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  1. True Mexico says:


    … video in 2020 – Happy New Year!

  2. Steve Arai says:


  3. Didiplays Californian mapping says:

    HI Tío paul todavia estas en vallarta????

  4. Lil, Charmander says:

    Una sopa de mariscos, that's also very spicy sounds so good right now 😋

  5. Lil, Charmander says:

    Happy new year guys
    Feliz Año Nuevo 🎆🙇🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🎆

  6. Gelotte Flames says:

    Come to Puebla, bro! Cheers

  7. Marco Martinez says:

    Amigo Paul, cuando nos visitas en Aguascalientes, we have a lot of regional dishes I'm sure you'll love, Birria, Lechon, Bolillos con crema(prepared at any corner street shop)

  8. Gera Zamora says:

    Hola primo Paul. That one thing I miss about Mexico. The seafood is the best. I live in North Texas. There are some places here. But nothing beats Mexico. Making me hungry.

  9. Angelica Torres says:

    Hi Paul, you should try the Noche Buena beer, it is only sell from October to December, it may take you a little bit of time but I think you can still find it in some stores, personally is my favorite beer. by the way I love your videos ❤️ ❤️

  10. Licht des lebens says:

    I like your videos and you accent when you speak.

  11. Pita Ariel says:

    Qué rico se ve todo, me gustaría estar allá en Puerto Vallarta, tus videos me hacen olvidar mis problemas por un rato y recordar de que las cosas simples de la vida son lo que realmente importa para estar en paz.

  12. Baddog Ortiz says:

    You make really good informative content,, it bothers me that you don't have a lot more subscribers! Either way keep up the great work brochacho!! I appreciate your work!!

  13. Ollie Kasunmu says:

    Thanks for the tips, we will check them out when we visit in February.

  14. Who- TF -Cares!! says:

    I’m feeling envious, but happy for you. 🍻🏝 🇲🇽🌮

  15. MARCO A. GUZMAN says:

    Uncle Paul i hope you enjoyed christmas. 2020 will be a successful year for you. A sample is this wonderful and tasty seafood video. Keep it up great work.😎

  16. Diego Armando Jiménez García says:

    Tío Paul, ask for "El tacón de marlin", that's the real more than a giant burrito experience (it is in front of the airport of Puerto Vallarta). The ones you bought nothing have to do with "el tacon". Just to give you an idea " marlin AL PASTOR" giant burrito… next time

  17. JOSE DEL TORO says:


  18. Vega Guy702 says:

    Mendigo desgraciado, viviendo la buena vida condenado. Jajajaja happy new Year tio Paul. Greetings from Las Vegas NV USA.

  19. Richard Knights says:

    While you are in Vallarta go and try "Arrieros" those are massive and delicious Tacos with 3 kinds of meat and lot of things! try them, just ask for them and everybody knows it.

  20. eddiejau says:

    Paul why are you making me hungry after breakfast, very rude of you mate

    great vid, cheers!

  21. Karma Dealer says:

    Puerto Vallarta is boring, is like an American County in Mexico. Try Mazatlán, DA REAL DEAL!

  22. Efrain Rodarte says:

    You're doing God's work tío Paul

  23. Skippy G. says:

    Wow it was like watching a video of Anthony bordain. Food looked amazing!!

  24. Maverick says:

    Solo me gustó la niña del ceviche.

  25. Diana VG says:

    Feliz año nuevo tío Paul! I'm actually going on vacation to Vallarta this year so your video is really helpful! Have a great year!

  26. Ricardo Ruiz says:

    Hauchin(nango) your food being prepared! #noPunIntended

  27. Isael says:

    hey tio paul, great video! what are your thoughts on making a video of the changes you have seen throughout these last 5 years or so in the mexican capital?

  28. Rache ND says:

    I Will come back to Puerto Vallarta just to ask to that people How you are hahahah…They can describe u …Naaa…Im fine with that voice,accent AND sexy arm! 😆💖

  29. Ricardo Martinez says:

    Amazing video

  30. flor de primavera says:

    Hola Paul😃it's seems you enjoyed your Christmas holidays in Puerto Vallarta, in my first travel by plane in fact I went there, I love evey sea food!😋happy new year 2020 for you and hope anytime soon we can know your face, hasta luego:D

  31. Poncho Navarro says:

    Fish tacos are delicious. Supposedly, the best and original ones are from The Baja California peninsula.

  32. яиду домой says:

    Tío Paul! Welcome to 2020!! I love how colorful and vivid are your vids!! A hug from Argentina!

  33. nutriapeluda says:

    Tío Paul! Happy New Year, may this year be a good one! 🥂

  34. Mau Barrera says:

    We use "Guero" like a friendly nickname.
    Example: How many tacos you like, güero?

  35. James Buckley says:

    Next time try Marisma Fish Taco in Old Town on Naranjo…I have heard it said by master chefs, that it is the best fish taco in MEXICO!

  36. ddoyle11 says:

    Such a wonderful place, Puerta Vallarta! I’ll be moving there next year!

  37. MexicanReformist says:


  38. Rossana Diaz says:

    When Veracruz???

  39. Loqo Danii says:

    time to head back to Vallarta and try out these yummy spots!

  40. theldun1 says:

    Great video!

  41. bernardo zavaleta pérez says:

    Happy new year uncle Paul It´s great to see you again.

  42. MVGJ Guerrero says:

    Happy new year uncle Paul!

  43. Lear Guitarist says:

    Hey dude, mexican here it's amazing to see a person like you going around rural mexico and its treasures, btw I think I can help you with the translations, do you need subtitles or how can I help you?

  44. Rafael Narcio says:

    You should also visit Mazatlan, this city is known for its beaches, its historical center (Mazatlán's downtown is beautiful) and its huge natural lighthouse, and it has its own corrido that goes "Aquí hasta un pobre se siente millonario" ("Here, even a poor feels like he is a millionare"), and that's so true. And we have fresh delicious seafood, but, as a local to Mazatlan it hurts to admit that Culiacán has better sea food than Mazatlán, not to mentions their tacos de carne asada, the tacos there are way better than in Mazatlán. And my last recommendation if you ever come to this sinaloan cities would be: Also taste local sushi, it has nothing to do with traditional japanese sushi, it has been fully regionalized, carnita asada sushi with tons of cheese, and so on, the sushi in this state is delicious.

  45. Eliza t says:

    Tio what is your least favorite Mexican dish?

  46. stanford 95060 says:

    !Vaya, que maravillosa puesta del sol! ¡ Y la comida se ve riquísima!
    Wow, what a marvelous sunset! And that food looks super tasty!

  47. Ade Adeaje says:

    have h tried "taco del perro"? most popular street food in mexico

  48. 💫 tijunana mama 💫 says:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year's 🦄🎄🦄🎄🎆🎇🎆✨🧨✨🎇🎆

  49. Arreola Rodriguez says:

    You're living my dream
    Provecho my amigo.

  50. Jose Ventura says:


  51. Curly_ 2025 says:

    Yeah we don't put are mom's as jokes but thiers always chingatumadre

  52. Evalina M says:

    😋😋😋😎🌊 🌴 Hauʻoli makahiki hou from Hawai'i 🎆 Prospero año nuevo 🎇

  53. sluttyfrogmagician says:

    Something like this would be a little challenging for me, as far as street food. I'm a little hesitant with seafood… Any tips? I'd like to be able to enjoy the local good stuff, but I don't really know how to discern a good seafood street cart from a bad one. How do I know it's going to be fresh and cooked well? I want to try some ceviche, too… Seems risky.

  54. J Garcia says:

    Very nice video. I like your way to stay away from the big luxurios hotels.
    I travel the same way of you.

    In Puerto Vallarta there are some excelent tacos al pastor only at the nights in a street corner just before to enter to the tunnel going for the boulevard Colosio. Just to end an excelent gastronomic day.

  55. KIKEVAZOR says:

    Buenas todas 👍🏼

  56. Erick Bello Cuervo says:

    Great video 📹!!!
    You always deliver great content👍, never disappoints.
    Un saludo desde la CDMX (Ciudad de México 🇲🇽)!!!

  57. Guillermo Camus says:

    Happy and sex New year 2020… 😂😂😂😘😘😘

  58. Fran jaime says:

    Here's hoping you have a great and very successful New Year!

  59. fernanda mendoza says:

    que envidiaaaaaaa! buen provecho tío Paul!

  60. Angelica t. says:

    I'm hungry now 😔

  61. Miguel Araluce says:

    Me gusta como en casi todos los videos terminan en un atardecer!!

  62. Carmen Castro says:

    Hi tío Paul!! It looks delicious, you really enjoy the food. Have a great new year!!!

  63. Renato López Martínez says:

    Tío Paul, I hope you had a great time. Next time come to the north corner of México to Baja California so you can enjoy the places and the best sea food in the country.

  64. Hector A says:

    Man, i am absolutely starving now! That food needs to be in my mouth now!

  65. Octavio Trejo says:

    as far as: "470 'thumbs up 👍🏼'" Just ONE thumb down 👎🏼c'mon you, only one 👎🏼Tio Pablito pofas' sigue publicando tus videos…honestamente yo siempre busco si es que tu has publicado un nuevo video! Don't be discourage…🙏🏼

  66. Son Gohan MiraiSonGohan says:

    Thanks for all your videos, uncle Paul. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  67. Claudia says:

    Muy feliz año nuevo, Paul! 🥳 Hope you have a great year! Btw, all of the food in this video looked amazingly tasty! 😋

  68. Jullien Dorel says:

    Great video Paul…. but what happened to the bottle of beer? Where is it?

  69. Xoel Lang says:

    My lovely hometown!

  70. Big Jr Yeah says:

    Anyone noticed the the big booty at 57 seconds

  71. BMB says:

    Tio Paul, are you still in PV ? I am a faithful follower o yours, would love to show you around my Town !!!! I am Not interested in being in your videos, but would love to help show you around ?

    Cheers Too, hope you enjoy your stay in mi Rancho✌️🙏👍

  72. JG Garcia says:

    Nice video as usual Paul, something tells me if you go back to England your life will not be the same.

  73. Santiago Peck Schrage says:

    I can only guess that those dislikes come from tourist trap owners.

  74. Gabe G8 says:

    Why are you living my dream?? 🙂

  75. rhonoratoe says:

    Do you have a BITCOIN wallet address to send you a tip? . Great job Paul! Felicidades.

  76. TheHcmedic says:

    Do you still need to have someone translate for you?

  77. Ricky Amez says:

    Puerto Vallarta is a unique paradise. I can't wait to be there.

  78. jo smith says:

    w tf is wrong with you that looks like crap

  79. mentos mint says:

    So subrealista

  80. mentos mint says:

    Si te gusta la negra modelo estas bien pesado en cervesa.

  81. mentos mint says:

    Espero que no te pusiste muy peda

  82. El Wicho says:

    You my man just found one of Mexico secrets and yea everything is fresh 😋

  83. itnazurl says:

    how common is soy sauce in these seafood stands?

  84. Trollmen Caster says:

    this channel deserves way more subs he does his research and work pretty good like if he where a local.

  85. Ricardo julio guerrero puente says:

    very good Sir, nice video, love the way you express youself, very entertaining and informative

  86. Chiquita says:

    Paul, Interesting take to eat like a local. How do you get there is the question?…ic

  87. hugo serrato says:

    Tío paul I’m Mexican and don’t like tapatío Valentina o any salsa en bottle 😂🤣🤣😂but glad that you like it

  88. Ryan Meredith says:

    What beach was the last stand at? Visiting PV in march, definitely going to try that fish.

  89. Johnny Lawrence says:

    have you mentioned what you actually do in mexico? just YouTube or do you teach English or something?

  90. hope 82 says:

    As a Mexican living in California. I really loved your video's. Keep up the good work .

  91. richard mctere says:

    The food in Town is as good or even better than the food traps for tourist .Even here in the USA,Many times you here people say they found a good spot for food .Then when you ask what was the name of the restaurant ,they say I don't know ,it was just some hole in the wall type of place .Those hole in the wall type of places seem to be the best . In Mexico or the USA .

  92. José Antonio Montesinos says:

    You have to be very careful Mexico things are getting very dangerous so stay aware and keep your eyes open

  93. Héctor Ortega says:

    Happy New Year, Tio Paul!

  94. dorianbelen says:

    Wow When a real Englishman Discover that taste and prices. they are better in street food than in luxurious restaurants in Mexico

  95. 4T Noticias desde Helsinki MEXFI says:

    Come to Helsinki bro. Lol saludos 🙂

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