Hi🤗 This is Leeby! I’m gonna have assorted sushi today~🍣 I’ve been craving sushi for real. They are from the place I go often in my neighborhood. (You may have seen it from my vlog videos.) I think many of you would ask where that is, so I write in in “Show More” section for you to refer to. I don’t usually reveal names of the restaurants, but… Anyways, not only this, I’ve also got urchin roe*~!
* While casually and colloquially referred to as “roe,” “urchin gonads” is the right term. I felt like having it since a couple days ago, but I couldn’t find a place that sells this, so I got this from the Internet. I’m gonna layer ’em on top and eat ’em together😋 Urchin roe on tuna sushi! Wonder how good it will be! Making me drool already🤤 Dipping it in soy sauce! I’ve got soy sauce, pickled scallions and some salads here at the back. On the side is a bowl of udon:) Bon appetit! Soft tuna and savory urchin roe just melt in my mouth…😭💕 WOW! (Left me speechless…) Tuna blends with urchin roe giving it an extra sticky and chewy flavor. It tastes buttery and oceanic. And there’s that stodgy cream cheese melting in my mouth… sob Chubby halibut fin sushi Dunno whether it’s belly or fin tho. It’s good and nice. Crunchy, chewy and fatty! Its texture and thickness. They’ve nailed ’em all! Refreshing my mouth with Rakkyo*
* Pickled scallions Salmon, my love…😘 It wouldn’t be worth discussing oily fish without mentioning salmon! Salmon is pretty oily(fatty)!🤤 Layering urchin roe on top! Glossy…☆ I think I may have over-extended with this comb.
The flavor is too intense! Rather, I think tuna and urchin roe comb is just about right. Slurping spicy udon! They say sea urchin is the butter of the sea, and yes it’s as buttery as real butter. So, you need to refresh your mouth once every so often! This is halibut! And this is… (Stopped saying in the middle. lol!) Was gonna say sashimi here is fermented and that they are chewy and fatty. lmao The texture is mind-blowing. It explodes in your mouth. Eel sushi! It’s thick and huge. Rice is good too! This is the best sushi restaurant I know so far. (And I said it at last!) Sashimi here is fermented, so it’s chewy and nice. I love this place. The soup’s so refreshing! Shrimp marinated in soy sauce! Don’t think I need to dip it in soy sauce. The shrimp is gluey and chewy🦐 When alone at home, I usually add five extra shrimp in my delivery order. Wasabi octopus sushi! It ain’t fishy at all! It’s rather chewy! And a moment later I regretted eating such a huge lump of wasabi at once. You happy…? Incoming! Ooh… hot! Was too greedy. Oh right, I forgot to tell you I’ve got plum aide for the beverage. I think sea urchin roe best goes with tuna! The combination of the two is crazy. Buttery sea urchin roe meets with oily tuna, giving it the next level experience that almost tastes like otoro, tuna belly. 😋 Phenomenal! Tastes like steak with high-end butter with oceanic freshness to it. Meaning it’s superb! I think I’m being too talkative today. But I just wanted you to know how it’s taste like! Just want you to know that the combination of sea urchin roe and tuna is beyond par Should’ve ordered more… It’s a pity yet again to see ’em disappear into thin air… Going for the salmon sushi as well! I wonder when I would go for the salad on the side… It is kept intact somehow. I guess the salad is the archenemy standing on the other side of the bridge. lol Fermented sushi melts and pops in my mouth! With lots of wasabi on the octopus sushi! Tastes painful, but I’m enjoying this pain🤣 I love you, fresh wasabi~!💕 Covering tuna sushi with a urchin roe blanket! Dipping it in soy sauce~ Yummy~! It’s so good! (Dunno what’s that gesture supposed to mean) I wonder why I did that for. Sugar~! The last salmon sushi! I’m a person finishing a meal with the food I like, so I left the three pieces of sushi I prefer. They are salmon, marinated shrimp and tuna! I think urchin roe proved to be a good buff for tuna. (Sob) Amazing… tuna belly sushi with urchin roe on top! Makes me smile and cry at the same time. (Steady and careful) Wo Wow It’s stepped up to the next level. More stiff and chewy texture with fatty flavor as well. Cascade of flavor explosion…★ 👍 Don’t even have to mention
(how good it is) Now’s a good time to finish the meal with plum ade. Perfect☆ The food was great! I’m touched😭 It was so good. The combination of urchin roe and tuna was amazing. It was really great! Feels like my mouth has become luxurious along with the food I had already! So satisfied. For the urchin roe left, I think I will have it with rice later at night (And so I did) Salads: hello…? Salads: hey…? I never laid a hand on it. lol…! I think I will eat this too.
(I never laid a hand on it till now. lol…!) Hope you liked the video~💞 That’s it for today!

52 comments on “MUKBANG) 두꺼~운 모듬초밥 리얼사운드 먹방+성게알🍣 SUSHI REAL SOUND EATING SHOW”

  1. Leeby리비 says:

    자막 활성화해주세요💞 (이 댓글에 초밥집 정보 있음)
    Please turn on the subtitles!

    por favor encienda los subtítulos!
    Vui lòng bật phụ đề!

    Silakan aktifkan subtitle!

    초밥집은 "탁초밥" 이라는 곳입니다 🙂

  2. 요정* says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ편집에서느껴지는 고때의감덩이 묻어나와요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ편집하시는날 같은집 초밥을시켜드신건아닐지 ㅋㅋㅋ모르겠습니닽ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. 예진 says:

    와 언니 성게알덮밥 먹는거 맨날 보러왓는뎈ㅋㅋㅋ 여가서도ㅜ성게알,,,,, 잘먹는모습 보기좋아유👍🏻

  4. 해맑은명란젓 says:

    리비님 ㅜ 참치랑 성게알의맛표현을 해주시지 제대로안해주시면 시키기도애매하고 그렇다고안시키기에도 너무 힘드러요 ㅜㅜㅜ조금만더 표현을해주세요 드시고 표정으로만 이야기하지마시구 ㅜㅜ !̆̈ 그러면조금더 좋을거같아욤

  5. 마라마라 says:

    아 언니의 초밥먹방볼때마다 내속이시원하고 행복해,,,

  6. 화란 says:

    술마시고 숙취에 허덕이는데 와중에 초밥 너무 먹고싶고 잘먹는 언니 보니까 너무 기분좋고 그릇 조심조심 내려놓으려하는게 이렇게 귀여울일인가ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  7. gle goo says:

    언니 영단어도 수정 부탁드려요 sushi 아니고 chobab^^*

  8. 뚜비당 says:

    언니 불닭치킨먹방도 꼭 해주세요 ㅠㅠ

  9. wjgusdlwjdk김수진 says:

    성게알 사랑하는데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ참치조합이라…….주문해야겠아영

  10. 김갱이 says:


  11. 히비끼 says:

    자막 어텋게 없애요?

  12. 워구TV says:

    불닭치킨먹어주세오 ㅜㅜ

  13. T T says:

    언니 성게알 덮밥 만들어서 찍어줘요ㅠ

  14. 김빈 says:

    ㅠㅠ식물이 죽어가고 있어 ㅠㅠ

  15. 웅우니린 says:

    언닝.. 초밥 먹는 이 소리가 크림소스 꾸덕꾸덕 소리같아서 미치겠어요.. 결국 언니때메 나도 초밥 패밀리세트 시켰단…..

  16. 댕이뚜 says:

    총맞은것처럼ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱ넘 기여우세여 혹시 60계치킨에 6초치킨은 안드시나용

  17. 연쩰리 says:

    초밥 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠ 언니 조만간 떡볶이나 피자 먹방 가시쥬…❤️💜

  18. 모구모구 says:

    언니 국수 먹을 때 진짜 너무 너무 깜짝 놀래요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜 맛있는 소리긴 하지만 그래두 8ㄷ8

  19. 얀猫 says:

    언니 나이가 몇갠데 편식을 해! 채소도 가리지말고 잘 챙겨먹으라구! 건강해야 유튜브도 오래 하지!

  20. 만보잠 says:


  21. 김경림 says:

    언니 영상을 하도 많이 보고 브이로그도 많이 봐서 그런지 세상 친근하고 영상 볼 때마다 반갑다ㅎㅎㅎ 오늘도 영상 딱 틀고 하잇! 해주실 때 저도 모르게 웃었어요ㅠㅜ 언니 항상 응원하구 싸랑합니다ㅜㅠ❤️❤️

  22. soo Yang says:

    아 진짜 맛있나봐….배고프네..

  23. 람알 says:

    정말 먹고프네요
    퀄리티가 up up

  24. 문우현 says:

    리비님 일본어 거르는거 넘좋음 고추냉이문어가 100퍼 맞는말인데 색다르게들려서 반성하고감다

  25. a nn says:

    사람을 화나게하는 방법은 딱 두가지가 있는데 첫번째는 말을 하다 마는 것이고 두번째는.. 3:11

  26. バスクラ吹き says:


  27. 양재골TV says:

    성게알까지 올려먹다니ㅜㅜ
    초밥에 성게알이라니…!!

  28. 리나 says:

    너무 먹고싶쟈나…

  29. 김술꾼 says:

    진짜 내 최애….유투버…♡

  30. 욤욤 says:

    고추냉이문어라고 하는 리비님의 섬세함!🥰 초밥 좋아하는데 이 시간에 넘나 배고픈 것..ㅜㅜ

  31. 현서김 says:

    먹을때마다 가만히 있질 못하는 언니 손밖에 안보입니다 ㅎㅎ

  32. x ror says:

    언니 먹방마다 먹고 싶어 미치겠어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 배는 안고픈데 분명…

  33. 김보경 says:

    오늘도 샐러드는 평온하였다고 한다…..

  34. 권지혜 says:

    언니도 수전증있으시군요ㅜㅜ저는 진짜심해서 덜덜덜 국물흘리면서먹어요 그래도 항상 맛있게 드셔주셔서 감사해요❤️

  35. ᄒᄒ says:

    두찜 로제찜닭 먹어주세여… 당면추가해서..ㅠㅠㅠ 로제찜닭 존버합니다!!ㅠㅠ

  36. Home Taste Pakistani says:

    Very good

  37. 이산들 says:

    드시는거 너무 귀여워요ㅠㅠ 맛있게 드시는모습 보기좋아요!

  38. 웅이 says:

    이분은 ㄹㅇ 잘드심ㅜ

  39. 쏙쏙강 says:

    7:17 유노윤호급 맛표현이십니다…

  40. 뇽안 says:

    제가 왜 리비님을 지금 알았을까요 ㅠㅠㅠ 딱 이 채널 발견해서 요즘 너무 잘 보고 있어요 너무 잘 드시는 것 같아요 구독자도 완전 떡상했으면 좋겠네요 😭 제가 애들한테 리비님 영상 보라고 소문내고 다닐게요 원래 먹방 같은 거 끝까지 안 보는데 언니 영상은 끝까지 봐요!!!! 😚 오늘도 잘 보고 갑니당 ❤️💗

  41. 이은율 says:

    이분보면 먹방보다는 뷰티로 하시는게 더 인기있을듯한데 열심히하시는데 구독자분안늘어서 보면서도 속상하네요.

  42. 조앙용 says:

    메뉴래파토리가 너무 비슷해여

  43. Soon ASMR 순 says:

    싱싱하고 맛있는 초밥과 우동..최고의 만남이네요👍🤤
    생와사비를 딱 찍어서 먹으면 금상첨화죠..,한입가득 맛있거 드시는 모습에 너무 먹고싶네요🤗🤤🤤

  44. 강혜원 says:

    최근들어 오늘 소리최고~ 울림도 없어요 드디어~

  45. J S says:

    투머치토커 아님 그냥 토커임 말 적당히 해주고 자막도 재밌고 잘 드시고 설명 통통 튀고 너무나 갓벽한 리비님! (후루룩 소리가 오늘은 왤케 찢어지는지ㅠㅠ 구것만 아쉽네요 그래도 당신영상이라 좋았어여)

  46. J S says:

    그는 샐러드를 한입도 먹지 않았다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  47. 황태TV HwangTae Vlog says:

    초밥먹고싶은 영상 ㅎ 맛깔나게 잘드시네요

  48. 李柾泫 says:


  49. 하폐 says:

    광어지느러미 표현력 지렸다…

  50. Queen Brit says:

    05:23 말 많으셔도 괜찮아요. 먹는거 리뷰하고 그러시는데 하나도 안 질리고 재밋어요ㅎㅎ

  51. 최낙원 says:

    안녕하세요 리비님 구독과 좋아요
    눌렀습니다 건강잘챙기시고 항상
    힘내시구요 응원할께요~

  52. 최문영 says:

    나도 초밥짱좋아하는데 ㅠㅠ 맛있게

  53. 우헿이히히 says:

    군대쓰에 있는데… 누나 우동쓰 흡입소리.. 여기 제초기보다 큰거같애… 초밥쓰 진짜 오지게 맛나보잉ㆍ더….

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