onigiri furi furi・おにぎりフリフリ

Here I put it in? In the smaller furifuri uhhhh here? uhhhh It… It’s so small, like Japanese things If you’re rough like me You’re bad with your hands Because Japanese things are like playing house Isn’t it? Yeah This? Like this? yeah And then just, furi furi Weren’t you going to put egg in? Isn’t this too small for the egg? Oh yeah So for this This one, once you furi furi and it’s round, Uh, on the outside, uh, what was it you put the thing on furikake? yeah furikake is this fine? like? I don’t know Read the directions But it doesn’t say anything about it! It doesn’t have it in the directions 2,20 to 30 times shake it furi furi ok that’s all it says It didn’t get round at all It’s not round! Maybe you’re bad? The way you’re doing it is bad? But it’s like this, right? This? This? No. Uh? Doesn’t it say how to shake it? I don’t know! Th, this? Can you understand this? How to shake it? Uhhh, yeah I don’t get it But I feel like it’s not sticking together it’s not staying together It’s not pretty at all The middle one But, it’s not round Mid, more harder? it’s not furi furi but more like shake shake shake shake Yeah Like shyaka shyaka chicken But it’s still not working It’s not working at all! It looks more like it though…. Yeah, compared to before Maybe it was too big? Too much? Maybe it should’ve been smaller? Oh, maybe It said half so This just became two, it just became twins wow really! So maybe it was too much? You’re too rough Look See! Ok. I’ll take a little bit out. Is this fine? It’s like for babies at this size! Baby food? Maybe… Uh….. Uh, but isn’t it for kids? Isn’t that why it’s a furifuri? But even if it’s a kid, maybe? It’s too small, even elementary schoolers eat more Yeah, but if you’re in elementary, isn’t it too much work to make rice balls? Like This is much more work But you’re hands don’t get sticky right? Nope, the separated ones won’t go back together Devastating Is it really how I shake it? But it’s not like this What if you do it in circles? How? How is it? I don’t get it! I should’ve watched a video first Like that one person was doing this That person was… oh what? what? If you make it damp in the beginning, it makes it less sticky I just found it on the directions Oh I washed it just now so it was damp, but you can’t do this if you’re a kid really? furifuri…. Oh, this is good, This, This failed, what? It died Ok, pause one second? How much does it zoom Here, yeah Maybe you did it wrong I’m just bad? Yeah This isn’t probably See, it’s about to collapse! It needs to be more firm, but like, soft Maybe it collapses because it’s soft? I don’t know But like, this, Uh, the furikake, if I mix it first, and then furifuri, wouldn’t it just be a mess? I don’t know Ugh~It’s difficult That person did it good though This aren’t the eggs long? What? Like, isn’t the egg too long to fit? Huh? It’s too long Oh I cut these Oh Yeah, I halved them It’s just fat, maybe a little too fat I’m a little worried I guess I should use chopsticks? Um, like It stick, sticks, I don’t know I should watch a video on it before I do this Yeah Put, the rice in, here, and put an egg, and put more, rice, but only about half, I guess if you put more it doesn’t work Yeah Well the egg probably won’t be in center Yeah But like, I really was impressed by how the nori goes in when you shake it and I’m like, is it really gonna do that? If it doesn’t, I’m gonna be so mad! But it was only a dollar fifty But in japan its only 100 yen! I mean, yeah Ok, is this good? I guess? It might be a little too much, close the lid And the main thing, in the direction of the blue arrow, 20 times, 20 to 30 times, shake and make the rice into a cylinder Depending on how hard you shake it, it will change the results It’s pretty heavy Oh Oh, this is pretty good? Pretty good? Oh yeah pretty good yeah And, then it says to put the nori in this slit This nori this nori, in here, Good luck~ Put the nori in to the slot, and with the guide line set it Shake in the direction of the blue arrow Oh, it’s going in It’s in! This, I saw it on the video, This was it! Is it finished? Maybe? It’s so nice, it’s so pretty! This was a success, a great success! Unexpectedly Yeah And this, If you do this, It’s like fluffy, That person was saying too, its, like fluffy and good Huh It’s done! This is so cool I wonder if sausages are possible Oh~probably Do I need to cut the sausage half vertically in half, or not? I’ll try with one And put the rice on top but only a thin layer, this is fun this one is good The one with three is too small That person was doing it with like, dango? It looked different, was it like that? I need to watch the video again I’ll try sausages this time Brandon’s late! Why? Uhh, because it was raining? But it’s been more than 30 minutes He always comes home a little past 2 Maybe he was waiting out the rain Am I wrong? Is it not a white day today? I don’t know He was late yesterday? So it must be a white day today I don’t know Today’s Friday, so he might’ve texted my ipad did he say something? Like ‘I’m gonna hang with my friends~’ or something I’ll go check Oh, this is pretty! Yeah! yeah It looks good This is good! Put in nori, this is gonna become a habit Whoever thought of this was a genius! Like, um, that uh, Shark, shark, uh, Ah, I need to shake it a bit more It wasn’t damp enough so the nori Nori needs to be sealed by hand with a little water it’ll probably work better if the seal is at the bottom when I open it It’s done! It’s complete, it’s like, cute! This is fun! It’s fun! It’d be fun with kids If you had a kid who liked vegetables you could put in vegetables! Like burdock root! It’s good! This! Thumbs up! Try 2 I can’t get used to ‘a pinch’ because in america it’s like a lot I’m not giving you any I’m not giving you any Sorry Ace ate sushi before He ate the sushi first but I still don’t know Did he eat it because he liked it, or because it was the closest He remembered the sushi From like 2 years ago Yeah This is not as exciting Yeah And I think Because of centripetal force, this and this are being shaked differently oh yeah So should I shake it like this? Is this not ok? Like this? Am I just shaking it wrong? This is too difficult for kids I guess I think it is separating I think it’s a twin now It divided neatly though And like top and bottoms ones look okay yeah, yeah 80 points But now we know it’s like this Yay That uh, like, Do you wanna try eating it? I guess, you’d just eat it whole I don’t know Probably If Brandon was here I was going to make him eat it, but he’s not here, so This is the result

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