People Taste-Test Exotic Fruit

hi I’m jasmine hey I’m Chris reinecker hi I’m Lee a and I’m Kelsey peach again and today we’re gonna be taste testing exotic fruit my personal relationship with fruit is this strong one fruit and I go way back I love fruit what’s your favorite peach oh yes I love peaches and pineapple I always love a raspberry raspberry is in my opinion the perfect fruit raspberry if you give me a bowl of raspberries they’re gone game over the things that I don’t like I don’t like cantaloupe and I don’t like melon unless unique fruit yeah I think that’s one that I’ve had yeah yeah I feel like all the most unique fruits that I’ve had I’ve never known what they were while I was eating it I feel like star fruit is the most exotic but maybe it’s just cuz the name sounds fun let’s try the first fruit I’m nervous I have no idea what these are I don’t know what they are doing there’s a seed in it in the middle you’re ruining this for me I’m trying to discover it this looks like a sea anenome what are those sea urchins are no fridge ads it’s at Lumberton yes Wow yeah but it’s creepy it is so creepy it looks like it moves touch it the world is so exciting should right just like cutting yeah all right I’m really like this thing’s alive whoa it’s a heart it’s the it’s like a grape inside I forgot there’s a hat now it has a hat Wow look you match it’s almost like a lychee does this work for you in what way like is it cool you’re gonna be the official taste session that I’m gonna taste it up for you okay my fruit I don’t know I own it it’s not what this video is about mm-hmm Wow this texture not my friend text your grape flex it’s like skin grape taste mild mild flavor sweet sweetness is nice nice sweetness it’s not bad it’s very light it’s almost taste like a pear mm-hmm I’m confused a skin grape is a good way to describe it it’s it’s slimy it’s fun this experience is fun but I don’t know if the taste is like worth it it’s just fine it’s just really really light it’s got like a different sweetness grape has a little bit of a little bit more like that’s a little bit more Tang a little not a time I think if I had kids I would buy it and be like let’s play I think you’re eating this for the game you’re not eating this for like the flavor of it you’re eating this cause it’s fun I disagree like you like the flavor I wouldn’t get this something grocery store no good get it great because they’re fun not cuz they’re good alright let’s try the next one I’m scared Oh excited I do not know what it is wait dragon fruit hahahaha do you know what that is it’s this dragon fruit yay oh I’m nailing this I’ve only seen the insides of this I thought Drago for it was I realized that I’m not well-versed in fruit so I thought I was a fruit boy maybe I’m not a boy it’s the one you were talking about yeah yeah it’s beautiful this is pretty so pretty yeah like now I recognize this but I didn’t recognize this squash looking thing from the outside I’ve eaten one of these but it was pink it wasn’t yeah I feel like I’ve never had it myself it’s always in a smoothie yeah oh yeah I love crazy I actually didn’t expect to have my mind blown this much it’s so nice but with very watermelon hmm but not as like crunch as watermelon it’s a more soft it’s like mild are not hard Kiwi what I like about it I’m like a textures like person and I like that this is like this seeds provide a really nice crunch moment we’re like conch moment crunch moment brought to you by dragon fruit is a dope name can we talk about that it’s not it’s more mild than you would expect from a thing that is named dragon fruit oh I would buy this for sure me too I don’t think I’ve ever even seen this in a grocery store there’s only one more is this a Dragon’s egg this one’s cool I don’t know if I know this one Hey I know – I don’t Samoa it looks almost like an apple pear if it was a dragon birthday what does it taste like I believe it kind of tastes it like pear yeah is cherimoya would you like to kind of Spanish for dragon fruit yeah I’m one up again yeah relax with your knife I don’t know how to cut it though it’s very hard it’s just like a reptile Apple if an apple is a reptile okay I don’t want to eat this one like I’m not interested really no I’m gonna eat it that’s the point of the taste test my friend I don’t like this this is like surprises you don’t like surprises [Music] you wanna try I mean I guess oh I think I do not like um I’ve heard that this isn’t right this is crazy I prayed you better try but I want I want a ton of new fruits this is exciting it’s a little bit pear like I can admit but it’s a little thicker than a pear it’s usually tasty it’s you Jerry like creamy yeah there’s a tang this is the worst way of saying it but like a meatiness to it that’s not about what I say at all yeah it’s a good way to said maybe we’ll let this one get there I’ll take this one me too it’s cute yeah I’d buy it what what how much money you’re just buying Jane she said would you buy it from the store I am NOT going out of my way to buy this okay yeah I’m gonna have a fruit moment I’m a pretty standard and what I like you know I don’t try a lot of new things I was really nervous for this video but I like these this is all controlled I think I would try this next time I would tend to ten eat all these fruits again and I want to discover even more fruits I’m like excited that there are still fruits that I have not yet tasted those are not my choice to buy but now I kind of want to buy because it’s pretty it’s like yeah freakin tasty if you’re really gonna go this story and you have all these options here’s what you do this is fun for a second not that good sell it this is exciting on the outside not that cool on the inside this grab a bunch grab I don’t know what a collection of dragon fruit is called a gaggle of dragons oh yes a dragon grab a drag Allah dragon fruits because these things are worth it [Music]

100 comments on “People Taste-Test Exotic Fruit”

  1. Greta Buschau says:

    I’ve only seen purple ish pink dragon fruits

  2. Natalie Kendel says:

    Why do they keep getting Chris back to do videos??? He's so negative and brings the mood down

  3. Mō Rai says:

    I love dragonfruit. I get them everytime they are in season

  4. Mochi’sEuophoria Lyf says:

    hE lo0kS lIk3 a fuZzY fRi3nD

  5. Adahina Filpo says:

    I grew up with star fruits in DR. They are really good.

  6. Caribbean Empress says:

    We have dragon fruit on my island but I've never tried it. The other fruits are new to me…

  7. xoALSox says:

    Of course jazz is scared of fruit

  8. Hi says:

    rie and kelsey in the same video?!

    i must be in heaven

  9. Pat Media says:

    That Cherimoya is soooo under ripe. It needs to be a bit softer to the touch and has brown spots (similar to an overripe banana)

  10. Pick N' POP says:

    I’ve never seen a yellow dragon fruit..

  11. KingBowser1990 says:

    These people gave me cancer

  12. Anika Baptiste says:

    Kelsey: Ohhhh i know what this
    eats everything nom nom nom

  13. The Book says:

    Next to try:
    1. Jackfruit
    2. Durian
    3. Buddha’s Hand
    4. Passion Fruit
    5. Miracle Fruit
    6. Kiwano aka horned melon
    7. Cupuaçu Fruit
    8. Feijoa
    9. Mangosteen
    10. Snake Fruit
    11. Langsat Fruit
    12. Cucamelon
    13. Soupsop
    14. Aguaje Fruit
    15. Pepino Fruit
    16. Longan Fruit
    17. Mangosteen
    18. Sapodilla
    19. Tamarind
    20. Water Apple
    21. Lucume
    22. Pacay
    23. Black Sapote
    24. Canistel
    25. Feijoa
    26. Jubuticaba
    27. Calamansi Lime
    28. Cempsdak
    29. Monstrea Deliciosa
    30. Noni Fruit
    31. Poha Berry
    32. Birbia
    33. Salak
    34. Santol
    35. Sapodilla
    36. Custard Apple
    37. Yangmei
    38. Cactus Fruit
    39. Wood Apple
    40. Breadfruit
    41. Rose Apple
    42. Nipah Seeds
    43. Pulasan
    44. Kiffir Lime
    45. Bacuri
    46. Duku
    47. Pitanga
    48. Safou
    49. Salmonberry
    50. Star Apple
    51. Arbutus Unedo
    52. Finger Lime
    53. Medlar
    54. Cloudberry
    55. Crowberry
    56. Imbe
    57. Natal Plum
    58. Honeyberry
    59. Saguaro
    60. Cupuacu
    61. Pandanus
    62. Akebi
    63. Ackee
    64. Achiote

  14. Emily McMahon says:

    Does Chris work at BuzzFeed again???

  15. Alyssa Leong says:

    They didn’t get the ripe rambutan. Usually it’s sweeter

  16. KRYONart says:

    Friend that’s not how you open Rambutan… and it taste closer to lychee than a grape, that’s why you probably can’t appreciate it if you are more for a sweet-tart taste.

  17. Selena S says:

    Chris is back??????

  18. Tara Silverman says:

    It would be cool to make an exotic fruit salad with all of those fruits and add a few "regular" fruits in and see who eats what and what's left over!

  19. Andrei Euden says:

    Them: Using knife to eat rambutan

    Me: Bites the skin off

  20. Dennise Cortez says:

    I’ve had every single one of those fruits!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. The Info Matrix says:

    Dragon fruit is more of a medicinal fruit which I was forced to eat when I was suffering with dengue

  22. MakeMyDay Foodie says:

    Kelsey is so damn Hot♥️♥️♥️

  23. Charlotte says:

    did any other asians cringe through this entire video lmfaoo

  24. Jystice says:

    I really feel like Rie was dumbing herself down for this video.. I mean come on u really expect me to believe she hasn't had Raubutan and dragon fruit and she is a professional chef from Japan?

  25. Wendy Guity says:

    Kelsey opens her mouth so wide on all videos as if she never has food except at Buzzfeed.

  26. PriRivera says:

    This is my face during the video 🙄🙄 since I’m from Latin America where all these fruits are so normal, also they should try jocotes I’m from Costa Rica and don’t know it by any other name but it is sooo goood

  27. Liang Hong Jun says:

    As someone who eats these fruits on a daily it's funny to see them so confused and weirded out by fruits that would appear common to people in my country

  28. Quatrebaz Smith says:

    Trying Weird Foods.

    Asians: Eating Usual Market Foods <3

  29. Arva Presswala says:

    thats the most unripe custard apple(cherimoya) I have ever seen in my life. Ripe custard apple literally has the consistency of custard.

  30. Macarena Solís says:

    I can’t believe chirimoya classified as an exotic fruit! On top of that, you guys gave them one that isn’t ripe enough! Chirimoya is so delicious 💖

  31. Quarantined Cosmonaut says:

    I was so disappointed in dragon fruit. It taste like a kiwi that lost most of it's flavor.

  32. MrGreen Fox says:

    The cherimoya(atis) one doesn't have bumps… Where's the bumps…

  33. Danielle Huntley says:

    You guys should try a Pomelo!

  34. bautista_c clem says:

    For a sec I thought Chelsea said ~hi I'm Chelsea gucci gang~

  35. Zombeastsqurl says:

    Anyone else notice the black speck on the girl with the shaved head's tooth?

  36. Anna Sabs says:

    Is Chris back in BuzzFeed?

  37. Arun G says:

    Chris joined BuzzFeed?

  38. Mike A says:

    Watching this while eating rambutan…totally laughed when they cut it in half…but the blond lady realy know how to ate it…hahahhahh…..its like when the cut it i laugh as hard as i saw a person peeling an avocado

  39. Firdaus Hilmy says:

    That guy + jazmyne, i hate them

  40. E-Jay P.M says:

    We bite open rambutan with our teeth 😂😂
    Dragon fruit you cut in 4 and eat it with a spoon😂😂

  41. DrIsshan’s Free Time says:

    Really, their rambutan is not that sweet?

  42. Ijan Yusof says:

    Why so many comments about the way they use knife to cut the rambutan?? Rambutan trees don't grow in their backyard like ours. So they opened it the only way they know. With knife.

  43. Ayesha Ashe says:

    i thought chris left buzzfeed 🙁 i like him a lot

  44. lucious X Squish says:

    Wow well most of these fruits are from Asia so as an Asian I’ve had all of these fruits before and wouldn’t be considered exotic in my opinion but I love seeing people eat them tho

  45. Samuel Poon says:

    Exotic fruit but no DURIAN?
    Come on now, BuzzFeed…

  46. anindya rizky pramoda says:

    I'm here for kelsey and rie 😍

  47. Rosalinda Castillo says:

    In my country rambutan and Lichy are the same thing and I love it!!

  48. Ecka SmiLe says:

    So is Chris back?

  49. tatseumato says:

    She looks like a female grant gustin….

  50. suryadi taufan says:

    Rambutan is sooo good

  51. Siobhan White says:

    That custard apple was NOT ripe!!! When it’s ripe, you don’t need a knife, just your hands!!

  52. mralohadog says:

    Nice to see Chris R again!

  53. Cheryl Villamor says:

    what is lansones in english?

  54. Jemil Manalili says:

    King and queen of fruits
    Let them travel Asia they will see lots and lots of different fruits and around the world.
    Durian, mangosteen, atis, lanzones, sintones, guyabano, star apple, etc.

  55. Bevan Tan says:

    There's still like Tom of weird fruits
    1. Dabai(fresh olives from Borneo)
    2. Durian(king of fruits)
    3. Mangosteen (queen of fruits)
    4. Snake fruit (found in Borneo and Indonesia)
    5 buah jambu (crystal guava)
    6. Crystal pear
    7. Buah mata kucing (cats eye fruit)
    8 buah nangka (a kind of jack fruit)

  56. Destiny Astrid Gonzales says:

    Eat the rambutan like a candy until the seed is the only thing in your mouth hahaha

  57. MJ Alde says:

    Why would you cut a rambutan with a knife? I can use my bare hands in opening it

  58. Dixon yang says:

    My eyes hurts seeing rambutans being cut in half.

  59. Ma.Ethel Rama says:

    My asian senses tingle…

  60. sophea says:

    americans are so uncultured

  61. Bianca Nauls says:

    Aww Chris

  62. Vanessa Franks says:

    Yay video with Chris and Rie

  63. Mihika Samant says:

    Wait I thought Chris left buzzfeed

  64. Miss A says:

    We want durian!!!…the kings of fruit!!🇲🇾

  65. candy Lorend says:

    Theres a whole bunch of those fruits at my backyard 😄😄

  66. Hana Banana says:

    Those rambutans look old

  67. Mila Tamin says:

    There are different kinds of rambutan , we have a really sweet sweet one
    So no its not always that light

  68. iloveducks says:

    Their lack of knowledge of fruits is quite surprising HAHA :”)

  69. Rafeez Mortuza says:

    Where's my boy Ryan at???

  70. くらさ says:

    Try lanzones,mangosteen n durian

  71. Fangirl Review says:

    Brought out the heavy hitting fan favorites on this one

  72. bubmah axr says:

    I bet they all would shivers and getting kranky if they had to peel Salak by hand.

  73. sawa albino says:

    For us, south east asians..I think it is weird to call them exotic fruits. to americans, yes. I think better call them tropical fruits. Everyone can accept the term.
    And…What kind of rambutans do u feed them? Rambutan is soooo sweet. It makes me mad because it is my fav fruit. Rambutan that i know is sweeter than apple and peaches.

    This is the 1st Buzzfeed video that i hate

  74. Bernadette Pestanas says:

    Wait… chris is back in buzzfeed?!

  75. first last says:

    Nooooo! Don't cut the rambutan through. Just peel off the skin. I'm crying. Also, rambutan normally is really really sweet.
    I kinda wish they include mangosteen too.

  76. Yeahrightdennis says:

    In Thailand cherries and strawberries are exotic, these fruits are the norm.

  77. ezy_pic O.o says:

    I didnt even knew they were exotics foods. Its actually quite commone for me. You guys should try durian. Its popular in Singapore its the best when served cold. ( i dont understand how the western say its smelly, like whenever i smell it its durian. A unique smell )

  78. sylvia hossain says:

    These aren't that exotic there are many other fruits you can eat that taste good and that are more exotic.

  79. Mrs Din says:

    How do you describe 'exotic'fruit?

  80. tanishq hegde says:

    Mangosteen !

  81. Cassie Aroha says:

    Seeing them slice the rambutan open with a knife reminds me of that post about a supermarket slicing jackfruit like a watermelon (in a triangle) instead of, you know, opening it like a durian like usual.

  82. biilla says:

    as someone who live in tropical country all I can think throughout this video "oohh, so THIS is exotic fruit??"

  83. Bee Jimenez says:

    Chris what are you doing here again?!😂

  84. Roman Nichel says:

    3:30 when you go for the high five… NOPE.

  85. Nina Moore says:

    Rambutan ☑️
    Dragonfruit ☑️
    Cherimoya ☑️ (it's like Guyabano in the Philippines)

    You should try: Durian, Star Apple, Custard Apple, Marang, Longgan, Mangosteen, Jackfruit, Sapodilla (Chico), Star Fruit, Kumquats, Water Apple.

  86. WafflKitty :3 says:

    You need more parts with fruits like Durian, and Lychees, and some other ones!

  87. SyaSya Nazli says:

    as someone from malaysia, im like "THAT'S AN EXOTIC FRUIT??" coz i grew up eating them very often in my household

  88. mc duck says:

    Lmao Rie and Jasmine have no chemistry

  89. Debarati dhar says:

    Rie- Starfruit is the most exotic fruit I've eaten
    Me- Has a Starfruit tree beside my house and accidentally steps on one atleast once a week

    It's so much fun to see different cultures, it's fascinating

  90. palalabu says:

    these people said rambutan has light flavor when we literally arent allowed to eat it when we had a cough bc it's too sweet. lol. did they get bad ones???

  91. That Chic Called Hannah says:

    Rambutan 😍

  92. Melissa Cara says:

    Chris Reinacher makes every video better! Also, I wish they did more than 3 kinds of fruit, I'd love to learn about more.

  93. Jun Hyuk Lee says:

    Kelsey never replies to non subs on twitch FeelsBadMan

  94. i like eating toast says:

    I eat these fruits on a daily basis

  95. scarlett evie says:

    is rambutchan and lychee the same thing?

  96. Antonia Prince says:

    Underwhelming video. There were a number of other fruits that could have been added to this video.

  97. Chipper115 says:

    I love alll these fruits

  98. Chipper115 says:

    Ive had dragon fruit but the one i got was red i dont knoe what thst means

  99. Chipper115 says:

    Yall forgot durain

  100. MsLocaFlea says:

    Try Spanish limes, or as it’s called in Puerto Rico, quenepas. In South and central America, it’s known as mamoncillo.

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