Penyebaran Covid-19 di Indonesia

Origin of covid 19 the outbreak of the virus that began in China so far only referred to as 2019 – novel coronavirus (19-NCOV) aka a new type of corona virus. the world health agency (Who) finally gave the official name for this corona virus, namely copid-19. 196 countries are exposed to Covid 19, including in Indonesia. and as many as 440,386 positive people were infected with copid-19 and as many as 19,753 people died, of which approximately 112,032 people were cured. in Indonesia it self there have been many who were exposed to co-19, according to the national official website as many as 790 cases were handled, with details that were successfully cured 31 people and 58 people died. Chinese authorities initially reported that the first corona virus case occurred on December 31 and many of the early cases of infection that resembled pneumonia were connected to the seafood and animal markets in Wuhan, Hubei province However, a study by Chinese researchers published in the Lancet medical journal, claimed the first person with Covid-19 was diagnosed on December 1, 2019 (much earlier) and that person “had no contact” with the Huanan marine animal and fish market. To prevent the spread of covid-19 from this chain, let us together for a moment stay at home, work from home, work from home and learn from home. this can help the government a little so that the chain of distribution of co-19 can be broken. together we can fight covid-19.

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