hey guys welcome back to my channel if
this is your first time hello my name is Lindsay for today’s video I’m actually
going to do another mock bomb so for today
mmm for today’s mukbang I’m actually going to do something special where I
combine two different ramens so here I have the newest nuclear Buddha ramen
that’s only out here in Korea and this one is 10,000 Scoville units so the one
that says like two times on top right here that’s sold globally that one’s
actually a little above 8,000 Scoville units so it is not quite spicy as this
one so I’ll be using this ramen along with this Jap buckets ramen so this is
the black bean noodles in the robin form and the brand is called japa get Tia so
what I’m actually going to do is combine these two so they call it blue duct
Getti so blue doc from this ramyun Getti from the end of this word so that’s what
I’ll be making today as well as you can see right here I’ll be making this so
this is the judge on rice so the black soybean sauce pesto B being Popeyes to
get in see right here so it is like this and so I just took this out of the
freezer so it’s kind of like watery um so what I’m going to do is show you guys
what’s inside so I’m gonna open this up so this is supposed to be two servings
so here there are the two servings and I’m pretty sure it’s rice in here but I
might show you guys that so I’ve two of those right there and it
comes with two Jaejoong sausage a tongue sauce so it looks like that block
sorry same thing so it comes so you use the rice and the sauce and rice and the
sauce that’s pretty much how it’s done it’s supposed to kind of like look like
that maybe I’ll try to recreate the picture so I’ll show you guys how it
looks like inside and then what I’m going to do is on the back it says while
it’s frozen a microwave the one serving of veggie fried rice in the microwave
for three minutes and thirty seconds so that’s what I did with a different
bibimbap so yeah it’s super easy it’s just frozen
fried rice yeah so I’m going to go ahead and put that in the microwave for about
three minutes and thirty seconds I’m going to get this sauce put it on the
side so it’s like makes the rice like bibimbap and I’m gonna go ahead and cook
up the two ramens and mix them together so I’ll be right back guys and see you
guys okay so I’m back and I just cooked my choppa Getti and my Buddha ramyun so
this is called Buddha Getty alright so here I microwaved my rice and I have the
sauce I’m just gonna pour this into it so I just cut it with a pair of scissors
and you just pour that sauce in so the sauce was actually in the freezer I did
not microwave it so it might be cold I don’t know doesn’t look so too appetizing but once
that mix it all in it’ll be really good alright guys so I have this so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna mix so what I’m gonna do is now mix the two and it mixed
up okay guys I switched the spots because the ramen is easier to eat with
my right hand I’ll put the drink over here oh so now I’m actually gonna mix
them up when I saw the Korean YouTube when I’ve seen like the Korean youtubers
doing it it wasn’t like a mukbang youtuber I just saw like a random
YouTube they did it as they cooked obviously so I’m gonna just mix this up okay guys so I think I mixed it up the
to the best of my ability so let’s check it out so as you guys know they already
have the judging bluejack ramyun so I don’t know if it’s gonna taste the same
or not so let’s get started I’m gonna take my first bite cheers guys spicy I don’t know what I
was thinking I was thinking that it wasn’t gonna be as bad I’m gonna mix
this up mmm I forgot my egg for my photo alone all right guys so I have my fried
rice ready I got my egg and let’s get started so let’s see how this tastes I
don’t think I mixed it like completely perfectly but it’ll be fine all right
see oh that’s like the entire thing all right guys Cheers alright guys so I have the 10,000
Scoville units of ramyun Buddha crammed in the chapel Yeti and this combo is
much better than the Jaejoong Boadicea ramyun combo or the green packs image um
it’s so much better actually combining the two different ramens that are like
each meant to be its own thing although it’s a bit spicy so maybe next time what
I would want to do is oh why did I do this to myself it is the black one I’ve
actually never really tried the black one so I’m gonna do that let’s try the
judge on rice some got a little fried egg there Cheers mmm is over Wow so when I order Chinese
food you can order like the fried rice on the
side and that’s how it actually tastes it is so good I just tastes like the
Chinese Korean Chinese food fried rice with the junk sauce on the side mmm a
sauce is amazing yeah da-jung sauce is definitely like
the Chinese black bean noodle sauce like from the restaurant it’s not like the
ramen this is so good it’s a good combo with this because it’s not spicy this is
really good definitely be buying this more ow oh I’m stuffed alright guys so these
noodles are about to disappear yay I hope you guys enjoyed that magic
trick so guys I just want to add that the two packs of ramen we’re different
ramen and they’re different brands but the thickness of the noodles like are
perfectly the same it seems like so it couldn’t really tell the difference so
what I would do next time differently is what I wanted to show you guys the two
different ones that’s why I did that bowtie what I would do next time is just
mix everything together when I’m cooking it so then when I’m actually sitting
down to eat it like it’s not it’s not too much trouble to mix them so I would
recommend doing that like while you’re cooking it rather than making it
separately and then doing it you know so I just did it for the video so I hope
you guys really enjoyed this video this was a delicious combo I especially loved
the rice so like that is something new here in Korea I don’t know if it’s gonna
come out globally but it tasted exactly like Chinese no
fried rice that like I’m able to get at the grocery and not the grocery store at
the restaurants Chinese restaurants it’s so delicious so I really really highly
recommend that if you ever do come and then can go to the grocery store and
cook something for yourself that is something cheap I think it’s about like
the total I ordered was 20 bucks and was supposed to be 14 I think that’s
probably like 5 bucks so if it’s 250 for one pack that’s like a good like little
on lunch or dinner you can have for yourself so I hope you guys enjoyed this
video I hope you liked the idea of it it wasn’t my idea I did get it from some
other youtubers like in Korea it’s common for people to mix those two
ramens together try it at home it’s something really cool and different and
maybe I’ll even try mixing different ramens to see how they’re like to see
what they’re like okay guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video see you guys
next time bye bye you


  1. Jaleel Odom says:

    Those noodles truly are nuclear from my experience and I love fried rice it's so bomb. Deliciously done again Lindsey 😁😀😋

  2. 개보다못한것들ᄏᄏ says:


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