MUST TRY and MUST AVOID JAPANESE FOODS! Foreigners tell their opinion about food in Japan

And so many different flavors and it’s like oooh It’s amazing. It’s so horrible. I don’t recommend it. ALL parts of the chicken are all on the stick. Hey this is Cathy Cat and today I will ask the foreigners who have come to Japan what food they wanted to try before they came here and what food they said they’d rather not try. I will never try that! Let’s go and ask foreigners in Japan. Yakisoba (fried noodles) is my favorite. I loved it the first time and I will eat it for the rest of my life. Why Yakisoba? In Sweden we have the “instant noodles”. They taste like NOTHING. There is no flavor, there is no sauce. We just get a little package that’s old and disgusting. That’s our experience of noodles. And then you get here and it’s fresh, and so many different flavors. and it’s like oooh. It’s amazing. The Karage (fried chicken), we were really excited about trying! It’s still very western in that it’s basically fried chicken… It was still really good here. I wanted to try it but I had a bad view on it… Natto? Everyone hates it for some reason, like foreigners. I tried it and I actually really like it. Alright! Oh and Natto. Natto. Fermented beans? We haven’t tried it yet but they tell us we must. It is an “experience”. Kobe beef I think I want to try. Otherwise everything. Japanese sushi and uh… Ramen and yeah. We’ll have to try it.
– Have you already tried some? Yeah we have. Yesterday we ate some Ramen food. Was the Ramen up to your expectations? It was good. Definitely the food I wanted to try without a doubt. It’s my favorite food. Also Ramen for me and the Yakiniku. The grilled meat. Also… Korean BBQ. Here it’s not Korean BBQ it’s just BBQ. I am a huge Ramen fan so it was great to come here and have authentic ramen. We were pretty fortunate, we went to a couple of authentic Japanese places They make their own noodles and it’s very authentic. It’s nice to be here and be able to enjoy that and try that. We were gonna eat Sushi so we will eat a lot of Sushi. Sushi we wanted to come here for. But we’ve been in China for a while now and there is all… Ducks heads, ducks feet… so it’s lovely coming here It’s all clean and fresh.
– It looks nice. There was nothing that we saw and went URGH. It looks alright. Salads look lovely, all the salads are delicious. We went to the food market underneath the train station. It was ace. Shinjuku, I think Shinjuku. It was divine. It was all salads and fresh Sushi. The meat, the teriyaki, it was gorgeous. A real Japanese sushi. Like the REAL sushi. We have Sushi in Sweden too. But you never know because how Swedish Sushi is. So when you come here you’re like- All the different sea foods really. I like Sushi myself but There is actually alive squid, would you try that? Probably no. I am gonna try the … Fugu, pufferfish. Didn’t get round to it yet. Probably will. You will even though it’s poisonous? They cook it properly don’t they…? You have to be a specialist to be able to prepare it. yeah I will try it. We need to go to the market. I don’t know what it’s called. Tsukiji Fish Market?
– That’s the one. We need to get up early and go there. Try it all. I really wanted to try first the real sushi. Because it’s nothing like the one compared in America. And also Miso soup… and Ramen. I already ate them and they are very delicious. Love them.
– You checked all the boxes. Natto. It looks so scary. I don’t want to eat it. I am actually a vegetarian. So sometimes it’s hard here in Japan. I have seen a meat thing that looks creepy. And we can’t read anything in Japanese. Sometimes when you get the pictures, it looks a bit creepy. It’s hard to understand what it is if you can’t read it. Like the rice balls. We love the seaweed ones. But all the other pictures… What the hell is that?! It’s really hard. As a vegetarian do you find it very hard? Do you have surprise meat in your dishes? Sometimes, because I don’t know what the things are… Sometimes I don’t know if it’s meat or not. I am very surprised sometimes. Oh it IS meat… And then I have to eat it. I have seen pizzas not far from here. That I won’t try… with maybe ice cream on them and stuff. I won’t try that. No ice cream pizza. How about you? I’ll try most things. I don’t mind. In Oshima which is an island that I am living on right now… there is this fish called “Kusaya”. It stinks like… it really stinks. It has “Kusa” (smelly) in the name so it must be stinky. It’s really stinky and I tried it because … challenge…. But it’s so horrible, I don’t recommend it. People from the island really like it and they think it’s very delicious. I didn’t want to eat any animal intestines. Hearts and all that kind of stuff. But… we did. You did! Why? Where did you eat that? Little… under the train station near Ginza… We did a night tour, food tour. We went to this place where they do the grilled skewers. And then they asked if we’d like to try some and we did. – How was it?
– I probably wouldn’t eat it again. I wouldn’t have it as a weekly special but… It was a weird texture. It was chewy… You all took the challenge. But you said you wouldn’t eat it again? No… No… I would no no no Maybe the heart but not the intestine. I am not very excited about Sashimi. So I don’t really want that but we had a bit in California. I don’t think there is anything that I really thought of. Not necessarily but I don’t really like fish that much. So Sushi is a no. Maybe I will try it but… Not so keen on it?
– No. I can try many things but there is always some strange food that perhaps I don’t want to try but… – Let’s see.
– Raw horse meat? – No
– I don’t think so. That sounds a little bit… disturbing. The pufferfish. Some really want to try pufferfish but no I don’t wanna try that. Cause you could die. I am not very… keen on playing with death really. Not gonna try the puffer fish while I am here. We both don’t really like Sashimi, the raw fish but we both made it a goal to try it while we are here. Being sure that we are getting the best that we can get. And maybe develop a taste for it. She is a little bit more adventurous than me. She definitely ate more liver than I did. I didn’t have it in me to try the gizzard. I just didn’t know if I could stomach it. I was like “I don’t wanna get sick and offend these people.” And oh they gave us cartilage, chicken cartilage. All that the Yakitori stand?
– Yeah. For the Yakitori. We were like “Oh chicken on a stick” but it’s like legit … all parts of the chicken are on the stick. I was like “I don’t even know how I am supposed to eat this.” Just chew it down until its…….? It’s a texture thing for me sometimes. I am glad I tried the liver, I can say that I tried liver… I think it’s awesome that they will use all parts of the animal and eat it all. Power to them for sure. There is a type of sushi… I wanna say it’s like fish genitals or something. That’s something I don’t even care to try. Fish genitals? Not into it. Even like is it mussels, that looks like genitals I have had them and they freaked me out. Even though they tasted ok. For me it’s a texture thing but also what it looks like. Just no. It’s hard. I used to be a vegetarian so it’s hard to… Have something that seems to be so freshly dead. In a sense. I admire them for being so conscientiously open about the fact that they are eating dead animals. I find in America and Canada we try to hide that by… having everything cooked to its fullest extend. Just like charred black in a sense. So it doesn’t seem like a dead carcass. In reality we are still eating that, right? I like that they are so open about it. It’s awesome. Have you tried Natto yet? Has someone told you about Natto yet? – No what’s that?
– It’s fermented beans. They are slimy and smelly and people have them for breakfast. Is that what we had on the little tiny ones? You know the beans? The beans are already getting off so they are fermented. But you can still eat them. If you mix them they will foam up and they will bubble and smell bad. Would try that? Is it meant to taste good? It’s like Marmite, some people love it some people hate it. – Vegimite?
– Not taste wise… People love it or hate it. There is nothing inbetween. You usually have it with soy sauce to give it some flavor. So it’s soy sauce on fermented beans. I think we could try a little bit of it. Do you have some for us to try? We should do that… Its slimy and it pulls strings when you eat it. That’s one of the most random foods that are here in Japan and that usually foreigners get pushed into trying at least once. We’ll have to try it… maybe. You’re up for the challenge… good! You said Yakitori earlier. Sometimes there is liver on Yakitori, would you try that? I do not like liver personally. I have tried it… with the Yakitori… I am not a fan, still not a fan – How about you?
– I like chicken liver. So I’d give it a try. I’ve never had Yakitori chicken liver but I have had regular chicken liver so I would try it How about chicken heart? No, no heart. I think I tried the heart, it was not very good. I don’t like it. I tried it “You have to try it, you are in Japan!” So I tried it but… not my thing. – Yakitori.
– Yes I tried that. I like them. Now there is the challenge though, you can say no to it all (vegetarian). In Yakitori there is also chicken skin. Would you eat that? Chicken skin? No? No. Next one is liver! Never no no no no Heart? NO!!! Thank you! So food people would like to try and not like to try. Interesting to see, Natto and Sushi were some of those things that people were talking about and Sushi was like a plus minus thing. Some said “Yes definitely sushi, real Japan, real Japan experience!” While others were like “Actually… no thank you.” Which is interesting to see that we all still we don’t just come for the sushi, there are many other lovely dishes. Natto is the funny thing. It’s like Marmite, some love it, some hate it. Some people need to have it every day. And most foreigners do not like it. Mentioning Natto me and Endigo took a challenge in which we eat Natto and another thing I did was to ask all my colleagues to try some “Very Berry Natto” which was like… absolutely terrible… I did a video about that on my channel. Be sure to keep watching if you are interested in any of those videos. Anything you’d definitely like to eat in Japan? Or not want to eat in Japan? Let us know. Looking forward to your comments Catch you soon on Ask Japanese.

96 comments on “MUST TRY and MUST AVOID JAPANESE FOODS! Foreigners tell their opinion about food in Japan”

  1. Lana says:

    Yakitori and yaki soba are favorites I obtained in Okinawa. Also the octopus and eel. Great stuff. Oh yeah! New subscriber just now. No to nato!

  2. redon ago says:

    Well i guess we don`t have to try natto ,we already know now that aint good 😛

  3. TrocarSlushWeasel says:

    I had a bit of crab brains in Shinjuku. Wasn't terrible but had a wet sand texture.

  4. Wonderland Story says:

    Die Mädchen aus Schweden sind so süß und sympathisch :3

  5. ladyarizel says:

    I love Natto T_T Natto, miso soup, and a bowl of steamed white rice… perfect breakfast! <3

  6. ザム says:

    Cathy you forgot to ask about unagi (eel)! I love roasted unagi.
    Btw, sushi is not just about fish. There are also just vegetable base sushi. I would recommend that to the vegetarians.

  7. Catherine Butler says:

    Cathy: It`s like Marmite…Australian: You mean Vegemite?Two countries tragically divided by yeast extract…

  8. DrProfessor756 says:

    Eat everything, whatever gives you the runs you should consider avoiding in the future

  9. TheMoonPrincess2 says:

    I like my fish raw, so I found sashimi really delicious, and dipped in soy sauce its even better. And I love mochi! Would like to try out: okonomiyaki, okayu, natto…

  10. xxSydneyFox says:

    People are missing out on the grilled chicken hearts. So good!

  11. McGeorge OfTheJungle says:

    Japan's marmite I would say is actually Shiokara which is essentially fermented squid guts, however they are tasty, but I have seen many polls and on average it is really close to 50/50 on love and hate. But I would recommend people try it at least once.

    Shirako is the mullet of the fish, sperm sacs, however this also is quite tasty when prepared in a nice dashi broth, the texture will get people mostly but not the taste. In fact a lot of Japanese dishes will confuse people due to textures.

    Nankotsu, which is the deep fried chicken cartilage, is good but as said by someone in the video the texture was strange, but it is tasty.

    One dish that nobody really wants to try is basashi (horse sashimi) however believe it or not, most Europeans will have eaten it at one point and not realise, it is in a lot of food. Infamously it was found in Irish food stuffs many years ago and hit the headlines. People essentially aren't comfortable about eating an animal they see as a pet.

    And one that would give people pause for sure is Chicken Sashimi, yes it exists, there is a myth about it in the west that if you eat raw chicken you will get food poisoning etc, however that is true if the chicken is not fully fresh, but if it is you can eat it raw. And you can do so in Japan. Again texture puts people off who try it as in their heads chicken is soft white meat that is tender. However not any chicken can be eaten this way, it has to be free range chickens fed on natural feed, battery hens are a no no and will get you sick.

  12. Emily Donnelly says:

    I REALLY want to try natto. I love fermented foods that i have had so far, and I love beans, so I would love to try it! Maybe on rice with soya sauce.

  13. Cybie Noa says:

    Japanese food is just awesome, there's so many good things I don't even know what to pick for my favorite. I do have a soft spot for Sukiyaki though, as one of the foods I wasn't very familiar with prior to my very first visit to Japan. I've been to Japan so many times now and tried so many things I don't even know what is. I've had natto, chicken sashimi and horse sashimi and found it to be great. There's very few things I don't like, and so far the only thing I don't care to ever eat again must be Akashiyaki and tamagoyaki….oddly enough as they're not all that weird foods.

  14. nineties says:

    I live for mochi

  15. Terry says:

    When I first ate the Thai green curry, it was awfully bad. But I tried it again and again. And now, that's my favorite food. It is a sad not to eat truly delicious food just by looks, smells and prejudices.

  16. 先輩Senpai says:

    Swedish girls living up to the rumours of beauty… (proud swede) 😀

  17. Cakes with Faces says:

    I was scared of trying natto because I've heard so much about it! I tried the tiniest bit with rice – not enough to get the full experience but I don't think I want to try it again!

  18. Cayde Six says:

    Fellow Asians here would understand what it tastes like without problems~ XD XD XD

  19. Siegwulf - says:

    I'd eat anything… at least once anyway. Then if I don't like it, I won't eat it again.

    I don't like Natto or Uni (Sea Urchin).
    But I tried Bashimi 'Raw Horse', Todo (Stellar Sea Lion), Whale, Stingray and crocodile whilst I was in Japan. They were all good!
    (Of course I've eaten the general stuff too like Sushi, Ramen, Yakisoba+Yakitori.)

  20. Sumida Ryogoku says:

    here its not korean BBQ, just BBQ.

  21. Maddie says:

    Ah poor Cathy's freezing

  22. Edo Duarte says:

    Cathy cat makes me happy 😊

  23. Eli says:

    Aw the swedish girls were so cute <3 And I'm so glad that they were good at speaking english xD

  24. Wu Me says:

    I have to say I'm kind of sick of NATO its do dominated by Americans, But I would like to try Natto – fermented food is apparently very good for the digestive system. The people not willing eat the offal are Crazy!! OK I have an issue with tripe, but liver and kidneys are Great, so is the heat etc, the gizard is again amazing, when i have been in France i know a place that makes this amazing gizard salad cooked with walnuts and deglazed with a wonderful raspberry vinegar. Chicken skin is amazing, you always get some of it on thigh and leg portions but it tastes so good! I've had cartilage in bone broth soup and that's something we all should eat ever day and I try to along with vitamin D, K2 from greens and magnesium in baths from epsom salts.

  25. MyuNeptune says:

    I'd love to try Gyoza dumplings (i ate them in Poland in Japanese restaurant with few rewards) and in USA and they taste really good, but i just wonder are they legit (even if i know that chef was Japanese rly often food is made under different country citizens taste?). Legit Teriyaki, because i always loved it especially with butterfish, Karinto (have seen it once somewhere..i totally don't know what is it, but it sweet and burned kinda so it definitely would be my thing), Taiyaki of course!…hmm and maybe Yakisoba… and those little meatballs looking street food..sadly i don't know its name D;
    I'd not touch any sea food and bean stuffed things…i love red beans, but not in sweet versions which in east asia is rly popular…eww..
    I probably fogot about something, but it's ok.

  26. ktyla says:


  27. DarthChrisB says:

    Korean barbecue doesn't come from Korea, it comes from Japan! That's why it isn't called "Korean" barbecue over there.

  28. regor nagul says:

    now i know…when you say foreigners in japan are people in the west

  29. Paweł Fotek says:

    We do eat chicken livers and hearts here in Poland as well, no challenge there xD
    But I'd try Natto and some other crazy stuff for sure, problem is I do not tolerate both gluten and lactose, bet it wuld be a nightmare without knowing japanese ^^'

  30. Kampy187 says:

    Natto has a consistancy of snot, smells like vomit and tastes like shit. Give it a try some time!

  31. Paulo Cunha says:

    This girl is a japanese version of Christina Applegate 😀 Beautiful

  32. ultimatumudo says:

    When traveling to a new country there is no such thing as "must avoid". Be open minded and try eating what the locals eat.
    That's part of getting to know a culture ^^. At least that's my philosophy 😀
    Ps: I liked natto, raw chicken and horse too. Can't say the same for uni (sea urchin) ;p

  33. 黒兎 says:


  34. loradreamer12 says:

    why is everyone against chicken skin?? It's the best part xc

  35. WildBillHabiki says:

    :10 no, just no

  36. Andii Adamick says:

    Wow! So many people scared of chicken insides? Those are the best parts of the chicken.
    Why are these people so afraid of food? As my older sister once told me "Try it once, if you don't like it you don't have to eat it again"

    FYI: Natto Rules!!!

  37. Bastian ZN says:

    that sweden girl with glasses so cute

  38. RJSoftware2000 says:

    Raw meats can have parasites that wind up in your brain, liver and other vital organs. One common one is Rat lung worm. Pretty bad thing to get.

  39. 4stro6oy says:

    i think it really really depends on your cultural background and experience

  40. 江田島平八郎 says:


  41. mai tamada says:


  42. Muhammad says:

    believe it or not, i don't recall ever eating ramen. ever. when my mother asks me " try this ramen it's really good," i respond with " NO! IDONTWANTIDONTWANTIDONTWANT," yeah, so i have never tasted ramen.. only Sushi

  43. 咳をしても一人 says:


  44. 初台駅タダシ says:

    I'd say one of the foods to "avoid" when in Japan is sushi depending on where you come from. I'm saying that in a sense that sushi restaurants are pretty much all over America, especially California. California has quite a number of Japanese diaspora including Japanese Americans who've been around before WWII and the more recent immigrants who've opened restaurants themselves or applied for jobs as sushi chefs. There are several sushi restaurants around the Bay Area that I've went to that are just as good as the restaurants I've been to in Tokyo. Although, it might be a good idea to try a sushi restaurant in Japan at least once (but they won't have Californian rolls since that's a dish that lives to it's namesake).

  45. DrClawizdead says:

    I am not a fan of Natto.

  46. keithtko says:


  47. Cat Sirrah says:

    I'm not allowed sushi as in raw sushi, medically. So how would I ask in Japanese if the food has been cooked? I've been told eel is ok bc it's cooked and imitation crab meat. Tamago is ok too.

  48. QuartzResonance says:

    I want to try okonomiyaki even though I don't like mayonnaise, because I was told that japanese mayonnaise is different from american mayonnaise. I also REALLY want to try Takoyaki ever since seeing them in Hikaru No Go.

  49. tanaka0228 says:


  50. Kroda Rule says:

    okonomiyaki i love

  51. blueeyedbaer says:

    Chicken liver are actually delicious if prepared well. And chicken heart and gizzard was a delicacy when I was a child. My grandmother in a village always divided a chicken heart and gizzard for me and my brother. It was so good!

  52. コインメック says:

    だからちゃんと動物の場合中国と違って頭と足と尻尾は除いて出しているものばかりでしょ? あっ、豚足があったっけ。

  53. K rina says:

    I, a lactose intolerant vegetarian who does not eat fish or seafood and is allergic to eggs, will have a splendid time over there hA

  54. andy7666 says:

    Whats "amazing" is those Swedish girls, oh my!

  55. 只野光夫 says:


  56. 山田太郎 says:

    tanaka0228 hentai

  57. Horch says:

    I don't like liver so much either but chicken skin has great texture and also taste depending on how you flavor it. So… I'd say just give it up on being a vegetarian while you're in Japan or Asia in general and try them.

  58. fuming googoo says:


    Because the interviewer is a foreigner who knows Japan well, the question is also appropriate and the interview is good.

  59. Kitty George says:

    You had better not recommend Nattoh to foreigners even as a jke. It would be thrown. Wasting food is bad manner in Japan.

  60. petia ivailova says:

    Chicken "parts"(liver, heart, skin etc) are traditional foods in many European counties. Only the people from the western countries (I mean western Europe and USA) find them disgusting, but I find many of their foods disgusting, so it's fair 🙂

  61. budi agung says:

    I like durian, maybe I can eat natto

  62. Patrick Marsh says:

    No one mentioned mochi

  63. Jolar70 says:

    I'm an American natto fan! I'm lucky because my city (NYC) has lots of Japanese restaurants, and even markets, so it's relatively easy to try what might be considered more obscure foods from Japan. I knew that natto was part of a traditional Japanese breakfast (although not all Japanese folks like it either!) so I really wanted to try it! I eat it with a few chopped scallions / green onion, and a raw quail egg. Quail eggs are SO pretty, and taste so healthy with nattto, and are safer from salmonella. I have it with a plum or seaweed onigiri (rice ball). I love uni too, but that's another story!!!

  64. Really like food & music says:

    ハーフちゃん? だからハーフちゃんを羨ましいんだよ

  65. Really like food & music says:


  66. Really like food & music says:


  67. 信念 says:


  68. 海のくまさん says:


  69. Amy Ainsworth says:

    A lot of people won't try sushi cause of the raw fish. They think they will get worms and get sick.

  70. J. Cabarles says:

    Natto, no! To be honest and not trying to be obscene, but it looks like im eating my own semen with beans! No!

  71. Richard Cranium says:

    I want to go to Japan and eat Cathycat, OM Nom Nom! 8P

  72. PrismOpal says:

    I'd love to try natto at some point.

  73. liopleurodon 155 says:

    10:00 those girls defnitely swallow

  74. Thomas Morris says:

    Need to try everything

  75. Akio Hoshino says:

    トコロテン、おはぎ、すいとん、お汁粉、おぞうに、おでん、石狩鍋、水たき、うな重、天丼、カツ丼、海鮮丼、カツカレー、天ザル、すき焼、サンマーメン、肉ジャガ、氷あずき・・・・・・・以上が私の好きな日本の食べ物だけど、ひとつも出て来なかったなぁ !!!

  76. Jack dN says:

    ROFL how tall were those dudes at 4:57?

  77. 成田吉彦 says:


  78. Clássico says:

    外国の人達も肉以外の部位臓物も知らないうちに食べてますよ、 屠畜された後の内臓物を捨てる国などありませんからね、直接見る機会がないだけで加工されたものを極普通に食べてますからね!・・・。

  79. wariine dietrich says:

    10㌔の生き物をアヤメた時、5㌔捨てる事がナゼ出来るのでしょう???日本人なら500㌘以下にしなければ納得できません。アヤメた動物の半分を捨てる… 動揺するほどやるせないです。

  80. Call Me Precious says:

    Aussie's and their pronunciation is quite…interesting…

  81. BenjaminFranklin99 says:

    There are probably 20 kinds of ramen in my American grocery store. Could they mean udon? Ramen is 3 or 4 packages per dollar in the US.

    Natto is cultured with a bacteria, Bacillus subtilus. I can't think of any other fermented food cultured with this bacteria. Lactobacillis acidophilus is a common culture used in fermented food, as is the fungus, Aspergillu oryzae. Natto looks pretty horrifying, but it is a good vegan source of B-12 and K2.

  82. Armando Cury Filho says:

    Natoo, or natto, is life. The greatest source of vitamin K2.

  83. 芋瀬童子 says:


  84. kuman batick says:

    A vegetarian is ordinary in foreign countries ?
    I have never seen the man who is so in Japan.

  85. Andreas Adi says:


  86. papafish0 says:

    It's so funny for us to imagine that most Americans and Europeans don't eat meat or fish with skin and cartilage, for most asians those are the best parts of meat

  87. David Clark says:

    Love this video. its not uncommon to eat pigs liver and kidneys in uk so id try chicken heart and livers. On my travels i've eaten whale meat, puffin and putrified shark in Iceland, reindeer, mooseballs in helsinki, crococodile and squid in Thailand along with various other delicacies. Also snails in France so im open to trying new foods. In fact one of the things i like about travel is taking in different cultural viewpoints.

  88. 心体 says:

    Why do you eat the internals? It is a respect for getting nutrition and living at the expense of other life. Sometimes I throw away the built-in, but I eat and live without wasting as much as possible. We devise cooking to be as delicious as possible. Respect and gratitude for sacrificing other lives.


  89. Divine God says:

    Is Japan not vegetarian friendly

  90. ufodoguu9 says:


  91. mutsi yo says:


  92. airu says:


  93. minoru nnomura says:


  94. TAKUTO says:


  95. monkey 7 says:


  96. Flaming360Spider says:

    I want to go to Japan to taste Cathy Cat she looks delicious 😎. Love you Cathy Cat you are too beautiful

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