MUKBANG | 🔥붉닭볶음면+짜파게티 먹방 The Best Instant Ramen (Chapagetti+Fire Noodle Mix) ASMR Eatingshow Hoony

Hello, I’m Hoony! Today, Jjapageti and Hot Hot Chicken Noodles. I’ll try the mix it. I’ll have fried eggs. I’m starting cooking now. Subscribe. / Like. Press it please START! Done! I’ll cook fried eggs. It’s a good time to clean up, right? Finished mix it! I have prepared green onion kimchi and radish kimchi. I’ll enjoy my meal. before Let’s throw chopsticks and go! I’m full. Today, I tried fire mix noodles. I put in one of the fried chicken noodles, but it’s hot. You guys should try it. It’s delicious. If you enjoyed it, Subscribe. / Like. Press it. Thank you. Bye.

14 comments on “MUKBANG | 🔥붉닭볶음면+짜파게티 먹방 The Best Instant Ramen (Chapagetti+Fire Noodle Mix) ASMR Eatingshow Hoony”

  1. Js H says:

    영상에 자막이 있으면 영상이 더 좋아질것같아요! 귀여우신거 본인도 알고계시죠? 뜰수밖에없는 비주얼이세요.
    오늘영상도 잘보고갑니당

  2. 로스장바쿠니 says:

    핵불닭볶음면 먹어주세요

  3. 박영우 says:

    영상 잘보고 있어요♡♡

  4. ishika mhatre says:

    How can someone be sooooo cute even while eating!!! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

  5. Km507 Mendoza says:

    Me gusta el ramen pero el picante no puedo comerlo

  6. Sinchen * says:

    Sweeet ❤️👍🏻

  7. DØLSÄĒR Southcraft says:

    Me encanta verlo comer, es muy tierno, lloro😔💕

  8. ELesvany Zapata says:

    Todo el tiempo estuve pensando: "se va a ensuciar el sueter" 😂

  9. Ally says:

    Why do I love watching instant noodle videos? 🤔. Oh right, it makes me hungry. Lol

  10. Alwyn Bagadiong says:

    These are the foods I want to try if ever I go to Korea.

  11. Mona Elsayed says:

    Nice 👍🏻

  12. Nahomi Leyva says:

    1:14 cute

  13. Chanyeol's Nipples says:

    He's so cute 😭🥺 I wanna hug himmm

  14. めーぷる says:


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