Mrs.SHIRAISHI’s Hina doll’s SUSHI 白石家のひな人形寿司

And there,
my Hina doll’s SUSHI is ready. Enjoy cooking the dolls with your family. Hello, everyone.
I’m Mie SHIRAISHI. Today,
I’m going to make “Hina doll’s SUSHI”. A Hina doll is displayed during the Girl’s Festival in Japan. Hina festival is the day to promote
the happiness and well-being of girls. Even now, Hina festival is one of a traditional event. Today,
I make SUSHI resembling a real Hina doll. The ingredients are here. This is hot rice, for body. Today,
I use instant sushi vinegar for seasoning the rice. You can use any other seasonings that you like. Here are eggs. The eggs become a part of kimono clothes. Quail egg is a part of face. Today I use this ingredients,
bat you can use any ingredient that you like. So, let’s get started. First,
make rice balls for doll’s bodies. Today,
I use the instant sushi vinegar. By using this,
make the SUSHI rice ball. Add sesame to taste If you like. Mix them well. And then,
make the rice ball. You can make your favorite shape. Make the bottom flat for stability. It’s done. Make another one. Next,
make crapes for Kimono clothes. Mix the eggs well. Mix them with chopsticks, like this. And then,
strain the eggs through a strainer. In doing so,
you can make the crape beautiful. So, strain it. Next,
cook the egg liquid. Cook it. First,
heat a pan. Put a little oil in the pan. If the pan is too hot,
the egg will burn. Put the pan on a wet washcloth to cool. Check the temperature
to put a small amount of the egg. When the pan has right temperature,
add the liquid. Keep low heat. Keep the low heat, cook slowly. When the around becomes unstuck,
flip over the crape. Heat the back side in the same way. Take out the egg crepe to a dish carefully. The beautiful egg crepe is done. Next,
construct the dolls. Make the female doll from a carrot. This is for a hair stick. Make a Kimono collar
from the carrot. Next,
Make a male doll from a cucumber at the same way. Cut a hat part. Cut a male’s Kimono collar from the cucumber. Slice thin by the peeler. This is for the male’s Kimono collar. Next,
construcet the dolls. First,
Make a doll’s face. Make eyes by black sesame. Scratch the surface
to keep the sesame from moving. Set the sesame to the point. Be careful to set. This work is delicate,
but enjoyable. Today,
I set the eyes sideways. Make a mouth from a strawberry’s peel. Make up to use pink Rousong. The face is done. Fix the hair stick with a toothpick. Stick the head on the body. And then,
Dress up in Kimono clothes. Put the sliced carrot and the crepe on the doll,
like this. Tie the clothes with a boiled trifoliate. Tie it like this. Finally,
fix her clothes up beautiful. Here,
the female HINA doll is ready. Next,
make a male doll. Scratch eyes and mouth points
to keep from moving. Make his facial expression.
I enjoy this works with my daughters. You can arrange with anything that you want. Only turning the sesame makes his expression changing. Dress up in the crape and the cucumber. Tie the clothes with a boiled trifoliate. This is a leaf of carrot. And then,
the male HINA doll is done. And there,
my Hina doll’s SUSHI is ready. They are too pretty to eat, the taste is very good. Make them with your daughters,
and enjoy.

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  1. The Faustian Man says:

    Yum! They look wonderful!

  2. Jayfoxpox says:

    haha, very well done.

  3. Yasmin Ehsani says:

    i LOVE your videos and i also love the way you make food

    like in this video… sooo cute 😀 ♥

  4. sk0616 says:

    kawaii ~ but too nice to eat XD

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    pretty good
    i like it

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    super cute :)))))) Love it

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    Wow so cool!

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    beautiful !

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    That is just the coolest thing I've ever seen.

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    its really Fun to Watch., I ENJOYED it and it made me HUNGRY 😀

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    que buena pinta!deve estar riquisimo!

  12. RadioActiveOreo says:

    I could watch these forever! Her voice is so soothing too heheh.

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