Mukbang Cooking Simple Udon Goreng Seafood | Korea-Indonesia Family Cooking Vlog

Hello everyone, welcome back to our channel
Korea-Indonesia Family in Germany I’m Hera. For you, who are first time watching our video
Welcome 🙂 Please support us, don’t forget to subscribe So today, we’ll cook fried seafood Udon
(japanese noodles) Let’s us show you Ingredients: 1/2 Cabbage, 1 Union, 3 Garlics Cut finely all ingredients Boil the water to cook the Udon These are the fresh Udon that I use Cut the carrot julienne style Prepare the seafood If the water is boiling, put the Udon in +/- 3 minutes Cook 2 eggs as omelette, then put aside Heat some oil in the pan Put in the seafood Add all the veges Cook the veges until slightly cooked Put in the Udon Add some salt & pepper Salty Soy Sauce (Korea) & Sweet Soy Sauce (Indonesia) Add the soy sauce Mix well Cut the omelette into small pieces If the fried Udon is cooked & mixed well Add the cut omelette Mix well again Finish So fast like a fire truck I’ll eat empty my plate Piep, Piep, Piep… Wish you a good meal Thank you God That we have noodle & prawns to eat That we have prawns & noodle to eat In the name of Jesus, Amin. Papa: Great, where are the prawns? Papa: But thanks that you mentioned it.. ah here Papa: Oh.. it’s not JJ: I have prawns… so many…

3 comments on “Mukbang Cooking Simple Udon Goreng Seafood | Korea-Indonesia Family Cooking Vlog”

  1. Recipes By Martha says:

    The one with chilies must be for mama 😁 all of your kids are using chopstick like a pro! 😍

  2. nuoo an tooo says:

    Mukbanh simple udon goreng seafood dedek seneng banget makannya ,enak banget ya?

  3. wong pemula says:

    ohh cara masak udon goreng gitu ya ternyata simpel

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