[No Music] How to make Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Peaceful Cuisine 30 grams of tapioca pearl Soak overnight 300 grams of water 10 grams of black tea Keep boiling for 1 minute 300 grams of soy milk Bring to a boil then turn off the heat Keep boiling for 1-2 minutes Add some maple syrup Thanks for watching

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  1. mua_demal says:

    This was perfect!!!

  2. Mag R says:

    I don't know how everyone is so happy with this ASMR crap 🤦
    I can't stand it, it literally makes me cringe 😏


    can i use green tea instead of black tea? cuz i just don't like black tea, it tastes horrible for me lol sorry black tea lovers😔✊

  4. StATicz Awtist llamma says:

    With school coming up, I really wanted to know how to make bubble tea

  5. Yessy Mendoza says:

    Goys I’m about to make it

  6. Lanonymous 8Bit says:

    Let's go to see the stars in the moon

  7. General BigMac_ says:

    Crunchy tea

  8. Yasemin Fatou Sönmez says:

    Who came here from Two Set

  9. Ibrahim Refahi says:

    I hate that sound the water was making as he was pouring it into the measuring cup. It's as if someone was peeing in my ear. 😓

  10. Hang Jebat says:

    ada subttle mlyu….Alhamdulillah

  11. Omega says:

    This is just so visually pleasing.

  12. Ernesto Morales says:

    I really wanna know what it taste like tbh

  13. James De La Torre says:

    Boil water? What am I a chemist!

  14. Fat Guy says:

    Wait bubble tea has maple syrup? Proud to be canadian

  15. Mariana p says:

    O áudio e a imagem desse vídeo é perfeito

  16. Prabhakara Dora says:

    Just fart!! on a normal cup of tea easy……

  17. Lamar Haytham says:

    it's like ASMR without people eating in a microphone for 20 minutes and this video is better

  18. Anna_ ASMR says:


  19. Blaze Potratz says:

    Save the turtles

  20. Karl Loki Juettner says:

    Step one: Put dog food in water. Step two:Put water in da cup, Step three: Put grass in milk, step four: Filter it. Step five: Put dog food and burn it till it dies of depression. Step six: Filter it then put it in a baby bottle. Step seven: Pour wine into it. Step eight: Pour milky Grass y water… VOILÀ

  21. 胡孩子 says:

    it not really bubble tea

  22. LaurentiuHD says:

    2019: Yes

  23. Rogerio Costa says:

    Nao sei o que é isso e não sei como vim parar aqui !🇧🇷

  24. Dominique C says:

    I need that cup

  25. park jimin says:

    Okay so I'm Italian I never tried the bubble tea can someone explain me what is the taste of the bubble tea lmao

  26. WhiteOutWolf says:

    He lost me at Soak Overnight

  27. KM Luna says:

    That doesn't look tasty

  28. Eoin Kinsella says:

    Why was this recommended

  29. Mc.Traher says:

    Майский чай зе бест

  30. Giuʟx says:

    Why is recommended once every year to me? Xd

  31. Tsuki no Otaku says:

    All of this, just for one serving…

  32. HQMemes says:

    Eugene : im a child of divorce

  33. koalaman 7007 says:

    Boba tea

  34. danks brother says:

    Up next: [No Sound] How to make babies.

  35. Kenshi65 says:

    oh 30fps

  36. Shayan Latif says:

    I kinda hate bubble tea but this video nice

  37. 阿軒 says:

    Why add soy milk instead of milk

  38. Nugget says:


  39. Sound Of Silence says:

    Thats all what im asking for lmao

  40. Ro_Mike says:

    First, add milk at cup
    Second, add plastic bubble


  41. Ryo Coolguy says:

    Grandpa talk* Thats asmr in my age 🙂

  42. C•nnect_the_d•ts Π says:

    So much prep for a tea….😂

  43. mariomario64 says:

    it always sounds like someone has a bladder problem.

  44. Martin Mickus says:

    Who else checked prices on eBay for these balls after watching?

  45. Áron Kolki says:

    Lilg aláfestő zene jobban esett volna

  46. Rajanio Maker says:

    Vsco girls at the end be like

    Is ThAT A pLaStIc StRAw???

  47. DualLock Gaming says:

    I think im also watching ASMR video 🤔😋

  48. ᴄᴏʟᴅ ʟᴀsᴀɢɴᴀ says:

    Asmr of making bubble tea

  49. Oriana Playz says:

    How did they know the i was craving bubble tea??

  50. Saquib Nafis says:

    Why are the sounds so forced?

  51. Rafael Martens says:

    10 ml of black tea

  52. bruh moment says:

    So ASMR

  53. xArdaReizzTR Official says:

    İzlerken param bitti

  54. Togaed Cell says:


  55. Luana Banana says:

    Now I have to pee thank you 😉

  56. iirxe ღ says:

    2:28 i thought that was a microphone-

  57. Muftah Elmehdawi says:

    I would rather just fucking make normal tea

  58. Wilhelm Von Preußen says:

    Am I the only one who is really disappointed about the fact, that the title no music was really true?

  59. Justice Henry says:

    What song?

  60. Definitely Not Jupiter says:

    Lets go to see the stars and the moon

  61. Dark ice crystal 76 says:

    Who else found this video very relaxing to watch. Ik I did ♡♡♡♡♡♡ out of 1OO I rate this video 1OO. Great video.

  62. Haxior says:

    I even don't know what it's bubble tea?

  63. Ariét the operator og says:

    I’m not trying to be mad but I just did this twice and realized it was a fricking waist of my time and money and it tasted like shrek

  64. Mela Alejandra says:

    Is it really necessary the soy milk?

  65. Sqo Games says:

    Imagine jun from jun’s kitchen partnering up with this guy…*LEGENDARY*

  66. SimplyAnn says:

    I watched this a year ago, because it was on my recommended.

    Now, I see it again in my recommended, I watched it again because it was satistfying.

  67. Bradford710 says:

    It's boba

  68. FlamingoMango says:

    Can you do this with any other tea?

  69. Maybe Keith Chan says:

    How did this become a global obsession

  70. Fatcat สายแดก says:

    It’s not easy to make it.

  71. eblan says:


  72. 369 op says:

    Where's music???? DISLIKE

  73. ㄖ几乇乂乂丨乇匚卄卂几 says:

    This video more like"how to make black tea"dudee

  74. -Airdoomslayer- says:

    I fucking hate asmr

  75. Zophyxri says:

    how it taste?

  76. Young Jabari says:

    i was gonna listen to music and play on my 3ds but i saw this video on my recomended and got distracted

  77. Ul1ra Pepe says:

    Спасибо за это видео рекомендации

  78. Gaspachooo says:

    Prennez des gosses dans la rue et faites les déballer des cadeaux en maillot de bain tout en les filmant puis payez youtube pour mettre en avant vos video. Oubliez pas la fleche rouge et le titre putaclic et hope vs etes millionnaire. Facile non ?

  79. Jansen Edilbay says:

    Вот это я понимаю красивые руки 😍

  80. Karlsupmite says:

    Stalin doesn't approve

  81. Super Soyuz says:

    It looks like Sagu, but in a drink

  82. Yarko says:

    Relaxing video, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  83. ItsGama says:

    I just came

  84. AyeitsRiley says:


  85. Angel Dust says:

    This is a molokoplus from the Clockwork Orange ?

  86. Daniela Borquez says:

    Good 😋👌👍

  87. 最もクールな名前 says:

    I saw this video in my recommendation and accidentally lost it so I just typed "no music" and boom I found it

  88. Idiotic bosd says:

    So it’s the syrup

    Hmm, I love tapioca pearls

  89. Chris Lee says:

    0:27 reminds me of today morning

  90. DUAL says:

    You need one day and 30 minutes for a bubble tea

  91. Candii' says:

    Reminds me of tasty…BUT BETTER

  92. Midori_Honeyluv says:

    I made buble tea with chocolate balls and milk uwu

  93. THEY SEE says:

    2015- ASMR is so nice and relaxing


  94. Dymo says:

    Who else was watching some random asmr vids and came across this vid

    I know I am

  95. Muffin Shorts says:

    looks milk to me

  96. MrWolf_Gamer says:

    This is easy and i understand this video

  97. Muhtadi Haque says:

    This video is 4k
    But dayum this 2015 vid looks like its 8k

  98. Pivot Dan says:

    Ok but why NO MUSIC

  99. Ruqia Khan says:

    Aah…. the ancient technique.. pressing the excess tea from strainer with the spoon…. I love the videos which are real ❤

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