Noodles №5 – Umami Sun-Dried Tomato Miso Ramen

Two cups of water They’re about to boil and we’re gonna be using some of this Nissin Roai umami miso flavored noodle soup For my favorites recently it’s really simple, but really tasty and of course I’m gonna be adding some more stuff, but let’s get the noodles done first I’m gonna let that go about three minutes so for the mushrooms, and yes, I’m gonna put mushrooms in here I’m gonna use some of these wild lobster dried Wild mushrooms, and they need to be reconstituted in some water, so let’s do that And with about a minute left here, I’m gonna get some of these sun-dried tomatoes and mix in there Ah, screw it. I’ll do all of them. Just gonna add a little bit of that tomatoy-ness Without overwhelming it At least that’s the idea. Hey don’t wanna cook it in here too long alright The mushrooms are done, too First is the soup base Mmm good stuff there That’s all it comes with but is tasty as that is I just gotta add more starting with those mushrooms a hard-boiled egg Some crushed red pepper flakes And one of these little cool packets here It’s a nice little add-on for all sorts of noodle dishes and soups and whatnot soy sauce flavored bonito and seaweed There’s all sorts of crap in there and of course My ramen and the tomatoes and whatever water that was in there, there’s now been a little bit tomato flavoured and Just kind of mix it all together Into a lovely broth brothyness mmm, and then lastly just a little bit of a stick of butter That’s just gonna melt in there and be awesome Look at how nicely that all melted together and Mmm. Now that is an appetizing mix of smells, I gotta say. I love adding those Sun-dried tomatoes in with the noodles just at the end there because that extra bit of flavor that it just sticks into them is really Appealing to me then of course this miso base mixed in with That little packet of goodies The tiniest bit of heat from the pepper flakes and then got that mushroom in the mix with a tomato and oo As for those lobster mushrooms, they’re interesting, I’m not sure that I would put them in here again I’ve never actually put that type of mushroom in here I’ve only put like shiitake and stuff in other times, but just helps. There’s a good instant noodle base anyway You can do a lot with a half-decent noodle and base, but yeah These is just one combination that I’ve done what there’s miso. It’s just there’s not Anything, but that umami thing going on so you can just keep adding things to your heart’s content And that’s why I like making these so much Well, I hope you’re hungry now because I am Mmm

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  1. Takeshi Nakagawa says:

    Clint, I like this channel very much, but seriously, butter?
    some spiced oil would have matched better.

    waiting for your next sandwich, those are gorgeous!!

  2. James Hargreaves says:

    I used to add butter to everything, it makes anything better! Great job Cliff!

  3. theFrizzleFry says:

    Miso hungry

  4. Toxic Potato says:

    Who looks at a plate of ramen and thinks "yes, definitely needs an egg"?

  5. Nightpire says:

    Seeing a new LGR Food feels like meeting an old friend again

  6. Chedarmentos Brown says:

    I wanna see an LGR take on chili dogs. Steve1989 mre info used one of those sea weed flavor pack you added. Im gonna have to score one to try. Thanks for the video man. 8]

  7. GreyHulk2 says:

    Miso hungry.

  8. 禄Abby says:

    I love miso ramen and I’ve had those Nissin raoh ones they’re pretty good

  9. allan fulton says:

    I would have added some sliced roast pork to mine but other than that it really looks good. I was hoping for another soup recipe and you came through for me.

  10. Scratch Pad says:

    While I'm caught completely out of my guard that you are reviewing an Asian dish, this is a very pleasant surprise to see you away from reviewing retro technology. You have earned yourself my subscription notice as your 19,414th subscriber!

  11. DobieMeltfire says:

    Wait? You had a second channel all along? impulse sub!

  12. BallinBoxer says:

    Never stop. Please.

  13. Squideey says:

    Life has no purpos-
    LGR uploads new food video

  14. Brad Wade says:

    I have stopped watching porn and just get off to these videos. All that food porn and relaxing jazz completes me.

  15. Broccolli1500 says:

    How did I miss this video? Youtube is trying to keep me away from my favorite corner!

  16. hippiechick7897 says:

    Do you shop in regular grocery stores or gourmet shops? You have ingredients I’ve never seen. The noodles, mushrooms in a package, the sundries tomatoes…

  17. Mike F says:

    Dude, you should have used that mushroom water in the broth!


    Super subbed done

  19. orihalchon says:

    Curious question – have you by any chance seen Indomie noodles around, before? You should try it! 😀

  20. ale says:

    Thank you for this channel seriously I watched all your videos and it's the best cooking channel ever made by one of my favorite youtubers ever

  21. ale says:

    Thank you for this channel seriously I watched all your videos and it's the best cooking channel ever made by one of my favorite youtubers ever

  22. Captain Zeke says:

    Hey man you should do some slowcooker recipes too. They are easily obtainable now for around $20.

  23. benanderson89 says:

    I just made something similar to this. Wheat Noodles, Chestnut Mushrooms and Sun-dried tomatoes. Made a broth using two beef stock cubes and soy sauce. Boiled egg from a batch I did over the weekend and voila. The mushrooms made the broth extremely beefy. Was delicious!

  24. Jacob Wan says:

    Instead of the red pepper flakes, try a dollop of Huy Fong Foods chili garlic sauce. Instant classic.

  25. Black Sheep72 says:

    I love the vibe, makes me feel as happy as seeing a woodgrain 486…Mmm keep it up…Should match it with a perfect Martini

  26. Falka1990 says:

    You, Sir, have changed my life. I've never thought of adding stuff to instant noodle soup, and boy, was I missing out. Tried putting my spin on it, and I love it. Thank you!

  27. DpoProductions says:

    love these videons clint

  28. Garfield Vikernes says:

    I can't believe LGR makes food now. Aren't you supposed to be lazy game reviews?

  29. Kevin All Over the World says:

    It's fun to see you branching out from your usual videos. Makes me think I should start a vintage gaming channel 😂

  30. g ts says:


  31. Sbs6393 says:

    Omg i had no idea this channel was real. Now I gotta watch all the videos I missed

  32. Redey1290 says:

    Man, now I want to make myself some noodles… Well, some simple Maruchan Ramen noodles that is.

  33. teamhex says:

    I had no idea this channel existed until today. I subscribe to a lot of food channels and I'm pumped to have another to watch. Keep on keeping on!

  34. btfrenchy says:

    Dude you have to soft boil your eggs and put them in there whole. When you break into it and the yolk mixes in with the broth it's heaven.

  35. Aviation Enthusiast says:

    It’s almost 1 in the morning and now I’m hungry. DANG IT CLINT!!!!!!!!

  36. George Geef says:

    Miso ramen with sun-dried tomato and butter? That's a classic Ivan Orkin combo. Check out his episode of Chef's Table on Netflix if you haven't.

  37. Agent Office says:

    Why are mushrooms lobster?

  38. HeyLookItsAmy says:

    Butter on top was an interesting addition that I've never seen anyone do with ramen before.

  39. werkis2 says:

    and i tough Americans are scared from wild mushrooms

  40. St. Urban Winemaker says:

    Open a culinary school. Trust, just do it.

  41. Singe Chamberlain says:


  42. bat man says:

    A little bit of butter

  43. bootscootin says:

    Jar Jars favourite…

  44. applextree says:

    you're so fancy with your soup spoon & chopsticks!

  45. AUSTIN PEYTON says:


  46. Eric Hulliberger says:

    Oh man that looks like some excellent soup, I can almost smell it…aaah..hard to watch this channel without becoming hungry…you sir are a God in the kitchen as well as all things tech-related.

  47. MrTommyboy357 says:

    Enjoyed your other channel auto subscribe I like this one too

  48. Prof. Nutmeg says:

    Real butter!! Oh yeah! I don't do that fake margarine chizz. That is some great looking soup!

  49. Aurα вírdч says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm food yum.

  50. VevoKIlledUtube says:

    Where do you buy the miso noodles?

  51. Tiago Alexandre says:

    Dude you should do a collab with binging with babish

  52. Mulder man says:

    My favorite recipe is:
    Samyang Chicken Flavour Ramen Extremely Spicy
    boil the noodles with some smoked paprika in the water.
    Finish up with
    some lamb's lettuce
    an egg
    bacon bits
    fried onion
    And have some milk on hand.

  53. Elmer J Fapp says:

    everything about this is spot on except the soup addative that looks like turd coming out where as up north we use powdered flavoring but this is really some innovative work

  54. AboveEmAllProduction says:

    im from europe, just curious, do you americans buy everthing processed and in plastic? fresh foods are just unavaliable?

  55. The Card Whisperer says:

    Awesome video as always !

  56. Carlisle Go says:

    Wow…1160mg of sodium.

  57. shadowtheimpure says:

    I see you like your ramen Hokkaido style with a pat of butter. Try it with sweet corn and the butter sometime and you'll really be tasting Hokkaido.

  58. Succ says:

    Hello Wildcats, my name is Clint

  59. Akidget says:

    I didn't know about the second channel! Also, I didn't know they sold Raoh brand in the U.S., I gotta find them now!

  60. udaaz says:

    Soft boiled egg next time

  61. David La Roche says:

    why the fuck am I watching this? have a like anyway

  62. Dandy Doodads says:

    i dare you to do a mukbang/ eating show ;;;;)))))

  63. allan fulton says:

    I wish I could get the good ramen noodles in my city but the best we get are ichiban noodles or cup a noodles which really suck.

  64. allan fulton says:

    All you needed to make this perfect is bbq pork loin and maybe a few shrimp. I would personally put celery in instead of the lobster mushrooms but that’s just a personal taste thing.

  65. Leonardo Testai says:

    You so fancy! That looks good, I'll try it!

  66. tanoshineko says:

    Super ramen alert!:
    I highly recommend Ottogi sesame flavor ramen.
    It had both my husband and I moaning, oohing and ahhing at the dinner table.
    It was painfully/pleasurably spicy with no discomfort the following morning.
    I love the almost udon noodle-like consistency of this Korean style ramen.
    This particular flavor includes no fish ingredients, which is a must for me.
    I think I'm in the small camp that believes fish overpowers a dish.
    We threw in raw bok choy, carrot slivers, green onion and mushroom.
    Would have added tofu or beef, but there was none.
    Happy slobbering.

  67. ancientflounder says:

    Nissin Raoh, with any of its flavors, really are one of the best options for instant ramen on the market. That soup base is excellent.

  68. Nargis Parween says:

    very good i suscribe your channel pleaseeeeeeee suscribe my channel

  69. Reeci☆ says:

    Hey I just found a new part of your house, your kitchen😀

  70. A. DudeMan says:

    Where do you find these noodles?! All I can ever find are the generic ramen soup packs!

  71. Lonely 182 says:

    Omg Now I want to eat it!!! Damn you Clint!

  72. ObiTrev says:

    "I don't eat instant noodle, I eat FANCY RAMEN!

  73. Cristalveil says:

    and here i am eating basic ass ramen

  74. dj gp90 says:


  75. Tech101 says:

    Or you could just get a Pot noodle lol

  76. Fuzzybeans says:

    I'd like to buy that mmmm yummy 😋 👍
    LGR Restaurants 🍴 should be popping up everywhere soon.

  77. Anne Celine Alrik says:

    Whaaaaaaat am I watching. 😝

  78. Bearded Gamer says:

    tfw you realize LGR has a second channel, but also has the same bowls you do at home…. interesting

  79. James Russell says:

    I think there are whole containers of the bonito and seaweed stuff at 1:52. I think they come in similar containers to most spices..

  80. Kenny Chan says:

    You cooked the egg too long

  81. Lee Christmas says:

    Noodle episodes are my favorite 🙂

  82. Lindsey F says:

    Between the miso, mushrooms, "packet of goodies" and the sun dried tomatoes, that bowl of noodles must have been an absolute umami bomb.

  83. Tomdaninja says:

    I really have to recommend putting hoisin sauce in the soup, but as far as I know it’s really good for pho noodles.
    (P.S if you even read this comment, I would only recommend a little bit)

  84. Zach Cole says:

    Thank you for reminding me of that brand of Furikake flakes! I put those on my rice all the time but never on my ramen! Side note: try a poached or soft boiled egg next time. If you like runny/slash gooey yolks in ramen…😊😍Like I do

  85. Arcanua the Red Mage says:

    Can you do the tonkatsu Raoh ramen that Nissin made? I've seen it at the store but not had that one yet. I like the umami miso one though. ^^

  86. HeadCannon says:

    Aye I have the same bowls

  87. Pups Kopf says:

    What a cliche a nerd that only eats ramen and sandwiches

  88. BloodBlight says:

    Some Amazon affiliate links to the "add on" stuff might be a good idea for this video. 😉 I know I was ready to go buy some.

  89. ArmyAnts Studios says:

    i'm glad i found this soup base at my local store

  90. xxmatentv123xx12 says:

    this makes my romen in a cup look super sad (it's delicious btw lol)

  91. Gabor Kopena says:

    Throw away the mushroom water is what almost made me downvote. I won't though, but next time… save that water for stock or even cooking the pasta in or anything other than down the drain my friend.

  92. Przemo P. says:

    How to prepare a soup for platic bags. Americans! This high processed food ain’t anything good.

  93. Longtimemocha38 says:

    Who else watches LGR Foods and think, I can make this, and just throw an egg and a salad in some top romen

  94. Forest Whispers says:

    I eat my Maggi Letup (Explosive in Malay) Kari Cili Api (Birds Eye Chilli Curry, also in Malay, with some cheese slices, a bit of creamy yogurt, some flavor enhancer, some sliced green chillies along with a dash of thyme and oregano while watching this

  95. 99nerka says:

    You do not throw away water from under dried mushrooms man, reconstitute them with minimal ammount of water and put it all in, you've just drained 50% of flavour.

  96. trex70 says:

    Oh Sandwich in a bowl 😆

  97. Jellidonut12 says:

    One day I’ll get tired of watching Clint make ramen and sandwiches.
    But not today.

  98. Bryce Wilcomb says:

    Ruins it with butter.

  99. Andrie Alinsangao says:

    Normal day: meh
    Clint uploads videos like these:

  100. Joe Pro says:

    I wish you'd do more of these! The ramen ones in particular…

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