100 comments on “ORIGINAL Almazan Kitchen Knife – All Others are FAKE!”

  1. black billy says:

    just cooked with mine! Thank you again for this masterpiece

  2. paraglide01 says:

    I got mine from alibaba dot com for 12 dollars, but now you are saying that might be a counterfeit? The seller said he was the real Almozon Kitchen from Shechuan province.

  3. Jeffrey Perry says:

    i dont have Crackbook and never will, great content on your channel and every view also counts as support! its' too bad you make it so difficult and expensive to buy the knife, i would have preferred your knife but ordered from Spain

  4. Serg 27 says:

    All others fake ? Except yours?🤣

  5. Jacky Blackhair says:

    Cuánto cuesta con envío a México 🇲🇽? Gracias ☺

  6. Dominika Petlušová says:

    Is there somebody who ordered from almazanknives?

  7. Mike Ivy says:

    Can’t wait to get mine

  8. Jitaru Alex says:

    Im Alex to.. I'm from Romania .. I love your stile of cocking and I love your knives (cleaver) i have one ..but not so good ..

  9. Zlatko Jovanovic says:


  10. TheArtsOfSense says:

    these dudes try to sell this knife as theirs lol.. this is just a completely ordinary knife. you can‘t just make it yours only because many people saw it in your videos for the first time smh

  11. Alvin Johnson says:

    This is some real follow the leader bullshit here, now everybody wants a kitchen knife you gotta be kidding me, a bunch of sheep.

  12. Frode Bjerkely says:

    Fraude firm….Do not freaking put your money here…
    They Will not ship or answer mail. Totalt freaking fraude.
    Do not be silly. Dont buy!

  13. Symmetrical Assymetry says:

    I trust on my Knive. Forged in fire and ice
    Its sharp blade shall be baptised in blood
    As I take the Beast's life

  14. peter hennig says:

    Received mine about 6 weeks ago
    Absolutely amazing craftsmanship 💓

  15. Wilbert Martin says:

    *In my Eddie Murphy voice *

    I want the kniiiiiiiife……….pleeeeeeease!!!"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Eserovwe says:

    hm is your knife sir? the u r using?

  17. TheOther RayJ says:

    Very beautiful knife and very stylish knife cover

  18. Riley Tatum says:

    My wife got me this knife for our anniversary. I just received it yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! I am very impressed! Don't drop it on your foot.

  19. Randy Nguyen says:

    Your knife that you use, is it a good choice to use it as a meat cleaver? chopping up bones and what not?

  20. lordoflys says:

    Waited three months..finally got my two ordered via DHL to my address in Japan. Great knives. My only beef is that the wax paper they use to wrap the knife melted onto the blade during shipping. It was difficult to remove. Beautiful knives, though.

  21. George A. says:

    Since I don't have a FB account and never will, the Spanish knife is the only alternative I have. Make the buying process simpler for those of us who don't have FB and I promise you the problem will go away…

  22. Alessandro Goffredo says:

    Hallo, this kind of knife is awesome, im from italy and i would like to buy it, i am exited when you cut all things with it, my email is [email protected]
    Thank you sir

  23. Brian Estelow says:

    Is there a name for this knife?

  24. goltoof says:

    At the end of the day it's a hunk of metal with a handle and Almazan is a region in spain. If you want to sell more of them just put a link on your website where people can buy it directly. Make it more difficult for people to buy from you by forcing them to go through facebook then people will go somewhere else. If you charge way more than your competitors people will go somewhere else. I love your channel but it's basic economics: people compete to sell product, that won't ever change.

  25. Interest in old school says:

    So, are you guys in Serbia or Spain? Was researching your knifes and some videos made mention of Almazan. Spain.

  26. lion m says:

    how sharp is this knife?

  27. Bajoobie Cuzican says:

    I have this knife. It's sharp as hell. Very well balanced. Fits nicely in your hand. Great quality. The price is reasonable.

  28. Goran Vasic says:

    Gde mogu to da kupim

  29. OPZ ** says:

    I would not spend that amount on a knife. Anyone can make that kind of knife and for way cheaper, sorry not sorry.
    I might like to watch how you do cooking videos but I wouldnt spend that amount….

  30. Ryan Fyfe says:

    Ehhh, fake is cheaper. Your blades are over priced.

  31. MattyE says:

    Is there a video of you making the knife?

  32. juh_mana_moe says:

    Don’t waste your money on their products anyway. I ordered through their website. I was really excited to get them. The used them for the very first time and the coloring from the handles bled onto our hands. Definitely NOT worth the money!!!!! Buy at your own risk.

  33. rishabh dagar says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i came to see the face
    so did you

  34. ArkansasBadBoy says:

    I have been with these guys for a long time AND I purchased their knife as well as the magnificent sheath. I can honestly say that it's my favorite knife; nothing overly fancy at all, just very useful and holds a nice edge surprisingly well. If I only had one knife, this would be it, hands down…

  35. esqueletos molhados clan says:

    Knife is knife , everywhere !!

  36. realtoast says:

    I have purchased directly from FB messenger a couple times, also buying as gifts for friends. Everyone enjoys the knives. But they LOVE the story behind the knives. This channel plays in the background as my family is in the kitchen on holidays. Always a crowd around the computer.

  37. Skee LaCrosse says:

    Which size of knifes are in the video? You have a thick one and a thinner one.

  38. Якутский Татарин из Бурятии says:

    For Russians!!!

    Дорогие друзья!

    Мы были вынуждены сделать это видео, чтобы предупредить вас о контрафактной продукции AlmazanKitchen.

    Мы обычно не говорим, поэтому мы будем использовать это видео, чтобы поблагодарить вас в первую очередь.

    Слова не могут выразить, как мы благодарны за вашу поддержку, это то, что привело этот канал к тому, что он сейчас!

    Благодарю вас!

    Чтобы помочь удовлетворить потребности канала, мы также начали производить и продавать наши специальные ножи, которые никогда не видели до наших видео.

    Теперь есть люди, которые используют наше имя для продвижения и продажи плохих и дешевых копий наших ножей.

    Покупка ножа у них не поддерживает нас, это только помогает им распространять их воровство.

    Что они продают НЕ AlmazanKitchen!


    Единственным местом, где вы можете заказать наш ОРИГИНАЛЬНЫЙ нож, является наш Facebook (по личному сообщению).

    Спасибо за внимание, до скорой встречи!

    Переводил через гуглю, сильно не пинать!

  39. Sexy Me says:

    No picture? Easy to say

  40. Обычный Чел says:

    Hahahahah, it comes from the Chinese cook's cleaver!)))

  41. P I L L O W J A M says:

    Love your content almazankitchen🍅 it makes me hungry everytime i watch your video's……. happy new year!❤👍

  42. EveryDayIsDifferent says:

    What is the price of this knife? Thanks

  43. Bernardine Ali says:

    Gonna order one asap !
    Tx for informing us.

  44. Zoran Calić says:

    Momci , kupio sam Vas noz …VRHUNSKI je !!! Imam predlog za Vas da uradite jedan video ( ako niste ) kako se ostri odrzava itd….Veliki pozdrav !

  45. Ahmed BEN AMOR says:

    how much does it cost ? 😮

  46. miniion26 says:

    No offense, but some of us choose not to have a facebook account for obvious reasons. Does that mean you won't sell me a knife?

  47. 龍誉紫暮 says:

    I was going to purchase one of your knives, as I like the Serbian chef's knife which has been around for 100's of years, but for the price you are asking, I can get one made here in Japan by 7th generation profession knife makers who use a whopping 32 layers of Damascus steel, by master craftsmen in Seki, Japan (the nation’s knife-making capital), that comes with a lifetime warranty, and definitely of the caliber to become both a beloved heirloom cutting tool and a lifelong workhorse.

  48. Dyn4m1ke says:

    selling over Facebook only is dumb as fk- go pro guys

  49. paul mcdowell says:

    So your saying ken fuyuki didnt make this knife

  50. WolfGang says:

    Do you just do knives or do you do other products too?

  51. zbr ng says:

    da li moze da se naruci ovaj noz ima li ga u prodaji? odlicne klipove snimate.

  52. Devin Gaumont says:

    Im not going to buy a counterfeit blade from some random mas-production company… Im just gonna forge my own! 🙂

  53. Kyote caller says:

    I hate face book. how else can one order the knife?

  54. Dyshof TV says:

    What means original? What seems strange to me that the fake knives are made in city called Almazan. Why do you bear the spanish name Almazan?

  55. Brian Freeman says:

    Just received mine. This is a sturdy knife, but it isn't a quality knife for the money. It's made in Pakistan, not forged by hand by a bunch of Serbian blade masters. The edge is unevenly ground and has visible grind marks. Considering the hype and the price, the least they could do is sharpen it.
    I plan to regrind the bevel to a consistent edge and sharpen it in hopes of turning it into something other than a coarse cleaver.

  56. SpriGgEx says:

    maybe the reason is, cause you make it so damn complicated to order a knife oO
    Why not use your own damn website for it. At least for Infos and contact formular and so on.

  57. Maria Elisa Tomonari says:

    pls provide almazan kitchen link … too many accounts that replicating your side .. thanks .. i love the knive.. im from Philippines

  58. Buena Vista says:


  59. Bat Dan says:

    So @AlmazanKitchen – you're saying that NOONE has the right or permission to recreate this design of knife without your permission? That's what I got from this video.

    Fun Fact: The Serbian design blade exsisted way before any of us existed in our fathers left/ right testicle. Not an idea of Almazan Kitchen

  60. Buster Worley says:

    Why would you make it hard to buy it?

  61. Ali Rothchild says:

    these guys are frauds. do not buy their overpriced knives.

  62. thong kaka says:

    ngon ko thả dc

  63. xmozzazx says:

    I am so anxious for mine to be shipped!

  64. Arnt-Ragnar Arntsen says:

    As a fan over the years…Now is the time to get the real knife.

  65. James Dunlop says:

    I would love to get the original Almazan Kitchen Knife but I will not join Facebook to do it.

  66. Richard Dias says:

    Does anyone know how much the knife costs?

  67. M A says:

    fake description lol, only ours is real, yeh right..

  68. Bernhard List says:

    Is this a method of selling to prevent paying income tax 😁😁😁. Everything is non traceable. No facebook so I guess Not made for me.

  69. Jeanne Cooke says:

    Thank you so much! Dreadful to learn you are victims of counterfeiters of your beautiful knife! Glad to know to order only direct from you! Best Regards! Thank you for your videos! The foods are sublime! The scenes so beautiful! Pleasure to watch!

  70. Amit Upadhya says:

    I spent a whole week trying to buy their knives.. they nvr fukken reply. It’s so difficult that is why you have ppl making your knives and selling them

  71. Bob Carson says:

    I have the knife so cool-thank you–from Bob Carson

  72. Bob Carson says:


  73. Simple Skill HD says:

    I like your video…

  74. john doe says:

    serbian kurac knife

  75. Arish Khan says:

    My most favorite channel of youTube

  76. Dule Kenic says:

    Koja je cena noza za teritoriju Srbije ?

  77. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Big fan sir

  78. Jaye McCadney says:

    I don’t have Facebook 🤷🏾‍♂️

  79. Lemmy On Air says:

    I like your Channel and i like this knife 👍 Bit i dont have Facebook 🙈 Can u give me some informationes?

  80. K G says:

    There is some debate going on about the Spanish knife makers who have been making knives for over 30 years called Almazan Knives (they make Serbian knives), and the Almazan Kitchen, who import their knives from China and charges $400-500 U.S. – the price is crazy. Do some research.

  81. Шалун says:

    Good day. How much will such a knife cost, with shipment to Ukraine?

  82. stone tooth says:

    I want one of these knives so much. I will get one someday.

  83. jtchristiank1 says:

    I would love one, but I'm not going to get a Facebook page for this knife. I love this channel; I've subscribed for a couple years now, but I can't believe you're not getting funding from Facebook. I won't support that. Maybe I'll try a "knock-off" brand.

  84. Stefano Ferigutti says:

    I have made my from a cheap chinese cleaver, i found that this shape is very good and i have to buy the original, but from what you pick up the idea for the shape? It's your original ideata ora exist a knife with this particular shape

  85. E - works says:

    Truth be told , how many people are prepared to pay $300 for a knife ? ? ? Not me !

  86. Spartan Lion says:

    Not that hard to copy this thing. Your cooking is quite nice, your knife isn't.

  87. Tatanka says:

    What's wrong in making the knife of your design?
    Sharing is caring
    Don't be like Apple,
    Be like Android!!

  88. My French Cottage Addiction says:

    I wish I could afford one. I'm on such a tight budget and have to suffer along with my ceramic knife.

  89. Robert Lin says:

    Pay some Youtuber to do a comparison of ur real knife vs fake knife. this will help to demonstrate for the price if it will pay off

  90. girish gowda says:

    How to get the knife

  91. Adina Banu says:

    Gorgeous knife! I got mine a week ago and I am in love 😀 You guys are amazing!

  92. 기파랑 says:

    달걀 노른자는 어디에 쓴거임?

  93. Schmalspurhengst says:

    @AlmazanKitchen Could you make a video on how to correctly sharpen your knife? I just ordered one at your store wich my parents give me as a christmas present. And I want it to last long! 🙂 Would be great and since I am following your channel I would get it when the video should come. Greetings from Germany and keep up your beautiful work! Michael

  94. 2 Face says:

    Fuck that, your prices are stupid high

  95. cheongsu Kim says:

    나는 잘못했으면 다른 칼을 살뻔했습니다!
    이 영상을 통해 홈페이지에서 구매를 하게되어 다행으로 생각한다 ~ 감사합니다! 🙂

  96. Tupoelf says:

    Waiting my knife shipped from Hungary (strange). It will arrive in few days.

  97. karan mankar says:

    Can I know the dimensions of this knife?

  98. Zeljko Ikonic says:

    Legendo treba da pravis ove nozeve sa logom ima svaka kuca u kuhinji da ima ,ali da nije cijena zara

  99. Schmalspurhengst says:

    Your Knife is awesome! I recieved mine a few days ago (maybe you remember to send one to Essen, Germany). My parents gave it to me as a christmas present. So the day before yesterday I unboxed it and gave it a short treatment on the whetstone. And …god, I am really enjoying it. Celebrated a bit of vegetable-slicing and it is really great. 🙂 Greetings! Michael

  100. Robert Love says:

    You only sell thru Facebook and I won't use FB. Please give us another way to purchase the real knife and support you.

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