7 comments on “New Jersey pizzeria owner allegedly goes on anti-Semitic tirade”

  1. Concrete Jungle says:


  2. marv_ solo says:

    That's of fuel >:(

  3. Armed Archangel says:

    Honestly, the kid looks like a douchebag himself! This looks like they both throw racial slurs at each other and this tool through a tantrum because he could not have the day off!

  4. Jay Mac says:

    Sorry he's going through that. and imagine how Black people feel? Just saying..

  5. ATAHUALPA867 says:

    Moron..fire him or boycott the restaurant.. where is this again ? Long island?

  6. Michael Klein says:

    they won't be getting anymore of our business

  7. sai76 says:

    Ask the owner what he thinks about the Moolies.

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