[Mukbang] 매운 대왕해물찜 먹방(킹타이거 새우,전복, 중국당면, 팽이버섯,새우) Braised Spicy SeaFood Ssoyoung ASMR

Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung! Today I will be trying a braised seafood that has a king tiger shrimp in it. Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’~ Thank you guys for the food! King tiger shrimp. Chilli sauce. Chinese glass noodle. Hold on here! Coke! It’s so spicy. Today I tried a braised seafood with king tiger shrimp. I still can feel the spicy but I can tell I only focused on eating today! Why? Because it was so yummy~ Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’! 🙂

100 comments on “[Mukbang] 매운 대왕해물찜 먹방(킹타이거 새우,전복, 중국당면, 팽이버섯,새우) Braised Spicy SeaFood Ssoyoung ASMR”

  1. Brennda Emanoely says:


  2. zo zo says:


  3. Justelsa says:

    That's MMMHHH literally bothering me

  4. Chahra Chahi says:


  5. Brennda Emanoely says:

    Heart me please i'm from Brasil

  6. Isa Games says:


  7. Jiyeon Yiyi says:

    Ssoyoung come cosas tan ricas que hace que todo se me antoje (゜-゜)

  8. Fabi gonzalez says:

    😂 LMAO 😂
    That looked sooo yummy 👅
    Every time I watch your videos make wanna eat the whole sea !!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  9. Litty Factz says:

    ssoyoung makes it impossible for me to want to diet and live a healthy lifestyle getting me hungry 24/7

  10. Oof_ Mina says:

    Even though I don't like seafood, but this looks insanely delicious

  11. xXJuliana-Playz Xx says:

    Ssoyoung- mMmMhH

    Her neighbors- oh no what she got now..

  12. Guadalupe Martinez says:

    Wey ya me dio hambre 😭

  13. zombie zyler says:

    We gon ignore how she just S L U R P

  14. Jikook Fan says:

    No one: …………….. not a single soul:…………….. me: suffering because I have a shrimp allergy 🤧💔

  15. 5,000 SUBS with 0 vids?? says:

    Fun fact:none of u is watching on fullscreen

  16. 5,000 SUBS with 0 vids?? says:

    Like i dont really know why i like watching ssoyoung eating such things🤔🤔🤔

  17. Crinkley Ork says:

    Никогда бы не подумала, что креветки могут быть настолько большими…

  18. Tyler says:

    NO BEV??????????????

  19. Ash says:

    That actually looks delicious

  20. Kristina Moran says:

    You make Things that I don’t like look delicious!

  21. Braian Martinez says:

    La cara q hacee😂😂

  22. Thgml says:

    껍질 위에 치즈를 녹이면 뭔 소용ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Imani Ali says:

    No one :

    Not even a soul:

  24. Terry Williams says:

    Stop adding the sound affectes

  25. Kuhween Bri says:

    Bruh I didn’t even know there were shrimp that size😳

  26. احمد البصراوي100 says:

    والله لعبت بنفس 🤮🤮🤮🤢😱😵😫😧 😳😳 شني هاي صدك جذب 😵😵👌👌 اكل بعد منة لج هاذة ماينوكل منين اجة المرض كلة من اكلهم منوو عربي هنااا ،😎🤮🤮🤮🤢😱😫😧😵👌

  27. The Werid Ninja says:

    That shrimp bigger than the lobster I buy

  28. XxÏÏ Zërø ïïxX says:

    She eats like a beast lmfao

  29. Ashli guadalupe Contreras montañes says:

    Perdón pero A mi no me gustan las caras que hace cuando se mete la comida a la boca 😋👋✌👍

  30. Ms. Kita says:

    Her mouth looks like it's hurting, when she chew! She be doing way too much! Hopefully she doesn't throw it up after the video

  31. Atill Cayan says:

    I can't tell when she eats if she likes it or not

  32. Zawadi Eloni says:

    Somewhere a vegan is crying 👀👀👀👀🥶🥶🥶😭😭😭😤😤

  33. Gaming For life says:

    I love her videos but my autism hates the eating audio 😓

  34. 김하나 says:

    I smell- Seafood


  35. Dancemillyrose says:

    I shouldn’t watch this on an empty stomach…

  36. Stefanie Alvarez says:

    Yo I swear to god ima die if I don't get lobster tail rn

  37. venza aldosary says:

    First time i see her finally take the shell off the shrimp nevermind she keeps eating the shell on the small shrimp😭 i cringe

  38. •Annie Hyung e Yeom Hyung• says:

    Português pleaseee🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  39. Cottonbunny ajlover says:

    So good

  40. Cottonbunny ajlover says:


  41. Ryan & Patty Cresswell says:

    I’m so hungry

  42. Andrea says:

    So pretty and funny subscribed !

  43. Rubela Vega says:

    Mmm se ve delicioso😋

  44. Los Padilla's says:

    Oh shes back

  45. Bazarsad Dashmaa says:

    I love your videos. And you are best women.

  46. allstarplayer0181 says:

    Im convinced there’s a tiny black hole where Ssoyoung’s stomach should be 😳

  47. SoyEvelyn OtraVez says:

    I want to eat like that, and keep my body thin

  48. Rice Crackr says:

    I get that the food is delicious but I think the mini orgasms after every bite are a little much … 🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. Estela Mendoza says:

    Tengo hambre 👀

  50. Constanza Cofian says:


  51. Maia Gonzalez says:

    Yo nomás veo estas cosas? :/

  52. Syene Ingram says:

    I was drinking a Coke when sooyoung was drinking a Coke! I feel like we're drinking buddies now!🤣🍻

  53. dennis ho says:

    And that was how 5% of the ocean was discovered

  54. kathy Rodriguez says:

    Veo que tiene más marisco que no has terminado de comer ,si quiere dímelo a mi que tengo hambre 🤭🤩

  55. Top show ! says:

    Смените переводчика

  56. MoiIi1s play says:

    Her:does outrow Me:I like it Her: >:) pointing at vies with rage Me: 0.0

  57. Rolling Roxanne. says:

    Here’s a bit of an advice:
    stop moaning, if u dont mind.

    (i know some ppl would hate on me but then do go mind yall own businesses)

  58. abigail garcia says:

    Que enferma estoy para ver esto. 😂😂😂

  59. Rapa Browm says:

    I Swaer ssyoung Always has that mushrooms stuff 😂

  60. 하퉁ღ says:

    저 집게 고대기 인 줄..

  61. BTS Army says:

    I love that it looks like it’s her first time trying it 👌🏻👌🏻😂

  62. -Poisoned Ivy- says:

    Ssoyoung: NEW VIDEO! Eating a whale! Subscribe, press the like button, and share~😌😌

  63. Gema Cruz says:


  64. 蔡佩真 says:


  65. KIỀU VLOG says:


  66. Thu Ha Kwon says:

    Wow these giant shrimp looks so tasty 🤤🤤

  67. אודל סופר says:

    אמלה איך את יכולה לאכול כזה הרבה חחחח

  68. Kate Gacha life says:

    Аш есть захотелось 🤤. Отличный мукбак

  69. Estu Estu says:

    Kamu bikin saya laper

  70. Estu Estu says:

    Padahal udah malem aku nontonya

  71. 池田健人 says:

    could you tell me how you cook this??

  72. martina jaja says:

    Me dio habre :"v

  73. Midnight recorder Au says:

    Me thinking it’s noodles 🍝 Sees mushroom 🍄 word not noodles 🍝 me realising it’s mushroom 🍄



    ME: umm

  74. ItsPoppyfowler says:

    I just started to watch this at midnight because I could not sleep 😴

  75. Jasmine Pacheco says:

    She drunk coke in a measuring cup

  76. Zehra Semedova says:


  77. Sunshine CDG says:

    I enjoy watching your videos, it's fun to watch how you eat with gusto, and you take big bites each time. You're funny and playful personality is adorable. I truly wish I could eat like you, but since I'm deathly allergic to seafood…watching you is all I can do. Those ginormous shrimp looks really delicious. 😊

  78. Eleanor Akil says:

    The food is really good

  79. 장건희 says:

    어마어마하게 잘드십니다
    먹고싶다 와~~~~ 맛있겠닺 저거 ㅠ

  80. 신제이시 says:

    왜계속 콧구멍만 보이지ㅜㅜ

  81. 떤미 says:

    너무 좋아하는 쏘영님 영상인데 그 특유의 어금니끼리 부딪히는,이가 갈리는 소리 때문에 영상볼때 넘 불편해요ㅠㅠ

  82. Christine Furlong says:

    Is that stupid look on her face again while she's eating. 😑 lol

  83. MotoMotoLikesYou says:

    ım hungryyy

  84. Asmara Raza says:

    What is more expensive king tiger shrimp or lobster?

  85. EmiWaCa Art_and Anime14 says:

    Now I‘m Hungry …

  86. AthIra 04 says:

    His face like twice nayeon😅

  87. F.F. says:

    Everyone else on Valentines dates.
    Me: Makes a bowl of cheese ramen and watches Ssoyoung.

  88. Bella Kang says:

    Ssoyoung back at it with her coke in a measuring cup😂

  89. ஐ Bun bun - snack 번 ᄈᄋ - 스 낵 ஐ says:

    Sometimes when Ssoyoung dips something into chili sauce I feel like she has a life supply of it-

  90. Anita!! says:

    I'm i the only that just likes to watch her eat ion rlly care about the sound this is ma stress reliever

  91. gacha nye Min says:

    soooooo no one is gonna talk about how she ate the shell of the shrimp?…….. i.thought you took it off before you eat it

  92. Izzy Bai says:

    Ssoyoung:closes her eyes when she eats something delicious

    Me:eyes pops out when something is delicious

  93. ayelen bogado says:

    Like si tenes ambre

  94. YouKravVeeHerboo SillyGoose says:

    oh yes baby eat that kind shirmpy shit with these sexy ass noises oh yes love the content !

  95. MemeMaking says:

    I watch with sound off

  96. Ta Inc says:

    Mka, no supero la cara de asco que ella hace xd jajajajaja

  97. Mine Silva says:

    wow it looks like she never ate in her life is she hungry?

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