Honey. Yes, honey?
I’m almost asleep. If you could be
with another woman, who would it be? Don’t do that, honey. Don’t. -It’s just a game.
-I know. But I’m almost asleep.
In fact, let’s go to our room. Honey, it can be anyone.
It can be a celebrity. Okay, let’s watch the show
and I’ll tell you. It’s quick, honey.
We’re playing. -Just name a person.
-I don’t know… Who’s the most beautiful woman
after me? -I never thought about that.
-Think now. Jesus, honey… C’mon, honey! I only want you.
I only think about you. Honey, we’re adults. Just tell me who you think
is beautiful. -Anyone?
-Anyone. I don’t know, I don’t know…
I can’t think of anyone. -The first woman that pops.
-No one. -Three, two, one… Say it!
-Danni Suzuki! -You hurt me.
-There. -Was that it?
-See? -We’re okay?
-There. -I’m silly.
-You’re silly. Okay. C’mon… Why Danni Suzuki? Why did you pick
Danni Suzuki? I don’t know.
Because she’s pretty. There are so many pretty women
in the world, and you picked Danni Suzuki. I had to say a name.
I didn’t know I couldn’t pick… I didn’t know you thought
Danni Suzuki was gorgeous. I didn’t say she was the most
gorgeous woman… But you could have picked
any American model or artist and you picked Danni Suzuki. I know, sweetheart,
I think she’s beautiful inside. -Okay.
-What is it? What is it? -Tomorrow we’ll sign the papers.
-What papers? -The divorce papers.
-Wait! What divorce? I won’t get in the way of you
fucking Danni Suzuki. -But I don’t want to…
-It’s your “Romeo and Juliet”. Honey, wait! Take it easy! Fuck that, Roberto! Don’t you dream
about fucking Danni Suzuki? You’re going after
that dream. -It’s not a dream!
-What is it? A reality? -How do you know Danni Suzuki?
-I don’t know Danni. -Danni?
-It’s her name! Her name is Danni Suzuki!
It’s like Sandy & Junior. You only say Danni
if you’re intimate. Are you intimate with her,
Roberto? How do you call her?
Suzuki whore? Danni whore? -You’re being so low…
-Low? Are you defending
Danni Suzuki? I’m not defending Danni!
Suzuki! Roberto, do you know
which other man I’d kiss? -Which one?
-No one. -I said I didn’t want any woman!
-You weren’t convincing. The first chance you had,
you were already eating Danni Suzuki’s
Japanese pussy! -I only want you, my love.
-Too late. -What is this?
-Hey! What’s going on here? I called Danni so you can sign
your marriage papers. But where did she come from? -How do you know her?
-I know people. Bruno Gagliasso. Wait, this isn’t right.
Let’s talk. I think my wife
got things confused here. -She’s a little…
-There’s no confusion. Didn’t you want to kiss
Danni Suzuki? -Just kiss Danni Suzuki.
-I don’t know her. We can sort that.
Roberto, Danni. Danni, Roberto. -Leave me for her to my face.
-I don’t want to leave you… Guys, I’m sorry,
I only have half an hour. You’re making the girl late!
Hurry up, Roberto! -I don’t know…
-Kiss Danni Suzuki! -I’m sorry.
-It’s okay. Let’s do this. -Do it, Roberto!
-Easy… Kiss her! What the hell? Jesus Christ! Nice! You killed Danni Suzuki! Danni Suzuki, Roberto?
It’s that sashimi guy. You see Danni Suzuki
in everyone. -Bury him!
-They’re very similar. Excuse me. Just a second. What’s going on, honey? She’s our new maid. You like her? What’s her name? Her name is let’s see how much
you love your wife. Great. It’s hot!

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  1. Hydra 229 says:

    E ainda querem legalizar a arma no Brasil….
    Previsão do futuro kkk

  2. Inês Lima says:

    Esses dois são os melhores kkkk

  3. Bruney Seares says:

    É Miuki.

  4. Tamires Paiva says:

    Amo esses dois nesses papéis 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Rochelly Valeska says:

    E foi assim que eu fui dormir de couro quente! Kkkkk

  6. Livre Acesso says:

    Como faço para participar do canal também ?

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