MUKBANG | 13KG 대방어 먹방 🐟 GIANT Yellowtail Sashimi + Spicy Seafood Stew Eatingsound Eatingshow Hoony

Hello, I’m Hoony! It’s Hoony! I came to Garak Seafood Market to try Daebang(YellowTail fish). We’re gonna find the biggest one here. Let’s go. Hello, boss. Do you have YellowTail? How much kg is this? 13 kilograms? This is the biggest one. The best one here? Put on your gloves, grab your tail, You know, like a baby. I can feel the power of Yellowtail. Wow, it’s so big! The Yellowtail are moving. They’re holding on tight. I’ll eat this yellowtail. Subscribe. Like. Press it. Please~ Hi. Thank you. I’ve been chopping up the Yellowtail. That Yellowtail came out on more than five plates. I packed the rest for my family. White is the special part, red is the belly. At first, I’ll just eat it to feel the original taste. It’s really delicious. Wasabi It’s really, really delicious. yellowtail back I like my stomach better than back. I don’t know what part of this is. I don’t know what part of this is. It’s so delicious. I’m going to wrap it up and try. Sesame leaf and lettuce It’s the biggest one. Serve with garlic and ssamjang. It’s so delicious. This time, Kim and Wasabi. I’ll try the seaweed with sesame oil. Wasabi should’ve been mine, but this is for the family. wrap it up Here it is. I’ll try it on top of the wasabi. 3 red parts, ssamjang(Korea Souce), and garlic. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but it melts in my mouth. I’ll order this raw fish and hot soup. Where can I order spicy Seafood stew? Thank you. I’ll try the stew first. All of this. I’m so flesh. It’s hot! I’ll use the front plate. Ramen. I can’t wait to eat. Isn’t this ripe or too urgent? I’ll still have it. Everyone, take a bite. It’s hot. to be hot It’s delicious. with kimchi meal(rice) a big mouthful fish flesh I’ll come to the music market today and see the living defense. We eat raw fish and spicy soup. I think I know why defense is my season. It was the best today. It’s Top 3 food I’ve tried. I’m almost out of cold. I’m sweating. It was so delicious today. If you enjoyed it, Subscriptions, Like, I need you to set up a notification. bye.

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  1. 오리리 says:

    3:03 배꼽살이네용 꼬득꼬득한 크흫,..맛있겠다

  2. talo 1144 says:

    0:49 que susto me ha dado el puto pez 😂

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