Our Favourite Friday Night Wood Fired Pizza Recipe

welcome friends welcome to pizza of the
week every week we’re gonna be doing a pizza for the next little while and
we’re cooking it in our wood-fired clay brick pizza oven which is already
rolling outside I’ve got the fire going I’ve got it all squared away now we’re
going to make the pizza so this dough that I’ve got ready here is our
sourdough pizza dough and you can look for that recipe I’ll link to it
somewhere around us and for the first pizza I thought I’d make what is
essentially our favorite Friday night pizza so I’ve got a floured board and I
take the dough put it into the flour and then I turn it over into the flour again
and you want to make sure that the bottom side of your pizza ball or your
dough ball is always on the bottom you want to make sure that it is on the
bottom when you put it into the pizza oven so I just dimpled around the
outside and I don’t get too fancy with my pizza spreading technique just sort
of spread it out slowly and don’t push into this ring around the outside too
much you want to make sure that it still has a lot of air into it now this is
dough that’s been in the fridge for menteng for three days so it should be
nice and it’ll stretch itself look at that it will pretty much stretch itself
you don’t have to be fancy and I put a little bit of flour on my peel just so
it doesn’t stick spread it out and I build my pizza on the peel because I
just I’m not very good at getting it off the counter once I’ve got all of the
toppings on it doesn’t have to be perfectly round now these are our
favourite pizza ingredients we start off just with tomato this isn’t tomato sauce
this is just crushed tomato I kind of like the bright flavor next our onions
spread those around hot peppers mushrooms a little bit of basil and some hot pepperoni and the last
thing is some cheese now we sort of go back and forth between fresh mozzarella
and this more dry sort of pizza cheese kind of depends on your own preference
whatever you like really it’s your pizza and I don’t hold to any sort of pizza
conventions so out to the wood-fired oven
so the ovens all fired up it’s hot take it off this is where I switched to a
metal peel and I use something called a pizza popper so I can turn the pizza
around I think we are done looks good just in
time for the pizza of the week this is basically the one that we have every
week a classic for us ah fresh the wood oven you know I’m getting better at the
wood oven I mean I’m still not it’s well did you have to put in a sacrificial one
first I didn’t this time Wow so I’m getting better with my temperature
control in the past the first one that went in flames
great yeah so uh temperature control and practice is something but as soon as you
get the hang of it three or four pizzas in you’re going to have something that’s
amazing so I expect to hot hmm the crust this is the sourdough crust okay that
would explain that it’s got that mm-hmm very good so the sourdough crusts
combined with three days in the fridge for that long slow ferment you get a
really flavorful really nice crust and so this is also just regular Canadian
Breck fire I didn’t go for the highfalutin double zero Italian pizza
flour this is regular and it pulls really nicely shapes really nicely
tastes great I don’t know that the extra money is
worth it for the extra flour fair enough so this is the first pizza in our pizza
of the week series and we’re going to explore a whole bunch of different kinds
of pizzas in that woodfired pizza oven dessert pizzas
I don’t think dessert pizzas get enough love we’re gonna we’re gonna get some
love to the dessert pizza very good and of course
we have a bias and what we eat but if you have something interesting that you
like on pizza tell us in the comments what you like to have on pizza we’ve had
pizza all over the world pizza in Sri Lanka was amazing yeah what the pizza in
Hong Kong was good but you know fish sauce on pizza was it to my taste
what didn’t really but Pizza everywhere has been fantastic so tell us what you
like on your pizza put it in the comments below and also if you can come
up with a better name for this series than Pizza of the week let us know too
maybe we’ll use it thanks for stopping by see you again soon

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