is how do you tolerate what I call you
about and ugly okay let me let me get a drink I get your drink to get your drink
I can you believe I just read there what is that nobody squad it’s a mine it’s
like I am what adorable and it is your new chart channel we have to turn off
two wins make sure you guys like subscribe and comment down below what
else we should do for our next video but this video right here is a sigma boy and
q and a’s yes because we like doing them we’re gonna to start giving you guys
advice and while we eat stop we have snow crabs and it cost fifty five
dollars and 73 cents and I think this is 5 pounds yeah they have this time we
have some Lobster against the monster right here some potato some corn and
we’re gonna put this in the boiling pot and we will show you how it stops right
here honey it’s like taste really good ok that’s a
lot you know tell me it doesn’t light up there we go okay so we finished cooking
everything and now we’re gonna change our outfit because we don’t want to give
this cute outfit dirty and messy so if either change it at three to one okay
guys so we’re back with the change of clothes and now you’re gonna get started
getting in but before we do so to show you guys what we’re drinking and then
we’re gonna press so what we’re drinking is mom do we both pick about dude we
could big difference but you know we’re twin itself and then we have our cup
what ice mm-hmm so let’s open it real quick ready mommy y’all gonna be quieter
this part ready set go wait let it bug down that’s something
about these sodas things that might buzz up and then they have bubbles doing it
wanna drink something ok guys so now we’re going to price and then we’re
gonna eat it real quick I’m going to eat a little bit and then click answer some
questions and then eat again so let’s pray ready mine look you supposed to be
back on my iPad mine thank you for waking us up this morning they have a
great day today and everybody had a good day mrs. food
thank you everything that Jesus man so if I to get into this what she put me
first Tony the expertise interest mm-hmm he’s gonna answer um
which I’ll ask listen you know like that and giving you off tips and stuff you
know like that’s it’s like that was the best way to help you you guys we’re gonna get you fool good luck here a little bit so then and let’s see what you guys questions
for yes the first question is why are y’all home so I’m gonna answer this one
so why we are home-schooled is because well we’re not home school anymore but
while we were home food was because we were trying to focus more to gymnastics
organizing just so I don’t know we will be having a gymnastics and dance class
for all the girls and the membership will be $20.00 InGaAs gonna be so much
fun cuz we will have a thousand gymnastic
jets to teach y’all and we’re gonna start from the beginning to the end and
guess you guys it’s gonna be dropped December 1st to makes you guys straight
to put all these lasers so we’re gonna we really hope you guys are gonna enjoy
this so can you put a lot of marketers says yeah is how do you taller Ackley
would I call you about an ugly okay well let me let me get a drink I get your
drink to get drunk I can you believe I just read then let me eat a piece of Egg
Roll quit can you believe that like really okay so how I tolerate that is I
just completely block them out cuz they’re irrelevant period says period so
somebody call you bought an ugly just know their little hater they don’t look
good at all if they’re calling you back cuz they must be talking about this self
don’t want tires on my car like period sis you know you look good huh you know
you’re also three it that’s the answer right there alright Oh rad this is no
grab you already some this good old snow crab you know
let’s give it up a new studio let me get my ready so I’m trying to open this up
right now but after we finish this leg answer another question running on sand
okay it’s kind of hard to open please check
it out and I did not get a single thing okay I need some scissors okay I’m gonna
go maybe that snow crab and you need
scissors not really the best part of any crab is like the legs all right you guys so we’re up to our
next question see my question is do you guys have boyfriends no we do not have a
boyfriend you know it just not interested because we got so much stuff
to do and anyways we don’t need a boyfriend it’s gonna wait till college
after probably actually I know seems a long time but really not you don’t need
a boyfriend just need to focus on you’re working on and saying get good grades
love you son getting passing tests and stuff like that that’s what you make a
focus should be that’s what mine is but mine is too yeah that’s what’s going on that’s your that’s your answer okay I
thought I know she’d want we’re gonna start you didn’t know so
that’s my favorite part is winner I rolled into this awesome now with our Q&A you guys hope you liked
it and make sure that you guys would like and subscribe hit that Bell
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