmon eggs, still in the sack. And we’re gonna bring it to breakfast to eat with our three crabs. Oh, and just look at these giant
octopus legs, and scallops. But we’re on the hunt for
some ikura salmon eggs to complete the breakfast. Okay, and look what we
just found here, guys. Sujiko, salmon eggs still in the sack. And we can buy this right here and bring it to the
restaurant for breakfast. The ikura, the salmon eggs
that you normally eat, are marinated first. These are just full on in the sack, and that’s how we’re gonna order them. Okay, and now we’ve completed
the whole breakfast set. We’re gonna go meet Chef Akira. – [Chef Akira] Hey, welcome back! – Akira!
– Hello! – How are you?
– How are you? I’m waiting for you! – Nice to see you. (speaks in Japanese) – Today’s cooking? – Cooking day, yeah. – Yes sir, movie?
– Yeah! – You can count on me!
– Okay! So good!
– Beast mode! – Beast mode!
– Beast mode! (laughs) – Wow.
– Wow. – Crazy crabs.
– Yes. – Oh, this is…
– Fisherman’s party! – Fisherman’s party!
– Yeah! – Yeah, at Bibi!
– Yeah. – Yeah, wow.
– Yes, are you ready? – So, we can boil these? – Yup.
– Boil? – Yes, now let’s boil. – Boil, and grill?
– Yes, and together. – Together!
– Yeah. – Oh beautiful. We’re gonna bring these in to Chef Akira, (laughs) and cook ’em up. Look at this, guys. We’re going right in the kitchen. Wow! Thank you Chef Akira. Oh, wow!
– It’s a present. – A present?
– Yeah. – Oh, thank you!
– Yes. – Oh, very nice. Ooh! – Teams!
– Team, yeah, beautiful! – Okay, let’s gonna cooking!
– Okay. – Starting, and cut the foot. – Cut it, cut the legs? – You try?
– Yeah, okay! And these are for the barbecue here. These legs are looking so juicy. – Yes, Canadian maple.
– [Trevor] Oh, Canadian maple! Really?
– Yes, it’s sweet. – [Trevor] It’s sweet, oh. Very nice. Oh, and they’re done! – [Chef Akira] Yeah! – [Man] And we’re just adding those legs. – Yeah.
– [Man] Right on the barbecue. – Yes. – [Trevor] Oh, beautiful. – Beast mode!
– [Trevor] Beast mode! – [Chef Akira] And head.
– [Trevor] And head is in. – [Chef Akira] Head, yeah head. – [Trevor] Oh, wow, good color! – [Chef Akira] Yes good colors. – [Trevor] Look at how bright that is! – [Chef Akira] Yes,
this colors is the best. – [Trevor] Best color! – [Chef Akira] Yeah, best color. – [Trevor] Nice and red. What do you like the most? – King crab.
– King crab? – Yeah.
– You’re favorite? – Yes, sweet.
– Sweet? – Yeah.
– Like Canadian maple? – Yeah, Canadian maple, yeah, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, barbecue’s comin’ out. So we got two varieties of this king crab. We got one barbecue and one boil. And this is with the Japanese vinegar? – Yeah, vinegar is o su. – Su, su?
– O su. Su.
– su? – No, no, su.
– (laughs) su? – Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, yeah, and
that’s gonna go perfect with the king, oh and this. – In Japanese Hanasaki. – [Trevor] Hanasaki!
– Yes. – Hanasaki crab. Wow! Arigato gozaimasu. – Hey! – Wow, thank you, Chef Akira. (speaking Japanese) – Good job!
– No, your good job. Thank you!
– Welcome to Hokkaido! – Thank you! So we have the king.
– [Chef] Yeah, king. – [Host] The hanasaki.
– [Chef] Yeah, hanasaki. – And, beautiful, (speaks Japanese) Oh. So how should we eat this? Your favorite is the king, right? – Yeah. – [Trevor] Cut it?
– [Chef] Yeah. – Oh, look at that flesh!
– Yeah! Miso soup! – [Trevor] Miso soup, oh my goodness. Dip it in the natural miso. Cheers! – Mmh! – Oh! Mmh! – Crazy! – Amazing!
– Yeah. – Oh my goodness, that is so delicious. – Unbelievable. – So juicy, unbelievable!
– Yeah. – [Trevor] That, like he said, is the natural miso soup. The brains and the guts. And that crab flesh right there. That is the most tender, extremely juicy, succulent crab I think I’ve ever tasted. Oh, and the salmon roe! – Yeah.
– Arigato gozaimasu! – Wasabi.
– Oh, wasabi? – Yes.
– Okay, arigato gozaimasu. Wow. That is gonna be extra strong
because it’s not marinated in soy sauce, it’s just
right from the pouch. And this, he said is the wasabi. But I think it’s more like a horseradish. And next up, guys, we’re
gonna try the hanasaki crab. Just slice off a leg
here with the scissors. Oh, there it is. And we’re just gonna go right in. Oh my goodness, the hanasaki. – Yeah, hanasaki!
– Hanasaki. – Yeah, scissor hands. – And there it is, the hanasaki popsicle. Just ready to bite. (mumbles) Mmh! Oh, wow. That flesh is very sweet and juicy. I’d say the king crab is the juiciest. It literally just burst in your mouth. But this has more of a mouth feel to it. It’s got a little bit
of a springiness to it that’s satisfying. And you can dip it into the o su. The Japanese vinegar. Mmh, the vinegar is sweet,
the flesh is soft and springy. Mmh! How do we open the hairy crab? – Open?
– Open! Oh! Oh my goodness, look at the guts! This is miso!
– (speaks Japanese) miso. – [Host] Oh, look at that guts. Oh my goodness. That, miso.
– [Waiter] Miso. – Miso, you just (slurps) slurp it. Oh, and you can just drip that miso in. Wow, just drink it, yeah? Mmh!
– Oishi? – Oh, yeah. Oishi! (speaks Japanese) Oh, special! – Hai! – Oh, and we’ve got oyster! (speaks Japanese) Arigato gozaimasu! And this is what it’s
all about right here. This beautiful crab miso. It really tastes like an ocean breeze. It’s just so aromatic, like
you’re breathing in the wind. It’s not overpowering. And you can just take a crab leg. Oh my goodness, and dip it in
it’s own miso brain butter. And I’m just gonna finish
that bite of the hair crab with it’s own miso. And Chef Akira, here, is
gonna train us how to make the – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Squid sashimi. Oh, cut!
– [Chef] Cut the head, yeah. And put down.
– [Trevor] Put down. – Wow, squid sashimi. – [Chef] Yeah, this is egg.
– [Host] That’s egg! – [Chef] Egg. – [Trevor] I’ve got a
mouth full of hairy crab and were about to make squid sashimi. Fast speed!
– [Chef] Yeah! – So that’s it right there! The squid sashimi. – [Chef] Sashimi, and put down. – Put it here?
– Ah yes, the brain. Brain?
– Yes. – Can you eat?
– And the soy sauce, and the mixing. – And eat?
– Yeah. – Oh, thank you. Oh, so that’s the tooth there?
– [Chef] Yeah, tooth. – He sticks to you, wow, suction cup. – [Chef Akira] Yeah! – Ah! (Chef laughs) – Ah!
– Yeah! – Oh!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (laughs) Brother! (laughs) (mumbles) (laughs) – Chef Akira just chopped
up that live squid. It’s not alive anymore,
but you can still see the nerves are still moving. We’re just gonna dip it into that soy. Okay, let’s try it out. Mmh, mmh, mmh! Oh, that’s tasty! Oh, it’s squid sashimi. Extra springy, extra crunchy. Mmh! Okay, next up we’re gonna
try the squid sashimi and mix that brain, the
squid brain, into the soy. So it’s gonna be a extra
rich, oceany delight. Mmh, oh. Oh, that is strong. Mmh, salty. And next up we gotta try this. Oh, salmon roe still in the sack. And we can just take a little bit of this mountain horse radish, just a touch. Try it out, oh beautiful. Oh, extremely strong right there. I’m not sure if you wanna eat
more than one or two of those, because it’s very salty, quite fishy, but it’s also somewhat satisfying. Because there is such
an intense aroma to it, from those salmon eggs. Not marinated yet. This king crab is the
most juicy and sweet. This hanasaki crab is the most
springy and texture filled. And then this hairy crab is the most meaty and protein filled, and you
combine it with the miso and it’s just the most
creamy, aromatic, goodness. All of this together is so delicious. And then of course these salmon
roe, are potent and strong and salty and oceany. Okay, guys, so we are just finishing up. Ting and Cody, our buddy
whose coming along with us for the whole trip, you
can check out his Instagram in the description below, are just finishing up the meal ’cause that’s obviously
way too much for me. After we finish this out
we’re gonna say thank you to Chef Akira and keep exploring and go for more seafood. What an awesome experience. Thank you very much, that was delicious. – Oh, too nice! – Bye bye! And we are exploring
more of the market now. Still have a little room left to eat some more seafood today. And right up ahead you
can see there’s tons of these seafood shops here. Right up ahead we’re gonna
have a chirashi bowl, a kaizen don with uni, sea urchin, and ikura salmon eggs. Oh yeah, this market is just full of life. And it’s just right up around the corner. Let’s go check it out. And this is it, right here guys. Look at this, ooh! We’ve got the kaisen don list here. You can get all of the
different uni, sea urchins, and salmon roe, you can get prawns, oh and you can just get a
full bowl of ikura salmon roe. We’re gonna get a half half
mixture of ikura and uni. Let’s go try it out. Konichiwa! Here we are guys. We’re at the uni bowl bar here. Wow, that’s crab miso shiru, and we’re gonna order a bowl of that. This is the hardiest
Hokkaido style crab miso. (speaking Japanese) This is gonna be good, guys! One uni bowl and one
delicious crab broth miso. And here comes the uni bowl. Look at that, wow, that’s
the uni, then raw sea urchin. It’s like a breeze in the ocean. And here’s the ikira. That is unbelievably beautiful. (speaks Japanese) Oh and here’s the crab
broth miso, look at that. Wow, you can see crab legs in there. Beautiful. Arigato gozaimasu. Wow, here it is guys! And look at that, there’s spiky
crab legs in there as well. Spiky Hokkaido crab. And look at this, we’ve
got a seaweed bean paste, some pickled radish, and we’re just gonna take a big first bite of mix with uni and ikira. Oh, it’s gorgeous. And this is the season
right now for these uni. Oh, look at that! Let’s try it out. Mmh! Oh, oishi! – Arigato gozaimasu. – Super oishi! It just melts in your mouth. These ikura balls, they have a
pop of juicy salmon goodness. They’re not strong, they’re light. This is a light creamy rice bowl with a really nice elegant goodness to it. With soft rice, oh that is incredible. Mmh! Now let’s just try a nice
slurp of this crab miso. Upgraded miso soup. (Trevor slurps) Mmh. Wow. That is what it’s all about right there. Next level miso soup. The minute that hits your
lips and hits your tongue it’s like a burst of freshness from crab. Wholesome and nutritious. It’s like you’re healing
as soon as you drink it. In the winter (slurps) mmh, mmh. That’ll soothe any cold. And I’m just gonna add a
little bit of this seaweed. I think this is a seaweed
been paste actually. This is like, in my dreams,
eating a bowl like this. It’s so beautiful. Mmh. Okay, we’re just gonna pull out
a little of that crab flesh. Spiky crab. (slurps) mmh. Yeah, those crab legs,
the meat, and the juices have infused into the broth. And it’s just like a fully upgraded miso. I can’t believe you gotta
fly to Hokkaido to try that. What do you think? – Really good. – Arigato gozaimasu! Super oishi! Thank you, very nice. See you next time! Bye bye. That was awesome, guys. And we’re gonna keep exploring
down the seafood market. And next up, guys, we’re going
for that sashimi platter. Konnichiwa! (speaks Japanese) Wow, arigato gozaimasu. Hi, konnichiwa! Hi, how are you? Oh, here we go, look at this. We’re gonna get a boat full of sashimi. Wow, beautiful tuna. Wow, look at that beautiful salmon. Look at these scallops. Hokkaido scallop. – Very good scallop. In Japanese (speaks Japanese) – [Trevor] (speaks Japanese) – [Chef] Sweet shrimp.
– [Trevor] Sweet shrimp! – [Chef] Yes, sweet shrimp. – We’ve got sweet shrimp, we’ve got tuna, we’ve got salmon, we’ve
got Hokkaido scallops, and it’s looking real good. Juicy snow crab, this is amazing. Oh, ikura! The most expensive urchin in Hokkaido, or seafood! A touch of wasabi on there
and it’s almost ready. – (speaks Japanese) – Thank you so much, arigato gozaimasu. Just look at how beautiful
this is right here, guys. It is so beautiful. Local Hokkaido sashimi here. And this right here is the most
expensive uni on the island. The (mumbles) uni and the salmon ikura. Then we’ve got some salmon,
we’ve got some amber jack, sweet shrimp, we have
some pickled mackerel, some dui gani snow
crab, Hokkaido scallops, of course some sliced tuna, and tamago. Arigato gozaimasu, this is just beautiful. So, maybe I should try the uni first? Let’s try it out! Mmh! Oh wow!
– Good, sweet? – Sweet! – Sweet.
– It’s sweet. – Sweet! That was a total mouth explosion. I can try the ikura now. Mmh, oh. Oh, they pop! – Yeah. – They pop in your mouth! Okay so we’re just gonna take
a little touch of wasabi, just a little touch. And then just dip it
with a touch of shoyu. Let’s try that out, Hokkaido
scallop, right here. Oh, oh wow. Those are unbelievable. It’s a pure, natural flavor. Wow, the texture is very soft. A little, slight spring to it. Wow, thank you very much. Next up, look at this. We gotta try some of that tuna. Oh, there’s so much good food. Mmh, oh. The uni, the ikura,
the scallops, the tuna, everything is fantastic. Oh, and of course salmon. Mmh, what a dream,
eating here in Hokkaido. Oishi!
– [Group] Oishi! – Oishi! Arigato! – Arigato!
– Arigato gozaimasu, wow. Delicious.
– Thank you! – Thank you! Thank you!
– Have a great day! – Thank you very much! That was amazing. Awesome, guys, and next up,
right across the street. Check this out. We’re gonna have a crab hot
pot and crab legs tempura. Right up here. Konnichiwa! Oh, wow, look at this, guys. – Konnichiwa! – Konnichiwa!
– Wow! So we just stepped in,
guys, and we ordered two bowls of this crab hot pot. And we’re also gonna get
some crab leg tempura right in this deep fryer right here, and we’re just gonna
watch how this gets made. Wow, and we’re just
making that ikura bowl. Whoa, and we’re just gonna pour
those crab legs in this oil. Wow! Looks very oishi! So we laid down this batter
all over these king crab legs and threw them in to this hot oil. And at the same time you can
smell this rich crab broth bubbling away with all these mushrooms. And you can actually see
he’s put some crab flesh in there as well! Oh, and there they are, finished. Looks very oishi! – [Chef] Thank you!
– [Host] Yeah! And here comes that crab hot pot! Look at that, oh! And we’ve also got this
ikura crab kaisen don. Whoa! Arigato gozaimasu! This is just incredible, guys. It’s a full on seafood
day here in Saporro. Look at this, beautiful
fried tempura king crab legs. This is the king crab hot pot in Hokkaido. You can actually see, there’s these king crab legs in there. We’ve got the enoki
mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, beautiful chunks of tofu, and cabbage. And we were just watching as he poured this rich crab paste
in to make this stock. So this whole restaurant just
smells like crab right now. And along with that we have
an ikira crab flesh don. So salmon eggs and crab flesh over rice. And it also comes with some
more pickled vegetables. Two different bowls of pickled vegetables. So, first things first,
we’re gonna have to try, look at those plump king crab legs. Hokkaido island is the land of seafood and that’s what we are doing
all day, just going in. King crab tempura! (funky music) Oh! Wow, that is actually the
most tender crab flesh I’ve ever eaten, right there. And you dip it in this
slightly sweet tentsuyu sauce. The defining feature of this
is the aroma of the batter with the extremely succulent,
melt in your mouth crab flesh. Wow, in that slightly sweet sauce. Mmh, oh. And next up, this would be
so perfect in the winter. Look at this guys, king crab legs in this ultra upgraded miso stock
with tons of crab flesh and crab paste in there. We’re just gonna take some of that crab flesh with that stock. Oh, it just smells so
wholesome and energetic and nutritious. Arigato, oishi! Let’s try this crab out now. This crab pot! (slurps) Oh! So when you have all of this
food you just feel wholesome. Like these nutrients are
going straight to your body right from the ocean. Mmh, that is the pure nutrition of life. (laughs) mmh. This is the seafood city of Japan, wow. Arigato gozaimasu! – Arigato gozaimasu!
– Thank you, bye bye! Make sure to hit that
subscribe button down below to stay updated for
these street food tours around the world. Thank you so much for watching, and make sure to check out 49% off in the description below for Express VPN. Hokkaido is amazing
and we’re just starting our noodle journey around the world. We got a ton of food
coming up for you guys. Thanks a lot for watching, guys.

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