[Mukbang ASMR] 역대급조합! 중국당면+해물찜(Spice SeaFood) 먹방! | Eating Sounds [Ssoyoung 쏘영 ASMR]

Hello, I’m Sso-young. Today, we’re going to try steamed seafood with various kinds of seafood. Subscribe before you see it. Okay, press it. There’s a lot of seafood. Squid It’s full. Octopus Shrimp. Abalone Shellfish crab China face Mussels Fish kern(fish egg) There are a lot of them, right? Then I’ll try it. Shall we start with the squid? Squid first Squid is really tangling. The crab is huge, right? I’ve never tasted this long Chinese noodles. I’ll try it. I know why you eat Chinese noodles. It’s really good. Fish kern(fish egg) The corn is too soft. Shellfish There was a octopus. Octopus I’ll cut your leg long. It’s delicious, but a little spicy. I think I’ve eaten them all. It’s really good. It’s a little spicy, but seafood soup tastes hot. You look great in China, too. Today is the main character of China. It tastes like this on the Chinese side. This time, bean sprouts and squid. I’ll try abalones. Abalone! There was a Middock in the bean sprouts. Obtain an item! The Chinese side is fun and attractive. It’s very long. Look at this! It’s very long, right? Shall we eat it from beginning to end? It’s spicy! Where did you go? bean sprouts and octopus It’s Spicy. It’s very Spicy. Why are there only shells and nothing inside? Found. I found it, Middock. He’s really fat. There’s a lot of flesh inside. What’s this? I don’t know who I am. I’ll try it. I didn’t know his name last time I ate seafood. Back then, the subscribers gave me their names, and I forgot. What was it? If you know, please leave a comment. I understand why people eat Chinese noodles. It looks so good and delicious with steamed seafood I enjoyed your meal today. Thank you, everyone.

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