[MUKBANG] 조개찜 먹방 Steamed Clams Mukbang 🔥 SEAFOOD 貝焼き sò nướng หอยย่าง 烤扇貝 Eatingsound ASMR Ssoyoung

Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I’ll be having buldak* steamed clams~
*Fire chicken noodle sauce Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’~ Now let’s dig in! Flame scallops~ (It’s really tasty.) It’s completely packed! It’s massive! I’m eating one at the front~ And here’s today’s special! Steamed clams with cheese~! Cheesy flame scallops! Clam with mozzarella cheese, steamed! Scallop. It’s still hot. So delicious! I’ll cook one up right now! I just made this! Hot, hot,,,! Gotta get some Coke! It’s so meaty! Yummy! Yummy! Today I had some buldak steamed clams! It’s a bit spicy, it’s almost like I’m losing weight! As they say, that’s what clams do to you! Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’! 🙂

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  1. Chrizero says:

    Mrs. Pignose

  2. Yoongissii93 says:

    I love you sooo much💜💜💜Your videos are the best💜💜💜

  3. Irene Lucky says:

    WW3 at bikini bottom🤣🤣🤣
    ……i love Ssoyoung

  4. Paula Park says:

    I don't know how Koreans have the courage to eat animals

  5. Lluvia Hidalgo says:

    Ssoyoung I hungry now…lol

  6. mudassir ahmed says:

    U eat so much
    Then to ur slim .😏😏

  7. Lluvia Hidalgo says:

    Also I LOVEE your big mug

  8. Eve Story says:

    C’est trop satisfaisant ses vidéo 😅💖💖💖😂

  9. ÅvÅ Disαnαs says:


  10. Aneesa H. says:

    She will live for eternity

  11. Code 00103 says:

    이 누나는 표정으로 먹는게 너무 중독적이야

  12. Wow Poops says:

    Next video: Steamed Hams ASMR Mukbang.

  13. kittyrose rosie says:

    Ssoyoung your frickin amazing

  14. Полина Панкова says:

    I like you!!!!

  15. 비둘갹 says:

    아닠ㅋㅋ머리에 조개껍데기 졸귀아니냐고욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  16. Jin stoled Jimin’s jams says:

    Sometimes I wish I can eat the shell because of the sauce on it.

  17. uli yulia says:

    Gk pernah makan kerang karna gk suka gk bisa makan kerang juga😂 tpi ngeliat ini ngiler pengen makan tpi gk bisa makan gimana dong 😭😭

  18. 지수이 says:

    항상 맛있는 음식드셔서 저는 힐링합니다..ㅠ 언젠가 조개 먹으로가야겠어요ㅎ~ 맛있게 잘 드시네요^^🤩🤩

  19. Bts Army says:

    She: Eating half of the ocean(stays thin)
    Me:Eating 2 hamburgers (O)

  20. Anna Rachel says:

    The ocean is empty by now..

  21. Vaishnavi Shetty says:

    I😍😍 like your video

  22. Mysterious artist says:

    Clams have left the group chat

    And blocked Ssoyoung

  23. Vladimir Milovanović says:

    맛있어! 사랑해! ❤️

  24. jjurumong says:


  25. Äudre Gacha says:

    Lets be honest here, she makes odd food look delicious and the way she sets up food makes it look appetizing

  26. Violetta Castillo says:

    Alguien que hable español?
    O solo yo 😂

  27. sofia celeste :v says:

    En su cara se nota que no le gusta mucho

  28. Ana Carolina costa says:

    come pra caralho kkkk

  29. Esenia says:

    Как появился короновирус:

  30. The Candy Man says:

    We all know that when ssoyoung walks out of her house that her neighbours are wondering what she is bringing into her house today

  31. CREEK IS CANON says:

    She makes everything look good 🤤

  32. Unicorn Magic says:

    I Love your Videos and you❤

  33. ツSugarrush says:

    I can never tell if shes enjoying it.

  34. 卡蛙姨 says:

    真的受不了诶 为什么假吃

  35. Logbuzz says:

    Ssoyoung will bite a person's dick off.

  36. Оля Шемендюк says:

    Like 💟

  37. Martina Micheľová says:

    I love these videos🐚 btw i'm fan from Slovakia😂🐚

  38. nobi ta says:

    나는 베트남인이지만 비디오를 자주 본다 :)) 그러나 나를 보면 웃기게된다.😂😂

  39. Lil Renly says:

    Have another great day fam! 🙂 ♥️

  40. NyanCat1907 says:

    Ariel in her free time be like:

  41. Camila Salinas says:

    Ssyoungbdy radio jajja

  42. mak 10 says:

    This is gross

  43. Adriana ramirez says:


  44. Anita Moise says:

    당신은 정말로 나를 사랑하고 Asmr을 좋아할뿐만 아니라 한국, 중국, 일본도 사랑합니다 ❤

  45. darius sergiu says:

    Ssoyoung:uploads video

    My stomach:oh no not again

  46. Grime Grimely says:

    Don't say that to clams.. sweet talk the shell monsters

  47. Gargi Pathak says:

    I never had clams..
    but after seeing thus vdo I'm literally drooling over clams

  48. Jara Rifati says:


  49. Filomena Gonçalves says:

    Te amo ❤️ Portugal 🇵🇹 .adorava ir para a COREIA DO SUL ❤️.

  50. Luci STAY says:

    Te quiero eres la mejor del mundo❤

  51. Sarah Deleon says:

    People on TikTok saving the clams ssoyoung 🍽😋

  52. Ally says:

    Now I want seafood!!!!! Lol

  53. Salome Rebello says:

    Ssoyoung how about cuttlefish

  54. Alanna Gomez says:

    I love your Muckbangs they are so cool.

  55. abdon vilà says:

    Do they realise they live in their own spoon?

  56. Chloe Yang says:

    10 hours hour i'm pretty late but i was sleeping..

  57. ya boy lucario says:

    I wanna eat all the things she eats In all her videos

  58. Danna Schnapp says:

    Los vídeos de Ssoyoung son los vídeos más extraños que he visto. Aún así I love u 🤠

  59. Ximena A A A says:

    Asu que rico comes !!!👌👍👍😛😛

  60. coral sarfaty says:

    Is it me or dose it look like she doesn't like it but she actually love it no just me ok

  61. Hater Consagrado says:

    The Spanish subtitles are SO wrong

  62. Gloria Avalos says:


  63. Beauty Obot says:

    Who else wanted to see her make it first?

  64. Lisa Manoban says:


  65. Tayler Mouangsourathsomdy says:


  66. Santiago Ms says:


  67. Michelle Yang says:

    9:42 yea right I wish for me 😂🙂😂

  68. Bangtangirl Eila says:

    Did you notice Ssoyoung hands maka a heart😍❤

  69. Im_the Dogie WHO LETS THE DOG OUT says:

    Sooyoung was u at a school Called ”studemaskolan” please answer this cause i really wanna knwo

  70. malia conkright says:

    is it just me but it look like she hates it


  71. Heyitscocoa says:

    Neighbors: she’s not screaming today…..🤔That’s strange

  72. Giulia Cannova says:

    is no one talking about steamed clams meme

  73. Nicster tv Max team says:

    What sucks is that I’m already hungry and I’m watching this even tho I’m allergic to clams ;-;

  74. nayeli alejandra says:


  75. ItzKatelyne?? says:

    Am eating right now so I won't get hungry while you eat that delicious looking thing!

  76. Mariame Mmadi says:


  77. •Дневная Фурия• says:

    Угораю с названия ролика

  78. Apathetic Panda says:

    I love this!!

  79. Alexia Siller says:

    You make me feel hungry 😆

  80. yemelin videos says:

    Do you live in china corona virus

  81. Javier Medina says:

    Porque hace esas caras le gusta o no?

  82. Quiet Suicide - Topic says:

    I saw this video and I think I need to eat night and morning awww this My Stomoac- Ssyoung: EATING THE mudfish WHILE IT ESCAPED 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  83. Cat Mom says:

    Those clams look so delicious. 🤤

  84. dragonofkorea says:

    @Sooyoung did you get married recently i noticed you have a ring on your marriage finger ???…. ^_^

  85. Autodite says:

    I thought we were having steamed hams

  86. Unicorn Sparkle says:

    I literally just ate but I got a notification that you posted and now I want to eat what your eating Ssoyoung🤣🤤

  87. ALEX KPOP says:

    Ssoyoung take care I watchee some of ur old videos when u, we're crying coz u got scared of
    I subed and liked
    God will always help u 💗

  88. Řïčķ Łįmå says:

    Brazilian subtitles please?

  89. Thais Lovely says:

    Ela come barata tambem kkk

  90. Ariel Scace says:

    I want to see how she made this tho

  91. Hyenacinth says:

    No no I said steamed HAMS! That’s what I call hamburgers-

  92. Emily Ruth says:

    I love that she has the little shell on her hair. Its so cute 🙂

  93. Vitória Santos says:

    Amo esse vídeo

  94. Guang Lina says:

    You look like the girl from Bride of Habaek

  95. dewi zhrafifa says:

    0:37 i think i get notif😂

  96. Liepard青い says:

    "I thought we were eating Steamed Clams today"

  97. Lol Queen says:

    Neighbors:call 911
    911:Hello 911 what’s you emergency
    Neighbors:I thing my neighbor Is dead
    911:why do you say that?
    Neighbors: Because right now is lunch time and she hasn’t screamed

  98. Mr. NoobyGames says:

    그들은 좋아 보인다

  99. Cho Cho says:

    Her nostrils creep me out. Her nose job is 🙅🏽

  100. John Castillo says:

    Steamed clams

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