My wife’s Seafood Mukbang

Hello. Mr Bull. Mrs. Fire’s powerful request. Let’s try seafood eating room. What does Mukbang mean? It’s not just eating, it’s called eating room. I never eat much If you wait to see me eat all of this, I can’t eat it all. This is polite to drink alcohol before eating. Mrs. Bull did this because she wanted to eat it. we bet I’ve uploaded a video before. Jolly Bee Yum Burger. It’s free 2 minutes to shoot Editing is only 10 minutes. That and this cost almost 100,000 won This video and … Which video gets more views. Confrontation. Is it delicious? Isn’t it a Filipino pepper ? Uh so long ~~ ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Korean peppers are really thick. I don’t have much food myself. I don’t really drink much. But I drink quickly. In the old days, the Tanduay, Emperador .. Eating these videos Mostly 1 hour I don’t have much talent in Mukbang … Looking at the video If the reaction is good, Mrbulbul is going to eat. It’s easy to eat. Just eat it. I can’t eat well. So I don’t really like it It’s annoying. now…… What are we doing ??? Please explain how you made the sauce.
(I must tell you) Today’s highlight 9,900 won From Canada 6,800 won Baby Lobster. Head This is special … the taste is … Not really .. Does this sauce look delicious? This video expects 50,000 views. At least 100,000 video of the Yum burger. Burger video is short .. Then you can edit this video in 2 minutes. Why not ?? I paid 100,000 won, prepared it, cooked it, etc. I’m not making a YouTube video free of charge. It costs a lot of money. I uploaded my video to Philippines in November. I spent 3 million won then I ate it … Go away. I’ll eat. Mrs BulBul’s Mukbang This is really good You should eat like this Dip the sauce like this … Did you want to try this once? En I watched a lot of Mukbang. Kya ~~~ If this hits, buy it .. King Crab You want to eat She asks me what she wants to eat. She’s pushing me You should also do a boodle fight. How much do you think it’ll be if we eat this outside the restaurant? Ah expensive So … you can eat like this. Nephew Did you eat it? What do you think ? delicious. Today, let’s move on to the plan of Mrs. Bullbull I tried a seafood meal that I didn’t like very much. But it’s okay. I don’t drink much. It’s a healthy diet. And no oil. Originally, seafood is healthy.

100 comments on “My wife’s Seafood Mukbang”

  1. Clydee says:

    This is so funny MR. Bulbul. hahahahaahahah

  2. Demy Oliver says:

    Mr Bulbul, can you have a group drinking session when ur back here in Manila? That would be epic!

  3. tica tyls says:

    Mr.bul bul.and mrs.bulbul ang sweet nila

  4. C.O.E ContentOfEverything says:

    Show your wife's face when you reach 1Million subscribers!

  5. Marvin Caguioa says:

    blur parang sa japan hahahahahaha

  6. alvin081988 says:

    Once we see your wife's face….this vid might get more views

  7. Renniel Von Custodio says:

    Why blurr her face?

  8. M Archer says:

    Sorry Mr. Bulbul.. Mrs. Bulbul definitely wins this.. Great idea, I'm betting this will get a lot more views… 🙂

  9. Roland Hernandez says:

    Im sure you'll get the views quickly, MrsBulBul's idea of a boodle fight is good. I think here in Chicago, there's only one restaurant that serves a boodle fight that I've found. 😥

  10. totskie D'marsian says:

    tomorrow nako mag diet Mr. bulbul

  11. Casa Nova says:

    Isama mo ako sa bahay niyo mr. Bulbul!

  12. Sergio Holguin says:

    I love seafood. Mariscos especially.

  13. Jairuz Ren Rivera says:

    Its not 1 day since you posted this but there are already 27k views. You said it wont reach 50k in a month hahaha.

    You might have to treat your wife to a Kingcrab next time 😂

    Goodbye wallet. Hello happy Wife 😁

  14. Julius Sinlao says:

    To me, seafood mukbang is better than a Jollibee mukbang. Jollibee, its on every street corner in the Philippines, Seafood, that's harder to get, specially fresh one.

  15. peter david says:

    I cant bare to watch im craving thats all my favorite food

  16. Gian Alejandro says:

    Bakit kaya censored ang mukha ng misis niya, eh hindi naman sila japanese. Hays

  17. Jonathan Lambiquit says:

    i love watching your videos thank you so much it made my day

  18. Ann Ching says:

    More MukBang Mr. Bulbul

  19. Anthony Dedal says:

    Food looks awesome!! Enjoyed your “mukbang”!!!

  20. Ree says:

    Nabudol ni misis hahahaha

  21. nhel bartolome says:


  22. Tintin Cervantes says:

    You and your wife makes me smile… With the Taal volcano erupting here in the Philippines i need something to cheer me up, and your video did it…

  23. Linus carlo says:

    should do another mukbang video enjoyed this one

  24. Paul Liu says:

    wife: this is how you Do mukbang ( but she just really want to eat everything)

  25. Crow Zero says:

    2:46 thx me later

  26. ken jon says:

    Mr bulbul and Mrs bulbul napaka natural walang arte love them more. 😍😍😍😍😍 Sana mag pakita na si Mrs bulbul in future vids 😊😊😊

  27. John Paul Mariano says:

    Dang nice sea 🌊 foods with beer 🍺 nice 👍🏻

  28. Mauo Carpio-Borja says:

    Wahahah!! Enjoy!! Sarap!!

  29. Daren Quinto says:

    High blood alert…

  30. Raymond Aspiras says:

    Mr. Bulbul No.1!

  31. Alpa Cino says:

    You two are hilarious! Beware of hb guys..

  32. sonjyson says:

    Bakit naka blurd muka ng asawa nya? Lol

  33. John Bernardz says:

    Ewankosayo tirahanmoko

  34. thatzombieplace says:

    Always try to keep up with your videos! Greetings from California

  35. Break Age01 says:

    We have a new mukbanger now lol

  36. Jameica Lopez says:

    I love both of you Mr and Mrs bulbul

  37. Roger Ian Navarro says:

    Wow! Seafoods! 😍😍😍

  38. Roger Ian Navarro says:

    Always makes me laugh!

  39. Elijah Garma says:

    Jokes on you Mr.Bulbul. 37k views in 18hrs. 50m views in a month

  40. Agnes Caasi says:

    i love seafoodsss😍😍😍

  41. Ruwi Biduya says:

    Your wife is craving for food? Whooaa whooaa are you guys getting a new family member soon?

    IYKWIM 😏😏😏😏

  42. GoatLord says:


  43. BOY BOLOBONG says:

    Sa mga pinoy dyan. Tara👇

    Hug to hug

  44. He Ro Sa says:


  45. kukingina says:

    Pautot lang ni misis yan kasi nag crcrave yan aa lobster lol

  46. Gzel S. says:

    I'm allergic to seafood! 😅 all I can do is watch. 😯

  47. Tram Vlog says:

    why blurred?

  48. Mika says:

    i hope you could try roasted pig head next time along with some beer and atsara

  49. Francis Santiago says:

    Beer is bad for you

  50. TheK8leen says:

    Your wife seems like a great cook.

  51. Reggie Kei Abang says:

    The next time you visit the Philippines, sir, try visiting a liqour museum. One is located in Intramuros. It's the Destileria Limtuaco Museum and it was a good one.

  52. jasmire g says:

    Wow tpos smb ligth noh

  53. unify clicker says:

    Why is she censored?

  54. florence batuyong says:

    Mrs. Bulbul is so funny!🤣🤣🤣

  55. BornPro says:

    4k quality lit

  56. Captain Minion says:

    Salivation strikes. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  57. Leo Dantes says:

    Hahahaha! Seafoods pala favorite foods ni Mrs. Bul pero very expensive sa Korea! Wala pang 2k pesos iyan sa dampa! King crab naman para lubusin na natin ang happiness ni mrs. bul! Like and subscribe! Lol!

  58. Aingel Choi says:

    nabudol si mr bulbul hahahahhahahahahahahhaha Sana may pa FRank na din po kau hihihihih para mas masaya talaga sinong mananalo si MRS o si MR~~~ hihihi

  59. Ma. Divina Canillo says:

    Your wife eat a lot injoy the sea foods

  60. CloveHitch Club says:

    More mukbang pa more…

  61. riomae castroverde says:

    Im craving for crabs and lobster 🤤

  62. CloveHitch Club says:

    That is the best beer-match

  63. BLUE Lawin says:

    All steamed seafood or grilled ,..vinegar with garlic is the best dipping sauce.

  64. Alix Quintos says:

    What camera did you use here sir?

  65. bengbeng says:

    Husband & Wife that eat and drink together stay forever.
    Nice vid.

  66. StickzzTheYoutuber says:

    congratulations MISTER BULBOL

  67. Kristel Magdael says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 more moments with mrs bulbul hahaha

  68. Meepomeepo says:

    50k view max in one month? Its only few days rofl

  69. John Co says:

    Yung tawa nung Asawa nia nung narinig niya Yung salsal hahah.

  70. Lou Gallardo says:

    Shy si Mrs. Bulbol, pero rock

  71. Aichi Din says:

    I would really like Mr Bulbul to succeed as a Youtuber. Not sure if this can help, but hope he sees this.
    -Youtube videos gain more ad revenue if they are atleast 10 mins long.

    correct me if I'm wrong.

  72. Block 15 Garage says:

    Salsal is coming!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  73. deja Vu says:

    Does bul bul mean pubic hair in Filipino?

  74. Schounn ML says:

    Try Añejo Mr Bulbul

  75. gundam TV says:

    Why blurred

  76. 3beermat says:

    Nakakatakam.. Sarap tuloy kumain ng hipon at alimasag.. 😂

  77. Melshun Yu says:

    That youtube play button at the back..solid!!!

  78. komentarista says:

    Hahaha! Very good strategy Mrs. Bulbul. Next time tell Mr. Bulbul you want a Steak Mukbang. LOL! And wine, cheese and chocolate mukbang hahha! All the expensive food.

  79. si7entki77er says:

    continue to give us entertaining videos and continue to ❤️ one another.

  80. Titoden Alberto says:

    62k views for 1 day. Mrs Bulbul is now popular than you! Ahaha

    I Love this video better than the yum burger. Ahaha

  81. Harlene Laguer says:

    Ang saya niyo nman na mag asawa bhe..haha..

  82. CheeseTake Q. says:

    Try kingcrab neeeext.

  83. Mark Cariño says:

    That was bad, You must take care of yourself, Sea Food+Beer = Prone to Stroke and Heart Attack.

  84. Ram says:

    Mr. Bulbul is losing haha the mukbang video is leading. 😂😂

  85. Randy Sardenia says:

    Hinay hinay lng. Mr. Putok batok k dyn.

  86. gnehw serolf says:

    i see na din .. sa chicharon bulaklak nga .

  87. Riza Ibañez says:

    Delicioso! 😋

  88. Justin David Chua says:

    Make a full video of how the mukbangbwas cooked! 😁😁😁

  89. Ian Rofer Garduque says:

    More mukbhang plz

  90. twisterWESTZYDZ says:

    Why does this video have 2 subtitles? Or YouTube already has known to translate languages to English?

  91. kritine joy ibanez says:

    Hitting 2 birds in one stone x 1000 for her next request videos for you to do Mr Bulbil.More hitting stones Mrs Bulbul🤣💕

  92. Mark Teveee says:

    sarap lage pulutan ni mr.bul ..
    samin basta my alak .. happy peanuts .. pwede na 😂

  93. Pareng Darwin says:

    Try gsm blue mr bulbul 💙 and then okoy 😁

  94. fredrick miano says:


  95. TAMARAW XXX says:

    Tagay hangang mamatay…yan tuloy dami natigok sa lambanog

  96. john aldrin quiazon says:

    sal sal 😂😂😂

  97. collapsar27 says:

    seafood already surpassed yumburger. hahaha

  98. Nana Miyaka says:

    Ahhh I miss seafood. Ganyan lagi breakfast ko kapag nasa province :(( ❤️

    How about videos of you cooking hehehe

  99. Mark Cantre says:

    pakita niyu naman po yung asawa niyu

  100. Mian Ms.Z says:

    Now I’m hungry 😋

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