Hey guys its Katrina and on the other half its Ronald we love the founder of Talkit Messenger instead we’re doing the mystery wheel It’s gonna be like the missing wheel of cake challenge we’re gonna have our pizza dough right here That’s the only thing we’re gonna start with and we’re gonna spin the wheel and get these mystery toppings Imagine have to spin for the dough That would be terrible. But luckily we have the dough here. So we’re just gonna pal love the topping on here and see Let’s go taste afterwards and you got to get a side who has the better being So we’re gonna have 10 goes up spitting this thing and try to get good stop. Okay rock paper scissors who goes first Alright so my notice Lucky lucky me. I’m gonna get this cream cheese My peuta is starting out pretty good my spit. Let’s see if I can get Old I don’t like dark chocolate If it’s melted, it’s gonna be like cheese all over you heats up a chocolate cheese Okay, I’m gonna add some water now takes up for me There okay, let me spread this out I hope we gonna get so many chocolate because I want this to be fully chocolate pizza like nothing else on it. No vegetables no cheese, just spit Pickles but with chocolate I don’t know how they’re gonna taste and get so girly stop here That’s now time for my pin number two. Let’s hope that I got something good All right now my spin number three I need some chocolate this is not this is not not enough chocolate we need more chocolate Guess who called it? Guess who bowled it? Okay, guys, I got some cheese It was in my plan, my plan was a chocolate pizza. Yes, it should have a chocolate cheese. Okay. Jeez. Ah Look who’s not gonna be in there you tasty pizza? Okay that cheese is gonna melt with the chocolate and the pickles It’s gonna be at this it’s gonna be honest. It’s gusting Not for my spit number three, let’s begin Let’s go oh Yeah Okay, Mikey just all cheese stuff number Three There you go. I Like pepper. I am moron. I put two on that’s good. That’s three four. That’s Okay, I’m I spin number five a half way through what’s been I Mean it’s portal or Guess you call this Your boy righto That might be a bit too much Ronald not giving up today With my evidence. All right I want some delicious like super delicious right now in numbers because this week something a little bit dull a little bit So let’s spin my spin number six Like you needed more yeah, it’s like I need it more this is actually pretty good the plans are working pretty well Okay, my spin number six. It’s time for some Oreos for You I’m more but at least it’s a waste of a turn Hey Whoopsies Okay, guys my spin number six, ah, let’s spin What your chocolate maybe Cheese cheese the baguette jean-marie. Thought I had too much of you. But hello, Ken Hi guys, it’s my spin number 7 for spin. I hope I’m gonna get some more chocolate because I Want some more it’s the ordinal bottle or your battle Chocolate shit all again chop wood chips and Oreos was the same color just like barely any left How about spin number 7 time for dull Wario’s Thank God it almost it’s Eminem’s Distance, okay. I asked my spin number. I Already had a college Oh mushrooms are still on the board. Ooh All right. I think that’s it. Good enough. All right now time for my spin number eight crossing fingers for Orion And guess what? We are gonna get Oreos. I Hit the spin wheel Jeep welcome back. Geez, you’re never video. It’s the same video. I Didn’t oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, I’m number nine Green very hot green pepper. I’m your like any kind of it was kind of i’m only attack – because I already Know Me. Yes Rowdy come on Brownie come on. All right, five. No six pepperonis on the pizza and now it’s my last go I Want Oreos? Mmm chocolate chips something delicious pizza sauce was on the board yet Give me a few things. You’re not getting everything. So I hope my gonna get something and no one has ever got like Oreos My life so I’m gonna add all of them make them up on my M&Ms Which isn’t that much yeah, but I still I think it’d be some pizza on my side now it’s time for me to Do so I might be yeah, yeah, yeah Coming in your body You got bacon I got pink you’re having those of a kid I haven’t loads about M&Ms my pizzas just pick it up. I’m so we’re done putting all the toppings on pizza We’re gonna slide them into the oven and then we’re gonna wait a little bit. We’re gonna be back finished Sweetheart here with our finished pizzas. My pizza is look at all amazing all the melted chocolate and um, Though I should end the correct M&Ms some on it just looks so Creamy in the middle of all the chocolate M&Ms and then the vegetables on the side Just just for a little bit of healthiness. You know, you want to be healthy But also you want to talk ilat my needs have some burnt pepperonis and crack in the end, but that’s what tops it all off Okay guys coming into love right now. Whose pizza do you think is gonna be tastier mind or Ronald’s honey inside? Alright, so now it’s the moment. We’ve all been waiting for try the pizzas. I’m nervous Pepperoni mine is looking pretty good. My seller pepperoni on every angle. Okay, three two one Mm man, okay Mouse is great. I don’t like the bacon, of course, you know cook them and say so good Mm-hmm Russian wonder cracked. Yeah All crunchy and everything. Hmm Oh guys now, I’m gonna try Bob Smith and he’s gonna try mine Three two one I’m sorry, but it’s not that good name. Really? Are you sure? Mmm, did you eat the entire pickle? Wow, what do you think? Who do you think won? Definitely weakness aside. Mmm. So guys, it’s all on you comment down below. Who do you think is the winner? this Mystery we are the pizza challenge. I always said go is gone, but that’s at least it’s time to end a video didn’t We hope you liked this video See you all next time. Good. Bye

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