[Mukbang] GIANT KING LOBSTER 6.5KG🦞초 대왕 랍스터 Eatingsound ASMR Ssoyoung ロブスター омарTôm hùm

Wow it’s so scary. It’s moving! It’s huge. No joke. Hello everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying 6.5kg lobster. It’s just huge. Let me hold it. It’s moving! It looks like this. Isn’t it huge? Its claw is bigger than my face. It’s heavy. This one is very long. Can you see this? A mustache. This lobster has a thicker legs than other regular size lobsters. It looks like a scorpion. Can you guys hear the sound? Since it is a very big size, just putting it on the table makes a loud noise. Let me show you guys its mouth. It’s moving like this. Incredible! Let me show you guys from the side. It still looks huge, right? I’m so scared. Let me start cooking this lobster. It’s gonna be yummy! Let’s go Lobster! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons! It’s now all prepared. I’m so excited guys! Thank you guys for the meal! Look at this! It has a full of meat inside. It must be delicious. I could pull it out easy and clean. Spicy sauce. Soy sauce. Lobster has the organic sauce itself. The guts! Coke. The best. Let me try a giant claw this time. Its claw is just too big. It has a hole in it. Let me try it. It’s moisted. The tail part tastes very light. And the claw is very moisted. I will cook another dish with leftover meats from the claw. It’s well prepared! Thank you guys again! Lobster meat and fire chicken stir fried noodle. Today I tried a steamed lobster and Lobster fire chicken sauced spicy noodle. Lobster is the lobster. Seriously. I hope you guys get to try it with your family. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons! Thank you guys for the meal always!

100 comments on “[Mukbang] GIANT KING LOBSTER 6.5KG🦞초 대왕 랍스터 Eatingsound ASMR Ssoyoung ロブスター омарTôm hùm”

  1. Jasmine the Jem says:

    I really want her to start showing how/when she cooks her food! Like when she said she was gonna start cooking it I said “IN WHAT”? Lol😂

  2. Minecraft player says:

    Eat good

  3. Асылжан Сапар says:


  4. Толгонай Алиева says:

    Ты. Нинарманый. 😞😠😠😠😅😷👹👿😈😠😡😵😱😤😢

  5. Ruan Li says:

    I really love seafood especially lobsters but I don't like octopus tho they disgust me but they're kinda cute so no I never ate an octopus but I eat lobsters very often and I kinda feel bad so I stopped eating lobsters for a whole year but now I eat lobsters only once in a while the reason why I like ssoyoung's videos because she's not someone who eats like rabbits,hamsters or any other weird animals and the animal she eats are like the other normal peoples do so thumbs up for her…..

  6. Evilyn Seeney says:

    I wish I was you🥰🤣😂🦞🦞🦞

  7. saysay ochice says:

    Im allergic to seafoods😢

  8. Got memes? says:

    Why doesn't it attack, it looks like it can snap your arm off no problem, or was it almost dead anyway

  9. jungkook is my life says:


  10. Who Arted says:

    Lobster: literally just vibing on the table
    Ssoyoung: inaudible screaming

  11. Наргиса Саттарова says:

    Так много кушаешь? 😱😱😱😱
    Меня чуть не с 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. MVRM M-N says:

    I think your much beautiful if you did not do nose job… the shape of your nosetrils are quiet distracting when your eating😬😅

  13. 퉤퉤 says:

    제가 오늘 먹은 랍스터는 손바닥보다 조금 큰 랍스터였는데….
    뭔가 내가 랍스터를 먹은게 맞나 싶네요 ..

  14. emmalee seward says:

    Who do you slurp the noodles so loud

  15. Варвара Плугина says:

    Я тут адна русская

  16. Emilly Manuely says:

    Me deu fome kkkkk

  17. park jimin says:

    No one show or even tell this to RM

  18. Hema Bisht says:

    Wtf omg

  19. noémi b says:

    I feel hella bad for these animals, they are killed to be eaten by the one person that already has eaten the whole of bikini bottom

  20. stech fu says:

    Odio su cara de estúpida que hace

  21. J F says:

    And soon will eat mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ 😃

  22. Vanessa Ruelas says:

    Soy una fan de México amo tus vídeos

  23. Bts Exo says:

    Respect theeeeeeeee animallllllllllll

  24. Bts Exo says:

    I couldn’t tell if she hated it or loved it

  25. Marceline Mavis says:

    This makes me so hungry

  26. Bi OnLy One says:

    XINH 😛

  27. Mambo2K says:


  28. YellowSOY says:

    I think this one needs a bathtub to cook it

  29. ゾジ映sunshine says:

    she is soooooo damnn i mean if i even see a died lobster ill run away from it 😂😂😂and i can't eat this lol i m scared and look this girllll

  30. xo _braaa says:

    this poor animals…why?? i hate you for this…

  31. Rizki Saputra says:

    Anjir nelen luda gua indonesia sendiri nih

  32. Naufal Aqil says:

    the face she makes when she chews is just asking for a punch

  33. dani chae says:

    𝐋𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫

  34. Nor Boda says:

    このセクションAhabayt I

  35. backstreet kids says:

    I just witnessed murder

  36. 백세령 says:

    언니 너무 귀여워요 ㅠㅔ

  37. Janaexin says:

    I want to know where she buys her food

  38. Kami Truth says:

    She's so damn dramatic lol

  39. delatine says:

    holy shit that is a lot of lobster!!!

  40. Thi Phan says:

    Why do she be closing her eyes all the time 😂😂😂😂

  41. Superpokefan1244 says:

    That lobster didn't even bother fighting back. He knew his fate.

  42. Melissa Marks says:

    Me: why are you scared you ain’t the one getting eaten

  43. Nurul Afiqah Jameel says:

    I’m curious why the lobster does not attack her 😂

  44. Fitnessdance con vero says:

    Pobre animalito

  45. Panisa Seekun says:


  46. Nicolle Freitas says:


  47. ramen curl says:

    it’s sad seeing him alive :,(

  48. Katarzyna Kwiecień says:


  49. Bloodyblack Smoke says:

    Let this be an example that you dont need to dunk your lobster in 3kg of cheese before eating it

  50. Abbiツ MSP says:

    How did u cook it bc if u put it in ur oven u would need a BIG OVEN LIKE AS BIG AS A FRIDGE

  51. Rossi Chan says:

    OH NO…LARRY!!!

  52. B4byF4ce Chr1s88 says:

    I haven’t seen Louis and a SpongeBob episode

  53. Tala Zahdeh says:

    Even that it is something you eat you shouldn’t treat poor animals like that

  54. Ashlee Jacobo says:

    At the end it looks so so yummy

  55. adam barham says:

    Oops just found my new least favorite animal

  56. Lil Ansty says:

    Типичные игроки в доту

  57. Sis vs Sis says:

    그녀가 먹을 때 만드는 얼굴이 전부입니다! 하하하!

  58. Snapchat Mac says:

    Its sad that this Video has so much likes, the lobster is smothering and so many people find this funny its a living Animal that has pain and her whole channel is about letting animals die painfully.

  59. Gaia Stilinski says:

    … where did you find it

  60. MLGBEAST241 says:

    Bruh i feel bad for this lobster. What did he do to deserve this?

  61. •დ ᗩᖇIᗩᑎᗩ დ• says:

    Me salió en recomendaciones …alguien más? :v

  62. bruh it'sbella says:

    The lobster is huge!!! I'm so happy larry- i mean…the lobster didn't hurt you!! <3

  63. Rash-San رشا-سان says:

    😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃💖💖💖💖love you

  64. Memeisticmemes S says:

    Thats a thicc ass boi

  65. AnnEdits_ says:

    this woman has guts wtf

  66. ducky ducky poo wee duck cute duck cute bunny says:

    If I had that on my table I would scream so much and cry

  67. Perfect Name V2 says:

    Dude that look good tho ❎🧢

  68. mariah lloyd says:

    She’s so dramatic for no reason

  69. Martin Cutting says:


  70. Michelle san says:

    El comentario en Español que buscabas soy de México xddd

  71. B B H says:

    Larry is that you……

  72. B B H says:

    did she just…
    did she just ate Larry?

  73. Latara Stewart says:

    No one:

    Literally nobody:

    Not a single soul:

    Ssoyoung: kshbaisjvwgxjkx

  74. Chato Negro says:

    😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😍😍😍😍😍😍that must be delicious

  75. Mr Worldwide handsome says:

    She be eating creatures I didn't know even existed

  76. чикижёжь из конохи says:

    This woman ate the whole Bikini
    Bottom, somebody stop her.

    Эта женщина съела весь Бикини Боттом, пожалуйста остановите её.

  77. Christyana Crawford says:

    Lol the title for this video should be Ssoyoung vs her food

  78. •Milky tea• says:

    Her: “it's huge!”
    Me: “That's what she said.”

  79. zora horse says:

    That lobster be THICK

  80. •l ockshi • says:

    Looks like I could fit a parasite inside that 🤤

  81. •l ockshi • says:

    Looks like it could fit a parasite inside that 🤤

  82. •l ockshi • says:

    Wait a minute.. if the giant lobster turned red after being cooked, then Larry… oh god what did they do to you Larry

  83. Shawn Rouege says:

    How do you cook this huge food

  84. souleater14 says:

    I want lobster so bad right now!🤤😋
    Love you ssoyoung!♥️ can you eat salmon in a muckbang?

  85. Fghh Fhhhj says:

    Oh no Larry 😂

  86. your mom says:

    This is why you should never be living like Larry

  87. timinou toutblanc says:


  88. Makiya Turner says:

    The lobster claw is not cooked all the way

  89. Joss OwX says:

    I don want the Asmr part, i just like the part where she gets terrified XD

  90. sᴏғᴛ sᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀɪᴇs says:

    Meanwhile down at bikini bottom

    Spongebob: Hey have yall seen Mr. Crabs?

  91. unicorn Islan 2974 says:

    It's so red it looks fake

  92. Stanija Buranija says:

    are you feeling it now Ms.Crabs?

  93. Sapphire Moon says:

    I’m surprised how she can eat so much, especially if she’s so petite and skinny. I can’t relate lmao

    Really tho

  94. Baby Eg says:

    Only thing missing is BUTTER

  95. Angie Valentina says:

    She looks like she is going to cry when she eats like lol

  96. H B says:

    Stop torturing the poor thing and just cook it already. It’s just ignorant.

  97. Luis Gil says:

    This lady is on PETA’s top wanted list FOR SURE

  98. Ooof team OOOFLOVER says:

    Poor larry =(

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