OVERNIGHT AT AMUSEMENT PARK! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Jake Webber

April 1st 2019
Victorville CA

100 comments on “OVERNIGHT AT AMUSEMENT PARK! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Jake Webber”

  1. Goth Girl On a Budget says:

    Omg Elliot could be in IT with that laugh

  2. Jedzabeth Mercado says:

    “Im not crying elton”

  3. Reya Foley says:

    Tik Tok sent me

  4. Nobody Cares says:

    It seems to me that “ellltoonnnnn” is Corey’s favourite word

  5. Lexyy Xo says:

    Tik tok?

  6. gimme them beans says:

    28:55 the look of true friendship

  7. Lucy Longstaff says:

    Who else came here because of tik tok coz i did ahahahaah xxx

  8. Katelin Cash says:


  9. Tipod says:

    I live so close to scandia

  10. Pia Rose says:

    Who’s here from TikTok?

  11. Angel Rodriguez says:

    #ivebeenthere gang were you at

  12. Balbir Toor says:

    Y u left Sam and Colby

  13. Apollyon Creeps says:


  14. ÜBR ! says:


  15. John Khun says:

    Best part was when the first 2 boys went on that tall thing 😂 it made me laugh so hard bc if they’re reactions and the screaming 😂

  16. Wooo Chu says:

    Who’s here cause of tictok

  17. Hunter J says:

    28:53 tho

  18. Sydney lee says:

    I hate it but I can’t stop watching these roller coasters videos 😂

  19. Sub Erminas says:

    i would pay 3 million$ to see jake stressed

  20. Caleb Slagle says:

    Like if you’re from TikTok

  21. Sherlyn Hernandez.g says:

    Awe Corey is so cute 😂

  22. Kathy P says:

    Oaks park in Oregon

  23. Julian Reyes says:

    It's funny how Elton sounds like a clown XD when he was on then long roller coaster

  24. Anna Barbara says:

    more jake

  25. Basically Ivy says:

    Why does Corey remind me of Shayne Topp from Smosh lol..

  26. gacha maker 123 says:

    More jake

  27. scott & tahnee Croteau says:


  28. Meme Princess says:

    27:20 this is how psychotic episodes start lol

  29. Meme Princess says:

    28:58 I peed my pants and almost passed out from laughing

  30. Meme Princess says:

    30:10 sounds like the guy in the ad that can do anything but dies trying to fly lol

  31. Jenny & Lupita says:


  32. Lily le waffle says:

    More jake

  33. MADDOGG P says:

    Why is this literally 5 min from my house

  34. Big Juicy says:

    Can we have an hour long video of Corey and Elton being stuck on a ride?

  35. sierra head says:

    "OH MY GOD"

  36. ashton kemper says:

    Literally the hardest I have ever laughed in my life

  37. June VanLieshout says:

    Corey looks like Shane from smos h (and acts)

  38. Mikayla Teela says:

    Anyone else here from tik tok

  39. Anna cline says:

    Here from TikTok

  40. Roséune says:

    When Sam and Colby went on the ride I keep saying “OMG IM POOR BABIES DONT RUIN YOUR VOICE”

  41. tik tok tutorial says:

    Guys did you see the person would buy them when he got caught and most Coby and all them grow their somebody I saw inside somebody walked pass

  42. catherine jenkins says:

    Sigh jake annoys me 🙄 he just tries to hard to fit in to be like the others…..jake….please just stop your not funny……you missed your bus ….shame 😂🤣

  43. Naomi and Brooklyn says:

    elton’s laugh tho😂💀

  44. Erynn I Am says:

    If you are here from tik took the point you are looking for is 26:00

  45. Lapis Funnysand says:

    Loved it but still scared me AF when Jake was prank arrested.

  46. Flip master Story says:


  47. Kyndra's vlogs says:


  48. Dragon Inny says:

    I kinda smashed the like button and broke it like you said😂🤣😝

  49. Avah Marie says:

    Overnight at movie theater with Sam, Colby, and Corey

  50. Natalia Kurantowicz says:

    Who’s from tik tok?

  51. marisol escobedo says:

    i thought jake was going to make a run for it

  52. macKenzie Williams says:


  53. Colleen Zimmerman says:

    More Jake

  54. Molly And Ally says:

    19:37 is so funny with Colby

  55. Boopledoop says:

    way more jake

  56. RileyEwalsh says:

    Colby is a snack

  57. Mounif Ezzi says:

    yeah i know how that ride feel i tried it in paris

  58. Jaeden Landry says:

    what part of cali are you in?

  59. Lissy Lou says:

    How are Sam and Colby still friends with you 😂😂😂

  60. Funny_things says:

    44:57 is the best part

  61. Faithfullyxoxo xoxo says:

    More abandoned places 😂😂😂

  62. Ayah Loudiyi says:

    more jake

  63. the king of monster MONSTER says:

    Do overnight at Macdonald's

  64. xxxgacha jaidexxx says:

    me jake

  65. Benny Dru says:

    more jake
    plz i love you guys working with him

  66. Minecraft Waifu says:


  67. Lily Kilbride says:


  68. Mortal Unknown says:

    well Jake was being really loud.

  69. GhettoHouseinLA says:

    25:58 💀💀💀

  70. Rad Nessa says:

    I got anxiety until he said he rented the place out 😂😂😂😂

  71. No Name says:

    24:42 that laugh tho

  72. kirigou blast says:

    Im gonna be real with everyone……*Pulls out some old videos and pictures*(here we go….)

    I haven't been on a real ride…..in 4 or 3 years …. Yeah 4 years…..So for me…. this looks so fun….I wish i could do this……

  73. Trinity Claire says:

    Honestly, not gonna lie. If someone left me on the ride like they left Sam and Colby. I would’ve been so pissed, I can’t be the only one who would’ve got so mad? 😂

  74. Janessa Johnson says:

    More Jake

  75. Yoonji Min says:

    what amusement park is this? it's so cool! 🙂

  76. Bree the Bumblebee says:

    Omg whaaat you guys are were I live

  77. jonathan dempsey says:


  78. Mika CookieGaming says:

    "I'm not crying Elton-"
    Big ass mood tbh

  79. ? what do you want? says:

    Fuck u fucking gay ass looking motherfuker

    U probably still suck your thumb when in bed you baby ass nigga

  80. JJowen says:

    I get so much anxiety when they get caught but 100% of them time Elton is like “yeah I rented the place out” and I still get a lot of anxiety

  81. Carlie Boyle says:

    Corey: "Get on your fucking knees Elton! BE A FUCKING ACTION HERO!!" 😂😂😂

  82. Noelani Rivera says:

    im I the only one who saw a person walking inside of the door at 18:02

  83. scrapiecocoa says:

    drives by at this amusement park and thinking that the employees were having fun, then saw this video uploaded 😂😐😵

  84. Tatiana Jayne says:

    24:13 they have this exact ride at the fair where i live so im going on the last day of the fair and riding this screaming "ELTON!!!!" and beware im very scared of heights and imma get my friend to ride with me so i dont have anybody in my family asking "whos elton??"

  85. Romeo Dark says:

    Sam finally went through puberty on first ride

  86. MARTINI HUDINI says:

    at 18:03 you can see someone a the door

  87. Hannah Elias says:

    Corey:ITS THE POLICE , ITS THE POLICE Corey : Hey jake Hey 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  88. Amber Steele says:

    That is not cool when you leave someone hanging dowen

  89. WolfieMaster Hash says:

    23:12 When mom calls you right after you did the Laundry, Cooking, cleaning your room, and taking out Th dog for a walk, etc.

  90. Skylar Keicher says:

    Elton: * holds on to the ride *
    Corey: YoU cAnt HoLd oN tO rIgHt rIgHT tHeRe!!
    Elton: oH 😛

  91. Rodrigo Ramos says:

    This is by Victorville I just passed by it

  92. TenrIvhal P says:

    46:10 Elton : 'maybe bring some friends next time'
    Sam : 'are we not enough for you Elton?' 😂😂

  93. Tik tik Girl says:


  94. Julia Fides says:

    That moment when "Fuck" is beeped out but "Shit" isn't w

  95. Amy Russell says:

    No one
    Absolutely no one
    Corey on a massive spinning ride 25:55 : ‘ALL I WANT IS A MCDOUBLE’

  96. Erin Joy Hall says:


  97. Cesily Erudite says:



  98. Catherine_lol says:

    I’ve never laughed at a video this much. When corey and Elton were up in the swing the whole time I was laughing and I’m ngl I peed my pants a little from laughing

  99. Cookies n Tea says:

    28:18 I call this: the disappointed uncle look

  100. Kacey Demonte says:

    i know this was ages ago but more jake please

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