Nerf War: Burrito Battle

Nerf War: Burrito Battle Is it X? Oh press R1, Press R1 Oh there she goes Maybe this way? Yeah let’s try that way Damn I’m getting hungry Esteban, bring us a burrito Andale, andale! Oo, Esteban! Gracias for the burrito senior, I appreciate it Oh yes you’re a good boy, Esteban Where’s my burrito? This is outrageous, Esteban go get me a burrito! Muchos gracias Esteban Grande, grande Muy grande This isn’t a burrito! Get back here Esteban, this isn’t a burrito I want a burrito! It appears I have the burrito you have the sandwich, he likes me better You know what? You can take it! Let’s take this outside Hey what’s up YouTube, Paul from PDK
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100 comments on “Nerf War: Burrito Battle”

  1. Zacknid Comics says:

    It appears to be a slap with a SANDWICH! 😅

    I best Esteban stole that sandwich from that Heavy Weapons Guy. 😂🤣😂🤣😅

  2. Glxaic says:

    0:35 for some reason, he sounds like Dempsey from call of duty black ops zombies

  3. Jitka Doslova says:

    Pleas like 😭😭😭

  4. Muh Ziaf says:


  5. Shahzaib Farrukh says:

    My favourite part is when the drone come i like that drone

  6. Tyler Newnam says:

    I like the nerf

  7. Eren Çiftçi says:


  8. Drollen Mans says:

    good video
    very good

  9. Nash Flash says:


  10. Max Chu says:

    Arron vs u would be awsome

  11. cynthia Estrada says:

    My son wants to know where you get your burritos from🤤

  12. 찰댕_Chewing DAAM says:

    5:14 Oh my good…!

  13. DS Calma says:

    I love burritos

  14. Hayt Of Faylyer says:

    Estabon is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lyan Barwari says:

    U know I have that orange nerf gun but I hate it cuz it’s single shot 😒

  16. M'ajunioR [oR] says:

    0:07 The LitleBigPlanet?

  17. Asdrubal Rivero says:

    manifico 2 ayudas

  18. DIEGO Montero says:

    hoo ohhh mexico

  19. Calthecool says:

    White moms when they eat at a Mexican restaurant.

  20. Eriberto Augusti says:

    Where did you get The sombrero? I ve been looking long time for a sombrero like that

  21. Stephen Woods says:

    Por Esteban getting yelled at

  22. Justin XX0 says:

    Where is pdk films I saw KSI

  23. Simone Limas says:

    Train comes um um ok weirddose

  24. Sanghavi MS says:

    I need a nerf gun

  25. Sanghavi MS says:

    A very big, and good nerf gun

  26. Chanchal Sahu says:

    This video is very amazing

  27. Cole Walker says:

    5:14 beautiful

  28. Jodie Evans says:

    I love du music dode

  29. Jevesh Dave says:

    pdk I want a nerf gun please

  30. 李招熹 says:

    that was the good end

  31. mayekar rupali says:

    Pdk films videos are best i have all nerf guns

  32. H. A. says:

    You guys are fool . He is in front of you and you are not able to kill him

  33. Thegamebird says:

    E S T E B A N

  34. Shaik Sirajun says:

    I like somuch

  35. Matthew Sutton says:

    When you fought about who got the burrito, and then both of you got one it was really funny.

  36. surumi sakkeer says:


  37. Rupa Botta says:

    You are amazing,

  38. يوميات خديجة/ yawmiyate khadija says:


  39. CookieTV says:

    2:05 2:22 the most accurate people in the world there so dangerous

  40. issak isaq says:


  41. ENZO GAB C'Andrade says:


  42. Jalile Benhadda says:

    Hello pdk

  43. Stephanie Chiasson says:

    Burritoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌯🌯🌯🌯

  44. Miroslav Baron says:

    Aleš baron

  45. Cafe Internet BeiK says:


  46. ello ello says:

    Theis a very good video

  47. thexfakter yt says:

    That escalated quickly

  48. Tijn Peters says:

    What have PDKfilms nerf troopers and stormtroopers from the empire in commen….

    There aime

  49. Andjelo Bosnjak says:

    This is pyewdiepie

  50. Andjelo Bosnjak says:

    Or no

  51. sharmila bakare says:

    can u gibe me some big guns of nerf elite

  52. duhf dda says:

    in this video nerf war is not done

  53. DeadpoolMC wilson says:

    What song plays at the end?

  54. emdadul islam masud says:


  55. Jorge Alberto Chavez says:

    Si eres mexicano sabes que el burrito es gringo y no mexicano

  56. Nathalie J. says:

    Si kuya kala mo talaga sasabak sa gera eh

  57. Christopher Sorge says:


  58. Kavyachandru Kavyachandru says:

    Bro you have many guns can you please give me one


    Philly cheesesteak

  60. nancy rosales says:

    Ya hablo español pero me encantan tus vídeos

  61. PumpKin RO says:

    3:50 music!!

  62. rasika fernando says:


  63. zuhairi mohd nor says:

    4:38 that ass tho

  64. Dayanand Hallikeri says:

    Vichy nerf gun coolest gun

  65. BLASFENY says:

    Alguien sabe cual es la musica del final esa como vaquera

  66. Muhammedh 317 says:

    Paul I need nerf AKM gun with ammo plxx

  67. DUDEgamesTürkiye Forever says:

    The best video pdk films had

  68. adarsh abhinav says:

    hey paul where did you got the western music

  69. howard swart says:

    Looks like hats from $2 shop

  70. howard swart says:

    Over buritos

  71. howard swart says:

    So seriously funny

  72. shlok Gorasia says:

    I liked the last part the most

  73. nerdmiki says:

    Very good aim xdd

  74. Hayden Compaleo says:

    B bfnfndjdmdmd,lol

  75. Zachary Robles says:

    LOL 😆😆😆

  76. DJ Luger says:

    What the song that starts at 3:26 i've been trying to find it for a while



  78. Аоао Чоаоао says:

    Ghost of Christmas past two decades

  79. Nathangame198 says:

    1:09 karens be like

  80. Helene Frensawi says:

    If i am one of them i kill the other one and i take the 2 burritos

  81. Blackspider 2000 says:

    Aw! I wanted a Mexican showdown.

  82. Коля Эверстов says:


  83. Logan Bohan says:

    When I see this 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👇🌯🥪🌯🥪🌯🥪🌯🥪🌯

  84. Esther Ward says:


  85. Davani Tassin says:

    2:24 me with a dq 133 in call of duty mobile

  86. AJ Gaming says:


  87. Emilio Quiroz garcia says:


  88. Sabarina Ginting says:

    bang megalodonitu

  89. Concetta Martorelli says:

    Bay PDK films

  90. Concetta Martorelli says:


  91. Deputy Dodo mcwill says:

    2020 anyone

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  93. Harjit Kaur says:

    Last Sean was the best

  94. Mariana Barboza says:

    no puede ser abla español y yo nunca lo supe?!!!

  95. Mariana Barboza says:

    osea que pasa con esto? los tiros les pegan y no pasa nada

  96. Vineeta Saji says:

    You are the best Nerf video maker

  97. Vineeta Saji says:

    I have seen mostly all of your videos

  98. Sanjeev R says:

    i like this viedo please send new viedo

  99. Salman Siddique says:

    You have ps4 🎮

  100. Salman Siddique says:

    How rich are you

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