Neko Cup Cookies (Teatime with Cat from Karuizawa) ねこカップ (軽井沢土産 字幕あり) – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

12 comments on “Neko Cup Cookies (Teatime with Cat from Karuizawa) ねこカップ (軽井沢土産 字幕あり) – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY”

  1. Alice Matthews says:

    By the way maybe this time you can try out some pregnancy yoga with your husband, I heard that there's a couple class for it.

  2. petitemew says:

    Why is it that the Japanese culture don't really announce pregnancies? Is it superstition or just private?

  3. lindalou83 says:

    so adorable! your daughter is so cute but also very clever, I've never seen a little one as bright as her before.

  4. NA NA says:


  5. みゅうちゃんねる says:


  6. Wayward Woman says:

    your family is beautiful

  7. Tâm Huỳnh Thanh says:

    OMG your daughter is so cute!!!! She's learned a lot from her papa :))) she's an active girl. You'll be very tired from both keeping her safe and pregnancy. I hope you and your little ones and even your darling healthy and strong.
    And, don't forget to get married you too!!

  8. Cristina Bay says:

    You have a beautiful family!! Congrats on the pregnancy. Best wishes.

  9. Grace Oh says:

    Your daughter is the cutest!!

  10. ke wue says:

    it's not rude to not put subtitle
    i learn how to understand eng with cartoons xD

  11. Ballora Wan says:


  12. Cyra Niccals says:

    You and your darling are such wonderful parents. ❤️

  13. ochikeron says:

    congrats to the winner 🙂 updated in the description box

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