[Mukbang ASMR] 초대왕초밥🍣(Giant Sushi) VS 초미니초밥🍣(Mini Sushi) 먹방 | Eatingshow 먹방 [Ssoyoung 쏘영]

Gosh! I’m going to die. It’s too small. I can’s see. Oh, my God! It’s so small when I suddenly see these. Hello, I’m Sso Young. Today, I’m going to eat giant sushi I’m going to eat mini sushi. please push Subscribe and like. I think it’s going to be so delicious. Thank you for the meal. It’s really big! The mini size is this small. Take a look at This time, I’m going to make some warships sushi. I didn’t make it in advance for the steam to get soggy. I’ll put some raw fish and mayonnaise in here. parsley It’s done. After eating the giant sushi, I don’t think I ate the small sushi. It’s so funny. This time, I will try tuna sushi. It’s really big. Gosh! I think it would be good to add more horseradish to tuna sushi. I’m going to die. I almost died, but it’s delicious. I get addicted. It’s so good. One more time It’s delicious, so I’ll have to eat it again. It’s creepy to the end of my head. But I put a lot of hot pepper in the tuna sushi. It’s charming. It tastes tangy. Everyone, try making and eating giant sushi. It’s really good. gosh When I was looking at the big sushi, I saw the small sushi. It was too small. Are you guys all right? I can’t see well. Four I was dying to tell you. They eat four sushi rolls at once. I can feel the taste of each sushi. I’ve found out something new! You have to eat four sushi rolls at once. I was surprised. I ate giant sushi and mini sushi today. The giant sushi is very rich. Eat 4 mini sushi rolls at once! Subscribe. All right, press it.

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