[Mukbang]A++ 마블링을 가진 통 참치회 먹방🐟 Amazing! Tuna Sashimi🐟Тунец. ikan tongkol ツナปลาทูน่า Mukbang

Hello everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today is the tuna day~ Top quality tuna. Raw Tuna. Tuna belly. Isn’t it big? It’s still got a skin on. I love this circle one. My favorite part! (This part is called belly button) Thank you guys for the food! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons~! I will try the middle part this time. I might need to cut off the upper part. I just got rid of the membrane. Shall I begin? It’s so yummy. Incredible. Soy sauce. Wasabi. I will try the red meat. Wow it’s icy cold. But I love its texture. I will try it with seaweed this time. Toro(Tuna Belly). The marbling is so beautiful. My hands are cold. This is tuna belly as well. I guess this one tastes a bit lighter since it has less marbling. It tastes like a beef. I feel like eating very luxury raw beef sashimi. I will dress it a bit this time. This is my favorite part! (Tuna belly button part!) I cut everything. This is seriously my favorite. Oops, I’m surprised. It just melts in your mouth. This is incredible. Eating it this way tastes much better. Bitinig it like this makes the taste better. Coke time~ This time I will make Tuna Tadaki(Half cooked tuna). It’s still raw inside but only the surface is cooked. Juicy! It’s so yummy. I want to share it with someone. Today I tried a whole tuna sashimi. A belly button part, a red meat part, and a toro part. Thank you guys for the meal! I will share the left over food with my family. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons~!

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  1. Nabilah Zannuba says:

    Ikan tongkol🤣🤣🤣

  2. Jason Black says:

    You are so incredibly worthless for killing animals I hope someday one of these animals bites you and gets you immobilized so you can see how horrible it is for them you worthless devils spawn!!!

  3. Vilbert the god of gamer says:

    She is a korean people so thats why they eat raws and cooks food

  4. zeynep savran says:

    Ses süper

  5. Chayutt K.คลิปเก่าคลิปไม่ says:

    Love Ssoyoung🇹🇭🇰🇷💯😍น่ารักจังครับ

  6. Alycorn X says:

    How does she manage to eat so much and stay so skinny???

  7. Nileston Channel says:

    She still looks pretty when eating

    Meanwhile me:

  8. Nileston Channel says:

    This girl can survive in an ISOLATED ILAND YALL ㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂

  9. junna senpai says:


  10. junna senpai says:

    I can't understand if she loves or hates

  11. THE CANDYS says:

    Why is it raw

  12. ·w o l f e n s t u d i o s· says:

    Doesn't that give you salmonella or e coil or something because ITS LITERALLY RAW C'MON MAN

  13. Viviana Ielapi says:

    3:18 my life falling apart

  14. Kaylee says:

    She’s so cute and innocent before she starts eating… then she’s a mad man

  15. Lauren Guenin says:

    I just ripped off the membrane

  16. Krisviora king victory says:

    You are like zombie

  17. 희동이 says:


  18. FancyChery says:

    She going to get Sam and Ella 😳🤭

  19. Kuto Jawa says:

    Anyoung im jawa

  20. *ابتــسامات* *مبهـــمه* says:

    الله ياخذكم شكد وصخين وما تعرفون طعم حلوگكم 🤮

  21. ATINY_UnIvErSe says:

    Wait, is this RAW????

  22. Zamara calderon says:

    :0 😊👍👍👍🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣

  23. Sama says:

    I can only eat like 3 bites of sashimi tuna until I gag

  24. Yes Sis says:

    Why wasn't she fighting a whole tuna fish?

  25. シロクマ ̇ᴥ ̇ ̇ᴥ ̇ says:


  26. ぱくちみー says:





  27. Irina Stoican says:


  28. 呈栋张 says:


  29. gabriella angelique says:

    im so concerned that she’s gonna get salmonella

  30. Mia Sahin says:

    Idk why but I really like when watching Ssoyoung eating 🤭

  31. NIELZ GAMING says:

    3 million eat jack sparrow pls😂😂😂

  32. Tasty green candies says:

    Never let her go scuba diving

  33. 횡쟁흉 says:


  34. Adilya Moon says:

    Отзовитесь русские из 2020

  35. Mel Vin says:

    I'll try this in the future

  36. Misaka Lee says:

    I wanna have dinner with her.

  37. Ashraful Alom says:

    The food looks soo good but I don’t want to try tuna

  38. Pinda Panda says:

    I love tuna SO MUCH. Sadly i'm allergic.

  39. Dont Bothermewithyourdrama says:

    Sharks are quaking

  40. khanh giãng says:

    Cá ngừ có bị tanh không vậy bạn??

  41. Mia Valery Personas Torres says:

    Hablando español

  42. Annabelle Husband says:

    Food porn 😂

  43. Mar doidona :3 says:

    I love u girl ❤️

  44. Love Emiliana says:

    Love a woman who enjoys eating 👍

  45. Ahmad Fudhoil says:

    Shes so skinny but eats so much food in a video

  46. I. Chinguun says:

    I think ssoyoung is crazy

  47. its 5.56 somewhere says:

    seek mental help

  48. Розалина Курбанова says:

    Хотя, очень аппетитно кушает

  49. Sita Lalrinpuii says:

    Has she even boil before eating or it's a raw

  50. Abbyyy says:

    Is it just me or is she eating a is raw meat 🥩

  51. elif x1905 says:

    İğrençsin cidden

  52. Aayrah Wajahat Qureshi says:

    Vsco girls be like save the turtles and the ocean and Ssoyoung be visiting the fish market like every hour

  53. Goop Salamander says:

    Ok.. thanks for the recommendations, I LIVE FOR FOOD

  54. Goop Salamander says:

    Sooner or later this woman will be eating humans while they're alive, maybe they won't even live during it

  55. Илона Дробышева says:


  56. Goop Salamander says:

    This video is me at school teaching biology on fish to my professor and eating

  57. ага, да? says:

    Глисты вошли в чат

  58. kübra ceylan says:

    I think you can eat a raw human

  59. PERVERT : says:

    Русские! Отзовись!

  60. Bangtan Taekook says:

    Any vegetarians?

  61. pasta- guts says:

    How has she not gotten salmonella

  62. 효아 says:

    참치 회 비린가요 ??

  63. Diana Lopez says:

    Sashimi I see other people eat isn’t so rough. It is usually tender. Why is yours so hard to eat?

  64. hồ thị kim tuyến TV says:

    Cj kiu ngon mà,mặt cj nhăn phát ớn

  65. Sylvia Sysimusta says:

    Ssoyoung is best

  66. 怜菜倉持 says:


  67. bob belcher says:

    Ssoyoung: I need to cute off the tough part Also Ssoyoung: bites membrane anyway

  68. Nicuri Chan 7w7 Hernandes says:

    Cada ves se me antoja mas lo que comes☺

  69. seehat1 says:

    Me:*eats tuna*
    After a few days:*tooth falls out*
    Me:how can she eat that wighout her teeth falling out?!!

  70. YUUMETAL says:

    sorry for complaining.
    many korean people use rubber glove when they eat.
    I am sure they do that not to mess their hand, but it doesn look yummy eating with rubber glove.
    I prefer eating with bear hand, and without lipstick.

  71. तोतो चान says:

    Is this raw🤔🤔🤔

  72. Jakub Celebucki says:

    Gordon Ramsay: IT'S RAW!!!111!!!1

  73. بنت العماره وافتخر says:

    н̈̈н̈̈н̈̈н̈̈н̈̈н̈̈ l̈̈σ̈̈ν̈̈e

  74. まりもん says:


  75. ぴょんたん says:


  76. Audrey Smith says:

    All the dislikes are from vegans

  77. Ageless_Linda says:

    Video always cuts when she swallows I don’t think she really eating it.

  78. 처지기네 says:

    콧구멍 엄청크다

  79. Isa Jacklyne says:

    She has to stop doing those faces while eating

  80. momo bxtter says:

    Now i'm hungry

  81. 神那愛 says:


  82. JEFFY SDFG says:

    The first youtuber who will get the Corona virus

  83. vidubeni parasher says:

    Again u have not cooked it well…why is that so if u have cooked it properly the meat came out so easily

  84. Ngân Ngọc says:

    An y ma nhu bj cha tan vay troi

  85. Opshutit WTTPD says:

    O won’t be surprised if she eats a whale

  86. Weirdo Heart_123 •••怪小孩 says:

    Wouldn’t you get salmonella if u eat raw things like fish? Also do u eat everything like even raw Bc u eat everything to me sry if that was rude

  87. Thu Thao Ho says:

    Human being is the most dangerous predator

  88. Joce Lyn says:

    What does it taste like? Blood or fish?

  89. NHƯ QUỲNH says:

    Bạn ăn vô duyên quá đi à

  90. 《다인》DAIN says:

    막은 뜯어놓으시고 막 있는 부분을 드시는..ㅋㅎ

  91. Sarah America says:

    I'm convinced that she is secretly Cat Woman.

  92. gấu miky says:

    dạ dầy chị khỏe vậy

  93. skully says:


  94. Mari Atkinson says:

    There are lot of parasites in the raw meat

  95. Radhika Kumar says:

    Why raw why you not cooking and eating..

  96. Adeno says:

    Oh wow, this video inspired me, now I want to find a whole tuna to eat for myself! I don't want to buy little sushi, I want a big one just like in the video haha 😀

  97. Jay D says:

    Lol she is adorable the faces she makes. I’m hungry for real now tho I love tuna

  98. kanxiii mah says:

    I guess corona virus visit her soon.

  99. Felisha Kay says:

    Holy shit that looks expensive.

  100. Kim jisoo Kim jisoo says:

    Why the hell she eats all that fish raw😒

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