Osaka Spicy Dandan noodle at Ramen Street🇯🇵 +Free Ninja Park in Edion Namba Osaka #201

Wow probably I have a ninja blood Sweet!
that was awesome! Hey guys! Welcome to Rion’s TV
I’m Rion “Seeeeno” Gaoooo! oh my goodness, Look at this weather!
it’s so crowded, you know what the typhoon is coming, usually typhoon season in August and I think at the latest in September
however it’s already October and then typhoon is coming oh I think it’s quite
abnormal but maybe because of the global warming
I think the global standard is changing I guess I’m not sure anyway so I’m in
front of namba station right now in this video I try to introduce the new
Spot called “Ramen Ichiza” in that place there are so many kinds of ramen
from all over Japan also there are many other places too well technically it’s
not a street, I think it’s better to show you more than explaining, you know how it is so
anyways let’s go this is Namba station, one of the most popular station in
Osaka it’s Tuesday today therefore not so many people now
however on the weekend there are so many people visiting this town I’m heading to
the Namba Ramen Ichiza right now well actually from Namba station to
Rama Ichiza it is really close it’s just a walking distance takes less than
1 minute I’m pretty sure you won’t be lost
you see that’s the Namba station right and the Ramen Ichiza is just
over there you see that tall building over there
well actually ramen Ichiza is in the building
9th floor it really understandable that you don’t expect the
good ramen Street in the building however you know since there are so many
travelers coming to Osaka recently this Edion try to be a popular spot for
souvenir and the electric devices so they made a food street as well yes
it’s huge right and then it’s right front of the Namba station so it’s
pretty cool they have a tax-free option as well as long as you provide the
passport you can have a tax-free option it’s pretty good right, but since I’m a local
here so I don’t have that option sadly though.. you see many travelers over here
right and look at that that’s the ramen Ichiza in the 9th floor they have
nine different kinds of ramen it’s really cool right okay so let’s head to
the 9th floor the entrance is just in front of Nankai Namba station there
are seats to take a rest as well yes this is really convenient place alright
here we go look at that it’s huge! so in right front of
the elevator there is a picture spot okay so why not let’s take a photo wow, it’s huge huh? I’m pretty sure if you
come over here with your friend you can have a better angle but since I’m taking
a photo by myself that’s the best angle I could get anyway look at that it’s so
cool nine different kinds of ramen restaurant from all over Japan
well if you don’t have money don’t worry about it there is a foreign currency
exchanger in front of the ramen Ichiza you can change your foreign currency to
the Japanese yen however speaking of the exchanger this old exchanger machine
don’t have really good rate well if you wanna know where you can have a good rate
for the exchanger in Osaka I have made a video I checked a lot of exchanger place
and I try to compare if there is a price differences I found out automatic
exchanger had a worst rate anyway so yep that’s the Namba ramen Ichiza, let’s
go to check inside this place opens from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so even you get
Osaka late you can still come over here and also they now have a promotion that
if you try all Ramen here you can have a special souvenir so let’s go to check
one by one well the first place Setagaya this place from Tokyo well it looks
pretty good and in front of Setagaya there is a
Takei this one is really popular Kyoto’s ramen restaurant well this restaurant is popular for
Tsukemen, Tsukemen is kind of like a dipping style ramen noodle
some people loving it some people don’t I personally prefer the Ramen better
and the next to Takei there is a Yoshimino, actually this place
looks pretty nice as well and yes still 6 more, speaking of
this place right now you see no one however if you come over here on the
weekend lunch time there’s gonna be a so long line so you gotta be careful
well that’s Canadaya which is one of the most popular Tonkotsu ramen restaurant
in Fukuoka you see if you love Ramen this place is like a paradise right and
the next to the canadaya there is a Dandan noodles from
Osaka look at that noodle over there it looks super spicy but looks so good yes
dan dan noodles called Tantan men is my favorite actually I haven’t tried
this restaurant yet and also this restaurant is from Osaka so I’m gonna
try this dan dan noodles today, okay so let’s get it all right so this is what I got, I got
Uo dandan men, and Onsentamago which is the half boiled egg, you see the
Uotantanmen is 880 Japanese yen and onsen tamago 100 Japanese yen you have a Ramen with egg
and less than1000 Japanese yen it’s pretty good right okay so
let’s get it huh, so I’m inside the restaurant so excited to try that well
actually I can’t eat much spicy food but I love spicy food maybe you guys can
understand how I feel right I think you know the spicy food it has like magic
I believe, don’t you guys agree? and then that Tantanmen, you know sometimes it
really spicy sometimes it’s not I personally preferred not too spicy ones
however even it’s super spicy or not I love it anyway, sweet oh my goodness look at this Smells so good, it looks so good too,
wow, nice! oh my goodness it’s so red, wow, I really love tartan men
So Itadakimasu! Let me try the soup first! you know what
well regular dandan Ramen is sometimes it’s just spicy
however this place it’s not only spicy but you can enjoy the fish flavor
Wow oh my goodness it’s so good! let me
mix it wow look at this yeah right! this is the one I love!
the flavor! Dandan noodle’s flavor really good yeah trust me this is one of the best Dandan men
I’ve ever had, and there is a Naruto well maybe for you guys Naruto the
ninja one is more popular than this Naruto, but the Naruto is originally
from this food, this one called Naruto know what actually I totally forgot to
eat this half boiled egg which is the Onsen Tamago okay so let me put it in
oh my goodness look at this Onsentamago it’s beautiful
this is like an art I love this, this dandan men with half boiled egg
perfect I really recommend if you come over here and
eating this Dandan noodles then order the egg as well this egg
perfectly matches with this Dandan noodles and then the egg is only 100 Japanese yen
altogether less than 1000 Japanese yen oh I think this is the winner in this
ramen restaurant Street well actually I haven’t tried other
places yet though but this one is so good well speaking of the spiciness, this
Dandan noodles it’s not as spicy as it looks like so if you can eat spicy
food much I think you should be okay this one is more like you know the flavor of fish
than the spiciness for someone like me who loves spicy food but can’t handle
much this one, you will love this and after you finish the ramen noodle use this
spoon and you see still there that’s bean sprout and the meat you’ll can enjoyed it Well, I love this Dandan noodles soup
but maybe I don’t think I can finish the soup it’s really good though it’s just too,,
you know oily, actually there are many other spices right here so you can
change the taste as well you know if you wanna have more Japanese paper or the
chili oil soy sauce vinegars but I like the original taste it was so good
“Gochiso Samadeshita” alright so let’s take off alright so I’m ready to get out
let’s go, so nice right? well you see this restaurant
energy I lovin it
yes that’s like Osaka right sweet! well so in front of the Dandan noodles
there is Ramen Nagomi, this one is popular Ramen in Hyogo near Osaka and in
front of Rama Nagomi there’s a yoshiyama shouten which is
a really popular restaurant from Hokkaido look at that picture over there
there’s a Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Sweet! all ramen restaurants looks so good well so this one is a popular restaurant called
Seino from Wakayama, it looks pretty good too huh? I realized that actually many restaurants
in here less than 1000 Japanese yen well the standard price in Japan the
ramen is about one thousand Japanese yen so pretty reasonable and at the end of
the street there is a souvenir places well actually you can get your favorite
instant ramen from the souvenir store and in front of the souvenir place yes so this is the exit, feels like in
Kyoto right, look at that they said “Maido Okini” that means thank you so much in
Japanese but it Osaka dialect this is the exit, actually still not
finished yet well in the 8th floor there is a ninja Park just come down to the
8th floor and then in front of the elevator you can find the Ninja park very
interesting Look at this place, for now you can enter
it for free and also you can try some entertaining things as well, look at that, it’s a
shurikens dojo well it used to be a 300 Japanese yen but now you can try it
for free you know I’m a Japanese so maybe my ancestor, is a ninja
probably I have a ninja blood, why not? let’s try it so I have to beat 3 ninja
it’s time to show my shuriken skill it wasn’t that good
I begged them for an another chance this time I put my chakra if you come over
here please beat them instead of me speaking of this place you can learn
ninja history plus Japanese culture you can try Shodo and Sado for free too
and there is a ninja trick house Ninja residence faithfully recreated well from here you have to pay 1,000 Japanese yen so if you love ninja why
not? sweet! that was awesome okay so let’s go downstairs so I came back to the
first floor actually that ramen Ichiza was pretty good and also there is a
ninja park extra too so after you enjoyed the ramen over there you can try
the ninja park as well especially this is just right front of the Namba
station Wow they made a really nice place alright so this video pretty much
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