[Mukbang] 귀여운? 줄돔(돌돔) 통구이+회 먹방🐟Amazing Fresh Striped BeakFish(Sashimi) Eatingsound Ssoyoung ASMR

Yes! Hello, ssoyeong (ssoyoung). Today, living brought juldom. Living creatures should perhaps uncomfortable you are. Please skip the front or press back. Guys, this is what the juldom looks like. There’s a stripe in your I had a hard time holding it. What’s the matter Are you okay? You’re still! The front part is so cute, right? Your mouth is smaller than any other fish. I think he’s saying something. I knocked him out. It’s really hard. I passed out. You look so pretty, don’t you think? You look so cute. My mouth is sticking out. So This is the first time I’ve ever caught two fish at the same time. Yes! Then I’ll cook for you. Subscribe, okay, press! We’re all set. Jundom Sashimi grilled juldom And the juldom is so small that it’s not much. So I prepared tuna, lettuce, garlic, and pepper. I hope you enjoy your meal! I’m hungry. It’s half of Domi. Ssamjang It’s so good. Soy sauce The juldom is small, so it’s got fin flesh. It’s combined with the torso. It’s so cheesy and delicious! I’ll try the roast. It’s my first time eating juldomgogi, and it’s really delicious. lettuce, pepper, garlic It’s really delicious. This time, tuna taffy! Rosemary is sprinkled. It goes well with tuna and juldom. too small I’ll split it into three portions. I can’t eat it because it’s too much – That’s a lot! – Last one. Chili Pepper I’ll try it. I dipped in soy sauce There is no small bones is easy to eat. This is heated and it’s not eating. I’ll be here How stripes pretty today, Dome, try this. This is how it works. Personally, I’d like to be a little bigger. Everyone, I like your subscription. Please press it.

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  1. Cuddle Cream says:

    Ssyoung:*hits this fish with knife*
    Me:Why didn’t you do that in other videos?

  2. XxBisexualGachaGamerxX says:

    okay is it just me or does it seem as if she has a fricken microphone in her mouth!

  3. ANIME Duck says:

    Ssyoung: I finally got too fish at the same time
    1st fish: no she got us
    2nd fish: oh hell no boi * jumps back into the water
    1st fish: bye have a great time

  4. Amanda Garcia says:

    Its kind of sad to see the animals alive then killed then getting eaten🥺 and she beats, them but i still watch her because her reaction to the fishes and everything

  5. Mallory Alvarado says:

    Save sosoyoug 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. The cute Fati says:

    If ssoyoung lost in the sea :

  7. moving Camel says:

    Awwwwww so cute

  8. Chloe Lee says:

    Ssoyoung at time Aquarium: looks at fish. Ssoyoung again: kills them and eats them right in front of people

  9. Goop Salamander says:

    Meeper: MEEEP
    Ssoyoung: ah yes D i n n e r

  10. Раск Ji Won says:

    Пиздец конечно. Отвратительно смотреть на лишнюю мимику и на жестокое обращение с животными. Зачем доставать рыбу постоянно и мучить? Ютуб, не те каналы блокируешь…

  11. valen Díaz says:

    Everything you do is bad since you killed the baby shark😢

  12. DolanTwix23 says:

    Ssoyoung: makes super surprised face when she tries the food

    Also ssoyoung: gives settle “mm” when she tastes it

  13. cra cra Magness says:

    After she holds the first fish and it goes back into the tank and stays upside down ._.

  14. Daakhu Daakhu says:

    3:36 u have got a cavity 😅😂😂😂🤣🤣

  15. Littlepickle says:

    uuuggghh i really hate how the fish are put through this kind of thing… but i cant stop watching…

  16. Princess Unicorn says:

    When the fish jumped out off her hands 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. The hater says:

    It is scary alive and not scary dead lol

  18. Miriam Ruiz Fernández says:

    1maltrato animal
    2 esdivertido y come bastante bies
    3 me encantas

  19. DOLCHE VITA says:

    Насколько она симпатичная, настолько мерзкая, жестокая дура 😤🤮😵😲🤯🤦‍♀️🤔🤢🐽🐷😠👎👎😷😤🤮🐽🐷🐷🐽🤯

  20. riza bantayen says:

    i think she took "you're so cute i just wanna eat you up" too seriously.

  21. _JustAnotherKid_ 2020_ says:


  22. T Nicaragua says:

    I loooove see you HAPPY!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀

  23. Faith Taylor says:

    Look ! It’s sideways tap dancing lmbo

  24. Shadow Gangsta275 says:

    1:09 we all saw that enormous bruise on her arm and can immediately guess she got it from wrestling another of her foes- seafood 😂🤣

  25. Shannon Vassallo says:

    When my sister splashes me in the pool

  26. Shannon Vassallo says:

    Ssoyoung is like the megalodon of the surface world but she still eats fish and I LOVE IT!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Coolkidjj says:

    No one :

    Absolutely no one :

    Sosoyoung: I knocked him out

    Fish : no the hell not

  28. Suparuak Tuita says:

    Sso young be like a fish murderer knockin dem out

  29. Ari Midoriya says:

    Oml I just can’t with the she knocked the fish out

  30. XxÏÏ Zërø ïïxX says:

    I dont own this comment but in the other video it says
    Ssoyoung: Goes to the fish market
    All the fishes from nemo: Hides

  31. อะฮิ๊ๆ Raknongsaeng says:


  32. Olivia Lane says:

    This is why I want to move to Korea their food looks so good

  33. Rena _Playz says:

    Fresh striped beakfish:wiggle wiggle 😝

    Ssoyoung:shut up!*hits*😡

    Beakfish:wiggle wiggle😏

    Ssoyoung:i said shut up*hits*


    Ssoyoung:yeees I killed 2 of them😎😁😆

    That was my favorite part XD

  34. Rena _Playz says:

    Juldom:hop hop😋

    Ssoyoung:are u ok?😕

    Juldom:nope I’m dead😂

    Ssoyoung:ok prepare for the kitchen😋


    Ssoyoung:ok but your still gonna die

    Juldom:(life sucks)😒

  35. pandinha e padrões says:

    Rir muito

  36. Cococookie721 says:

    A better title:
    play catch the fish with me

  37. Justine Hammond says:

    Some times I think that there saying humans are evil

  38. Маша Котик says:

    Есть кто нибудь русский здесь?

  39. Маша Котик says:

    Есть кто нибудь русский здесь?

  40. Briana Gavin says:

    Stop abusing the sea animals👎

  41. IISavageQueenII48 Roblox station says:

    She eats so much stuff, Yet she’s still skinnier than me, I drink water and I’m a pig 🐖 =(

  42. may moua says:

    She so cute 🤣🤣💞

  43. неважно кто says:

    Бедные рыбки…

  44. Anutka Key says:

    Русские где?

  45. suki sū says:

    We have Ssamjang and Ssoyound

  46. veronica robinson says:


    chuckles your in danger


    chuckles no

  47. Slime Sisters says:

    The first fish: hehe
    Other fishes : this is amusing

  48. maryalen Mcadams says:

    6:47 ssoyoung what is this in your arm?

  49. Omar Hernandez says:

    Haz un vídeo como haces la comida

  50. Nikki Rose says:

    Ssoyoung: hits fish 1:40

    Ssoyoung 29 seconds later:

    ”You look so cute”

  51. Kx Motionless says:

    Fish: trying to breathe

    Ssoyoung: "ENOUGH"🔪🔪

  52. P H R O G says:

    ssyoung: I think he’s saying something “puts the fish up to ear” fish: IM FINNA SCARE YOU

  53. P H R O G says:

    2:25 HAHAHAHA

  54. 배선복 says:

    쏘영님 영상 보는 이유 리액션이 재밌고 먹방도 잘하심

  55. yisus1177 freefire says:

    Like si es muy chistosa

  56. •Вивика• кавай• says:


  57. Amayah Dyer says:

    Fish: Let me out !!
    Ssoyoung : Are you ok ?
    Me just like : The real question is are YOU ok Ssoyoung ?…

  58. Anthony Baker says:

    Why are they eaten raw

  59. Shadow Clan says:

    Ssoyyoung: *hits fish *
    Me: hahahahahaha lol🤣🤣

  60. tik toks memes xd says:

    Por eso tienen Coronavirus pendeja

  61. Bts Shitteu says:

    'I knocked him out' 😂

  62. 김재봉 says:


  63. 방시연 says:


  64. Erica Levenson says:

    So young I feel no sadness eating these demons

  65. Erica Levenson says:

    The fish:I'm out creep

  66. Ixcel Martines says:

    The fish silence


  67. ศิรินาถ สะโนน้อย says:


  68. Alice Calazans says:

    From brazil

  69. Morgan says:

    Ssoyoung: so cute eats


  70. Angel wolf pack master says:

    Is making me hungry

  71. Анастасия зайчик says:

    I love you 😄

  72. Salina Karbache says:

    Is she serious arent those protected fish ??!?!

  73. thicc potatoÛwÛ says:

    Ssoyoung: screams

    Neighbours: Oh, she’s eating. again

  74. SpongeBob Show says:

    How killer you are ?!!!!!! I canttttt bileveeeeeeeeeeeee fkkkk huuuuu

  75. SpongeBob Show says:

    Fıckkkk youuuuu

  76. SpongeBob Show says:

    Go helllllll

  77. مجنونة وافتخر says:


  78. inXine says:

    i wonder what she does with all the leftovers in every video

  79. April Lucas says:

    I found the picture on the blog is like a fish wedding

  80. Jahmera Pemberton says:

    Im hungry now

  81. Marina M says:

    Is the hospital rescue OK?

  82. Gang gang Gang says:

    How is that fish not dead he fell so much

  83. Elif Ela Karakaya says:

    What are you doing??
    WTF Are you silly!

  84. Eman Ali says:

    هو انتوا بيجلكوا مرض من شويا مهو من الاقرف البتكلووه والعالم يدفع التمن

  85. •GachaWolfie • says:

    When she said "I think he's saying something" I think he said "LET US BE FREE SAVAGE"

  86. siทgυlαriτy x sєєsαω says:

    She is just inhaling that Fish 😂🐟

  87. Nazaline Monterroso says:

    Smacks fish
    Smacks fish

  88. 胡蝶しのぶ鬼滅の刃 says:


  89. Mukbang Friends says:

    Ssyoung:I think he’s saying something…..

  90. 小川芽衣奈 says:


  91. 熊太 says:


  92. Victor Villaverde says:

    Se antoja

  93. AnyaXflowers Kang says:

    My friend: has pet fish
    Me: watches video
    My friend AgAiN: What are you watching?
    Me: Oh nothing
    Friend sees*
    My friend: smashes my ipad

  94. JUST JUSTICE says:

    That's why they get the coronavirus over there🤦🏽‍♀️

  95. •MOANS BTS OFICCIAL• says:

    Me encantas sinceramente porque eres super graciosa❤

  96. Haru Kazami says:

    everyone is saying she ate the whole bikini bottom and I am here can't stop thinking about how many times the fish fell on the floor lmao

  97. Jasper Thy Spirit says:

    She has such humor very funny! Also not going to lie looks yummy

  98. Bts Stray kids says:

    1:32 1:45 don't mess with her😭😂

  99. sin hin celine lau says:

    Ssoyoung:I think he's saying something.
    me be like:yeah,I think he want's to say'help meh peoples'

  100. Фейкхоа says:

    Не издевайся над ними,убей и съешь, не бей,не роняй,не швыряй, не говори что они милые после того как ударила их ножом, не мучай их.

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