New Kitchen Moving & Storage Tips : New Kitchen Novelty Dishes Storage

My name is Abby Jones and I’m talking about
the process of moving into a new apartment and how to set up, how to set up your new
space in an efficient and easy way. Alright, now I’m talking about setting up your kitchen
and how, how to set up your kitchen so it makes sense and is functional depending on
how you use the things that you’re organizing. So the things that I’m talking about right
now are novelty dishes and dishes that you don’t use that much. So for instance, this
is my sushi set, and as much as I love sushi, I don’t use it that much. So I put this in
the same cabinet that I have some of my everyday dishes, my glasses, and my mugs, and my cups,
but I have, so it makes sense because they’re still dishes. But I put them up higher and
along with my saki mugs, I mean cups, and some bowls that I don’t use very much. So,
and I put those on the middle level so that they’re you know, relatively easy to get to,
I can probably get to them without a stepping stool but I don’t use them that much and so
they don’t need to be on a lower level. On the upper level of the shelf however, I put
dishes that I really only use when I have people over and I’m serving large amounts
of food, which are my bigger bowls and a dish that I have for salsa and some other little
painted dishes that I have for appetizers that kind of thing. And I don’t, you know
I don’t need to get to those hardly ever so I put them on the top shelf where I really
need a stepping stool to get them or a tall friend. And then the dishes that I use even
less than that, I put up on top of my cabinet and those are dishes again that I use just
for very specific situations, or in the case of the pitcher which I think I’ve only used
the once and I’ve almost given away several times because I never use it. It’s kind of
just decorative, so I put it up top as well. So that’s something that you want to think
about as you’re placing your dishes, mostly just how often you use them and how easily
you can get to them.

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