Nattō【Fermented Soybeans】Study Japanese Food

Neba Neba…(sticky…) What’s the matter, Kenta? Are you all right? I cannot take this anymore… Do you feel sick? One of today’s school lunch menu… it was Natto… that Neba Neba sticky… that smell I closed my eyes and… pinched my nose; then… I ate (Natto). Natto is tasty. gross… In addition…. Eating Natto makes people will be pretty I heard (about it.) I …I don’t need to become pretty… What?. Kenta… Oh! Ms. Ohara… (Kenta), you don’t like Natto, don’t you? Yes… Kenta, Natto is made from soybeans… Do you know the nickname of soybeans? it is called “farm meat”! I don’t need to eat Natto… I eat edamame (young soybeans), so eating Natto and edamame are the same. I love edamame… Natto is very nutritious…. We studied about it in the home economics class. Yes… But (Natto) is rotten… It is not rotten… (Natto) is fermented Is it fermented? microorganism… fermented is caused when microorganism resolves the food. foods are fermented… Neutrinos, taste, smell has changed and….. food becomes more nutritious… make food more strengthen. To make Natto…. What ingredients will be needed? Soybeans! However, I do not think it works only using soybeans… For making Natto, important things is… It is microorganism. In our surrundings…. there are a various of microorganism. What kind of microorganism is necessary to make Natto? It is Natto bacteria. What? Bacteria is unhealthy for us, isn’t it? There are bad bacterials, too. However, Natto bacteria is good. This bacteria changes soybeans to Natto. Where is Natto bacteria? (Natto bacteria) is in such rice straws. I see…. I did not know it. How to make Natto is… 1. Soybeans are soaked in water for a night. 2. Soybeans are boiled. 3. Natto bacteria is sprayed to the boiled soybeans. The soybeans are placed around 42 degrees for about 16 – 18 hours. Natto is ready to serve. Kenta! Oh, by the way… Fermented food are very popular among the world’s celebrities. Especially, Natto is (popular)…. I watched the news on TV. What? (Natto) is popular among celebrities? Really? I also read about the news in some magazine. I see… Natto is very good for our health. however, that sticky and smell…. If you put a little vinegar into Natto… it becomes easy for you to eat. I got it! Therefore, My yonger sister eats only Natto sushi rolls. What? but you know there is some vinegar in the rice. I see… well, next week… Let’s make Natto sushi rolls and eat them together. but….. Kenta, if you would eat Natto… (Natto bacteria) activates the bowes Every morning, you are in trouble in the bathroom, aren’t you? hurt! hurt! You have been suffering with pain, right? What! Kyoko… Why… do you know my constipation? I heard about the issue from Kenta’s mother.

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    すごいビデオ、なみさん, ほんとう 頑張りました。^_^

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    1:46 correct 栄養(えいよう)= neutrition, 1:50 correct もっと = more  Sorry my mistakes. m(_ _)m

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    Clici "CC" for English subtitles.

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