Nuovo forno Ooni Koda e test prima pizza napoletana [Eng-Sub]

hi guys and welcome back to my channel in this video I’m gonna show you my first pizza cooked in a Ooni Koda the oven but before starting remember to subscribe my channel click the bell to receive the notifications leave a comment and thumbs up if you liked the video as you know from a previous video I recently bought a new oven Ooni Koda my first impression was pretty positive as it was nice tiny and light but the best metrics to evaluate an oven are the reliability the convenience and its performance that’s why I decided to test the oven with a margherita pizza the recipe is pretty simple 65% hydration 24 hours fermentation and 260 grams per pizza bow i preheated the oven for about 25 minutes and i made sure the bottom was below 400 degrees and the top over 500 degrees this is the 260 grams Pizza Bowl I’ve just moved into a bowl for the usual flour bath it would be very important to gently handle the dough as we have to keep the oxygen in the crust in preventing to flatten it so push softly while you are covering the dough remember to remove the flour from the dough otherwise once cooked the pizza might become bigger start stretching from the middle of the dough and push the oxygen to the crust repeat that until the pizza looks a fairly stretched don’t make it too big at this point as we make sure to fix its sides once the pizza will be on the bottle then you could also use the slapping technique the one used by Napolitan pizza alley but even in this case make sure the pizza isn’t bigger than your two hands [Music] it’s now time to add some toppings let’s start from tomorrow first this is Posada Posada I made you can add roughly a big spoon just to prevent to make pizza too heavy then some mozzarella cheese this is proper mozzarella it’s not mozzarella for pizza specifically made for pizza so it’s fairly wet so will be better cutting it before at least 30 minutes before preparing a pizza then some fresh basil leaves just taken from the plant and some cheese grated cheese in my case is a bit of parmesan bit of pecorino romano cheese I’d say 5050 and now it’s time to move this margarita on the Ooni Koda a paddle this puddle is very handy as the holes make sure no flour would remain under pizzas make sure to grab pizza properly and don’t crush the crust try to stretch it for the very last time to match the sides of the puddle don’t exceed the size of the bottle otherwise the pizza won’t fit the door of the oven la stopping some extra virgin olive oil remember to draw a sort of number 6 to have a point of reference in terms of quantity and where the oil should be added are you ready for the magic it’s time to try the único de let’s cook it you are gonna watch the real time cooking no edits no speed up it would be the actual time spent to cook this margarita in the meantime I’ve added a couple of links below in case you were interested to purchase the unique Oda it’s 269 Europe or 245 pounds or 299 dollars once you open the store page click on the flag and change it to select European the British or the American one according to the currency you will be using I’ve also added the link to the page of the paddle which is 59 euro fifty five pounds or $60 in the meantime it looks like this pizza is cooking very well there’s a fair gap between this pizza and the flame because it’s well protected by the aluminum band you see at the very bottom it’s now time to turn this pizza to facilitate the cooking of the opposite side and just to clarify I’m using the same technique that you need showed in their videos to turn pizzas this is why I decided to not to use any turning pins to turn this pizza okay guys so thumbs up if you like this video otherwise remember to leave a comment and to let me know what you think about this video and about this oven and then remember to subscribe my channel and to kick the belt to receive the notifications then remember does my pizza class on udemy called the art of pizza making and I am on Instagram as Gigio pizza and on Facebook as a runaway don’t so we are over one minute and as you can see there still is one pizza side that needs to be finalized will be the oven able to cook under 100 seconds but before discovering this I would like to clarify that I stopped the timer everytime the pizza was out I don’t know about yourself but this last seconds are making me feel very anxious so we are approaching the famous 90 seconds all right Pizza still there few seconds more and here we go it’s 95 96 seconds for my very first Pizza cooked in a unique Jota oven the oven did its job very well preheated in 25 minutes the flame will easily controllable and not too close to the pizza but let’s see how the pizza looks like hmmmm let’s see the result is very good you know I’m a pizza perfectionist and I believe a couple of areas in the crust are overcooked I think it’s the first part of the pizza that I cooked but for sure now I learned how long I have to keep each side inside the oven anyway the crust looks very very good bubbly soft and the pizza itself look fold the ball and this is the area which got slightly overcooked and to be honest in many pizza places this is the normality the pizza sides is the same as the rock book pizzas and this is the bottom to be honest and very happy at the bottom and never got any results like this with the drug box oven never maybe this could be because of the cordierite unique odor used for their stones I don’t know I’m not an expert and now it’s time to do the legendary slicing test the purpose of this test is to check the inside of the crust to see if it’s ro oh it’s well-cooked and finally to discover how oxygenated the crust looks like and by the way the first impression is about the softness of this pizza which is 100% foldable and here we go this is the inside of the crust which looks fantastic oh it looks very well cooked and there are many many holes so actually unique Oda did its job great look at the other side it looks amazing I’m very happy about my first pizza and about this unique Oda and between us I couldn’t really miss the chance to try this pizza and it tastes amazing so guys thumbs up if you like this video otherwise leave a comment let me know what you think about this video about Ooni Koda subscribe my channel and click the bell to receive the notifications remember my pizza class on udemy the art of pizza making to learn how to make pizza properly sorry guys but I have to eat the rest see you next time hey where are you going I was just joking so like this video to watch more leave a comment subscribe my channel ring the bell to activate the notifications my pizza class on udemy link in the description follow me on instagram as Gigio Pizza on Facebook as a runaway tow and use the hashtag GGO pizza when you publish your pizzas see you next time [Music]

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