Osaka Must Eat Street Food – Osaka Takoyaki!

こんにちは みなさん Limpeh Si… Singapore 男です

7 comments on “Osaka Must Eat Street Food – Osaka Takoyaki!”

  1. ObitoSk8 says:


  2. Singaporean In Korea / America / Japan says:

    Have you had this before? What do you think?

  3. Meli Stormcrow says:

    What is inside the takoyaki?

  4. don don says:

    Last month I went to Osaka and I ate that things. .すごく美味しい

  5. CZ Lee says:

    I'm vegan …looks like your enjoying it 😛

  6. Lucky Mull says:

    It looks delicious. Thank you for sharing. Your videos are so joyful!

  7. Joann Wheeler says:

    I have not had that before but it looks very good. After watching this, I am now hungry again😆

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