Can you see it? It’s like we’re having a beauty shoot I don’t know whether you can see it Flower Crab Beauty Shoot! I don’t know what to talk about. Mbak Sri! It’s really beautiful here, there are a lot of Bonsai Trees as well, where you can take pictures I think the Bonsai trees are for sale Not eaten, is it? Because they sell seafood here So the speciality here is seafood, yes, as its’ name says it How long has this place been open? I just asked the owner, they said they recently opened on November 20th, 2019 So that means, until this video is made, they just opened for less than 2 months Ok, so you’ve been here before? Yes, since it’s near my house I’ve been here once before, so today I’m bringing you here So, it’s recommended then? Yes, for me personally Let’s just order some food, shall we? I’m getting hungry and it’s getting late Anyway, we haven’t told the viewers where we are! Oh right! We’re at.. Tada… Sari Laut Mbak Sri! Okay, then, let’s go! Okay, dear viewers! As I said before, this place is called Sari Laut Mbak Sri It’s located at Teuku Amir Hamzah road It’s just a few blocks away from Lembur Kuring. If Lembur Kuring is located here, Sari Laut Mbak Sri is located here As you can see, the venue looks like this And there is a cute waterfall there Then there are also a place.. Not exactly a lesehan, but an additional area Then, at the back, there are Bonsai collections You can take pictures there So here is this humble place, one area followed by another The place is quite nice They say it gets crowded quickly in the evening. Yes, it’s usually crowded when I pass through I see.. So it should be good, then So, Han, actually I’ve been here with my family before So I didn’t know what are the special menus here, I just ordered the ordinary ones Fried chicken and fried fish, turns out they’re good! I did ask the owner just now They recommended several menus Which are Gulai Asam, Flower Crab in Padang Sauce, and Tauco Clams There’s three.. Aren’t there supposed to be four? The last one are Giant Prawns, if I’m not mistaken Ok.. Is there any rice? You won’t be full without it! Sure, there is rice for you.. So, shall we? You said you’re hungry! Ok, let’s go! Mbak Sri review begins! Why is it named Mbak Sri? I don’t know! I forgot to ask Maybe it’s the owner’s name.. Let’s assume the owner’s name is Mbak Sri Okay, then So, the fish is here Turns out, I ordered more than what I mentioned before I forgot.. What are the additional menus? Special Tofu Let’s show them to the viewers! Special Tofu Then there’s this one.. What is it? I substituted pole fish to other kind of fish Which is Grilled Senangin Fish This is, like we mentioned before, is Gulai Asam This is Flower Crab with Asam Padang, this one is Tauco Clams It’s Padang Sauce! Flower Crab in Padang Sauce You’ll get these with every order of rice I got these when I dined here previously I thought it was due to opening promo Since we also get these today, I asked Turns out, these are the standard here, if we order rice, we’ll get these jackfruit and long beans as compliment Which one would you like to dig in first? What’s this? Up to you! Let’s just proceed! I want to taste their Tauco Clams first Want some? Ok I don’t think we’ll need these utensils Use your hands! Tauco Clams Tofu Let’s have the fish right away In a glimpse, it looks like Nasi Sayur Our dining style is like Nasi Sayur Here, it does look like Nasi Sayur Add a little bit of fish This is Snapper cooked in Asam Sauce Looks good! You have to enjoy the gravy as well I imagine it to have a fresh, sour taste Since this fish is the most recommended, we’ll try it first That’s right, it has a fresh, sour taste Let’s try it with rice! Sour Savory With a hint of spiciness It’s not too spicy It’s good! Previously, you tried their Tauco Clams, didn’t you? They’re the best! That’s right! Usually if we eat clams, the clam aroma would be strong, and if we pair it with Tauco, the tauco aroma would overpower. However, this one is balanced It’s just the right amount of spiciness and saltiness Not less importantly, the aroma of the clams are just right The texture of the clams are just right as well The chewiness You’re the king of sambal, Han Why don’t you add any sambal? Is this the sambal? There are two types of sambal here I’ll try their Special Tofu With their Red Sambal first There’s an aroma of fish and shrimp in it Seafood, isn’t it? This reminds me of Siomay, but it also looks like tofu I prefer enjoying the tofu with sambal You can taste the original flavor better Because it already has a lot of fillings Anyway, the gravy is a must The tofu is recommended as well Good thing we came here earlier, because it’s getting crowded We haven’t tried the Senangin Go ahead! Grilled Senangin It’s not overly burned Then, there is a hint of sourness in the spice, what spice is it? I cannot tell, but it’s good! Seems familiar The presentation of the dish is yellow Let’s call this “Yellow Spice” The spice tastes familiar.. Seems like it’s best paired with their soy sauce sambal The soy sauce sambal has a hint of sweetness It’s good! Everything’s good! Last but not least I’ll take one Actually, for this dish, you can choose between crabs or flower crabs We chose the flower crabs As you can see, the sauce is not the thick type, but it’s rather dry instead It’s cooked with egg, if I’m not mistaken And thus, the presentation It’s good! Honestly, the Padang sauce is different from another ones If you want to call it Padang Sauce, they’re not similar It’s more like tomatoes and chili, isn’t it? More like Balado, isn’t it? There’s a lot of meat, nice! Usually, flower crabs have more shells This is a good quality flower crab There’s plenty of meat here! The meat makes it similar to small crabs because it’s quite thick Here’s the meat, I’ll show you Can you see it? I’ll make it like a beauty shoot I don’t know whether you can see it Flower Crab Beauty Shoot! This is the best! We’ve tried all five of them Which one(s) is bad? I haven’t found any So that means I’m not lying? That’s right! I can still trust my tastebuds Ok, we’ll wrap up in front of this cute waterfall Let’s start from the price! Just now we had Snapper in Gulai Asam, IDR 60k per fish, Cha-Ching! Then, Senangin costs IDR 40k per fish What else? Flower Crab in Padang Sauce, IDR 50k per crab, and we had two of them, so it’s IDR 100k Then, Special Tofu, only IDR 15k per portion Finally, the clams costing IDR 35k per portion Then, we also had 3 portions of Nasi Uduk with the cameraman So, in total, it costs us… This! IDR 279k I think it’s “Alasan Boleh”. What kind of term is that? Reason (alasan) – able (boleh) “Alasan Boleh” *LOL* Don’t laugh at me first! It’s reasonable I think, we had 2 fishes, 2 flower crabs, then we had clams and rice, and it’s still reasonable a.k.a Ceng Li or Alasan Boleh So, will you be back? For me, it’s a yes That means he would be here thrice! It’s my first time here, I would dine here with my family But I would reconsider coming here with my partner Because I can’t eat too much! This place is better if visited with family. Plus it’s far away from your house! Yes, but it doesn’t matter if I come with my family Ok? OK! As usual, we put all the details below Complete below, so before you ask “Where is this, Ma?” please read below! Watch and read before you comment! You keep asking “Where is this, Ma?” even after we’ve write it down and reviewed Since you’re reading, don’t forget to click the LIKE button and the SUBSCRIBE button with a bell on it That’s right, ring your bell! Yes, so you’ll be notified about our next video Please comment as well New dining spots you want us to review.. OK? That’s it then, bye! How is it? Is it good enough? Let’s do it once again! Forget it, consider it good It’s nice, it’s OK!


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