MUKBANG | 대왕문어+킹타이거새우 라면&파김치&대왕문어 직화구이🐙Amazing! Octopus + Giant Shrimp Ramen Seafood hoony 후니 ASMR

I’m gonna have to slow down. Yes Lucky boy It worked. I think today’s gonna be a lucky day. Have a lovely day, everyone. Hello. Hoony It’s Hoony. What food do you want to eat today? ! The king Octopus leg, and fresh raw octopus I’ll add king shrimp and make seafood ramen. The raw octopus was fresh, so it was climbing up the Octopus leg. And I’ll make octopus legs. I’ll cook it right away. Where are you going? ! Stir-fried Seafood Ramen and Fire Chicken Octopus I’ll enjoy it. Coke! I’ll try ramen first. I also added bean sprouts. It looks delicious. The soup is really cool(good). The soup tastes like this with octopus inside. I’ll try an octopus. The octopus boiled again and got tough. Tough Noodles is art. Noodles is art. Raw octopus too. Raw octopus is the best. I need to wear gloves. With green onion kimchi and noodles. I put in a lot of bean sprouts, and they came out in a lump. I’ll try shrimp this time. head jackpot! The shrimp is so soft. I’ll try the octopus this time. It tastes like fire because it’s baked in hard It’s delicious. I ate so much that I spilled it all. I’ll wipe my mouth. Oh, but the soup tastes really good. I want to show you this. The octopus in Ramen is so tough that it’s. But the octopus legs are filled with soup and the octopus is heavily cut on the ramen. The soup… to be delicious I tried seafood ramen and octopus stew today. It’s more delicious than steamed seafood. Seafood soup, not steamed seafood! The soup was better than the seafood soup. The soup tastes… … I enjoyed my meal today! If you enjoyed it, I’d appreciate it if you could click on the notification settings. Bye everyone. See you later. It was Hoony.

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  1. •Bae Editing• says:

    ¿Me das un poco?

    Gracias 🌸💗💗🌸💗💗🌸

  2. Lana Estudio says:

    😂"Lucky Boy" 😂😁So Cute😍😘😘😘💗

  3. Itzel Contreras says:

    You are a lucky boy 🥺💕

  4. YD_448 says:

    I love u 🥰 que lindooo!

  5. Valeria Florian :D says:

    You are really cute and mukbang really cool:D

  6. Shadowwolf Yeet says:

    Hoony. To make it more easy and comfortable, you can pull the food closer to u.

  7. Britany ash says:

    Mood: i'm hungry.

    He eats so good

  8. soto top ss says:

    네가 먹는 것을 보고 싶어😁

  9. YaChimChim says:

    That looked so good~ I love your videos so much! ❤❤❤

  10. Khairul Hanif says:

    I think im gay lmao😔

  11. MinHope OTP says:

    Hoony, I love you 💜💜💜💜

    You are so cute and so beautiful
    사랑해요 💜

  12. Barbar_Cat 14 says:

    Look delicious≥﹏≤ i wanna eat youo(〃^▽^〃)o

  13. 김화원 says:

    너무 불편하게드시는거같아요
    앞접시를 사용하세요

  14. Sheryl Cruz says:

    I hope next time you finish your eat all…

  15. 박동욱 says:

    사낙지 화로 먹어 주세요 좋어요 구독 알리성 정 가지하어요 해드♡♡♡♡♡👍👍👍👍

  16. Sun-hee Kim says:

    I am always the last to comment😂
    but it does not matter👌
    Even so, the food our oppa cooks is delicious 😋❤

  17. D.O Pingüinito says:

    ;;—No tengo idea del porque YouTube me recomienda estos vídeos pero el chico es excesivamente adorable. Me da una crisis de ternura, basta, ah.❤️

  18. Sri Utami says:

    Your hand is very sexy oppa ❣

  19. 홍세인 says:

    럭키보이 후니님🍀 진짜 맛있게 드신다..🤤

  20. Shortie curtie says:

    Why cant i look like you

  21. Tansya umma gian says:

    Lucky boy 😝

  22. 나비TV says:

    와 문어다리짱커 ㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Gabriele Estrada says:

    I'm slowly falling*

  24. Chitra Sudhakaran Sudhakaran says:

    hes so cute

  25. Foo Zihan says:

    8:52 omoooo soooooo cuteeee aahhh my heartu

  26. 슈슈가라임 says:

    후니님 잘생겨서요.

  27. innocent girl says:

    Cute 💞💞💞💞💛

  28. CHIPMUNK BUNNY says:

    Last time his subs was just 12k now its 38k wow

  29. ᄀ쿠리 says:

    뭔가 쏘영이랑 비슷한 느낌인데 오버를 덜해서 그런가 쏘영보단 낫네~^^ 그래도 담부턴 먹을만큼만 세팅하시길…

  30. ChimKookies :3 says:

    나는 당신의 비디오를 정말 좋아했다! 당신은 너무 귀엽고 잘 생긴있어😂

  31. Nikky Tah says:

    Ur like zach choi hahaha but funnier and better

  32. Nabila Idris says:

    I hope you always happy~~ 💝🙈🙈💕💕💕
    Edit: all comments down here are soo full of love 💞

  33. St Mn says:

    he’s so cute 🥺

  34. ayunin nisa says:

    it's gonna be my new favorite mukbang channel

  35. Miss Dee97 says:

    아이고~ 진짜 잘생겼다

  36. Park Sarah says:

    ohh man your actually gaining so much subs daily im so proud

  37. alita ugre says:

    I like it that you are so happy😏😏😏

  38. Mcxs Andreanne says:

    와아아!! 후니 왜 이렇게 귀여워? 끝까지 응원할게^~^ ❤️

  39. Maudy Rengganis says:

    Ganteng, kocak lagi 😂❤

  40. Loreny Formentera says:

    You really look like a kpop idol hihi❤️Kyeooooooptaaa❤️

  41. 웨하연지 〰 says:

    저도 킹타이거 라면에 넣어서 먹어보고싶어요 ㅠㅜㅜ 오늘도 재밌게 보고갑니당 💗

  42. hanifah aryana says:

    Aku mengingatka lagi😅,jangan lupa coba makanan indonesia yaa🤗

  43. John Christopher Basilio says:

    You're always be lucky hoony 💜

  44. Faizan Butt says:

    OMG 😱🤮Such people are the World’s largest Virus itself:😡Learn to be Compassionate😤you are not Human 🤮Innocent language is Cruel to ANIMALS😭😭😭😭Disatsters in the World are Caused by people like you: You Invite the CORONA VIRUS🐗🦇🦎🦂🐒🐛🐙🦑🐢🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  45. Don't Care says:

    Its so scary how much he luks like his sister

  46. Hannah Khai says:

    I just loved it when most of the comment it's about him in a positive way 😉 like good things and (rip) my ear when he slurp the first bite of ramen!!🤣🥰🥰🥰

  47. krizia anne Elipio says:

    Can you eat takoyaki with octopus for next video prettyyyy please ❤️❤️❤️

  48. ธีรพัฒน์ จิตติอาษา says:


  49. Nuraika Mix says:

    Hi Hoony oppa!

  50. Shalini Alia says:

    Idk anymore but if you're being cute all the time like this, I Will Make A Fansite name Honnykyeopta. Wait and see

  51. Shalini Alia says:

    Hoony aaa please make a Q&A video once. I've got something to Ask. Haumm actually its not what we call something. I have many question to ask. You.. And one of it is "Do you want to make me stay with your channel by acting cute? If its true, you're doing great. I really really love your channel now

  52. 징니 says:

    문어 진짜 좋아하는데… 먹고싶게 만드는 영상!
    정말 맛있게 드시네용 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  53. Reijo Urho says:

    Im subscribed at your sister

  54. Gab Llorin says:

    He ' s so cuteee

  55. xun_ey says:

    Iam sorry saying this but can't accept his dumbass tryna act cute🙄 dont even know why this is in my recommendation list

  56. ÅvÅ Disαnαs says:


  57. Stella Ella says:

    Yasshh "lucky boy" ><
    So cute❣️

  58. caғғeѕιтo੭ु says:


  59. Gerardo Maya says:

    Pinche vieja china jajaja

  60. neozxnv 。 says:

    The octopus looks good 😍😍😍 문어주세요 🥺

  61. Anna Wizard says:

    Eres lindo y guapo uu

  62. SASI ASMR says:

    Hallooo im from indonesiaa

  63. Bianca Luzardo says:


  64. Tarajay Roland says:

    Wow it sounds that hooney has a channel

  65. محمد ابراهيم النعباني says:

    I like eating food you

  66. Nahomi Leyva says:

    0:2 cute cute cute😣😣👌

  67. Jillan Gill says:

    Just found your channel and I'm loving it keep going 💯👍👍👍

  68. JERSEY Angels says:

    Hmm this video I don't see the captions on no matter what I do.

  69. 슈슈가라임 says:

    쏘영님은 좋게다.

  70. 박민혜 says:

    집에 해물은 없지만 이거보고 콩나물라면 결정!+□+

  71. Faizan Butt says:

    ARE YOU HUMAN ?????🤮🤮🤮🤮

  72. Sean Westlake says:

    His reaction when he dropped the octopus leg was just priceless and too cute😍😘😊🤗

  73. Creativity Dudes says:

    This guy is cute !!!

  74. Leonie says:

    I don’t get it.. I’ve tried this frickin' spicy sauce a couple of time.. and it burns like hell.. plus I live spicy food but how in the world can you eat this without crying????

  75. Elvira Haydter says:

    Coca Cola should pay you for advertising their product.

    The Giant Octupus looks rubbery.
    Great appetite you got there Hoony.

  76. Bibi Antz says:

    "One Question Do you know how old is he?"..
    By the way I loveeee your videos💜 KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING AN INCREDIBLE JOB!💜💜

  77. FAT K-POP says:

    Cute 😍🌷

  78. Gaia Signoriello says:

    He is suga?😆 but cool video👍

  79. Cookie Monster says:

    0:53 Octopus: MUST LIVE!! MUST LIVE!

  80. GAIA MARINO says:

    당신은 귀엽고 먹는 걸보고 싶어요 😄😀❤

  81. Ji-mi-nie ba-bo says:

    This cute boy.. aish can i marry you rnnnnn

  82. Sarah Z says:

    What a messy eater! Btw, is tilting your head up is the same manner you use while eating with your family at the table? That doesn't look very polite

  83. Sundrei Abegael Prudente says:

    I feel so hungry 😩😋

  84. Mirrrara Olоlo says:

    Ты ешь так же агрессивно как и Со Ён😂

  85. HanHan Gyul says:

    Sharing is caring so can I have some?


    Me gusta tus videos y eres lindo ❤️

  87. นู๋เอ๋ รมยกรณ์ says:


  88. Suicidal Angels says:

    U act a lot like sooyoung lmao

  89. 이은아 says:

    앞접시 사용하시는것도 좋은거 갔아요! 불편해 보여서요!

  90. Burcu Poyraz says:

    i love that kind of asmr videos. big and wild. followed <3

  91. Kayla Dna says:

    How are u not fat if I ate that much my belly would be MASSIVE
    And what I mean by not fat is not in the mean way

  92. محمد المحيمد says:


  93. محمد المحيمد says:


  94. محمد المحيمد says:

    بقتلفنىءاةؤبةببى لتلياال اتتاتلتتللغهعللااايلىلببةىرةبزى التى 😍😍😍😍

  95. محمد المحيمد says:


  96. محمد المحيمد says:

    خنكزكنزو اةلفنلنانةتتنت

  97. The Alexie Almohallas VLOG says:

    Please like his facebook page guys ^_^

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  99. Fernanda Hernandez says:

    Handsome 😍

  100. سـخـيفـههہ• says:

    اكوو عرب بالطيارة 😹👅🎺🎷🎉🎊💃

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