Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe – recipe from my takeaway – with english subtitles

today im going to teach you how to make pizza dough you will need plain flour and salt, baking powder, milk, olive oil and yeast mixed with water and sugar and i left it for a few minutes use 1 tbsp yeast and 2 tbsp of sugar add the yeast and olive oil salt and baking powder and kneed the dough with milk after mixing it the dough has turned like this now add milk and kneed it dont make it too soft kneed well keep in warm place for 5-6 hours this is a take away recipe but the dough that is made they dont need to wait for it they just make it straight away but we are not doing it like that we are making it at home now put olive oil on it then put it in a bowl to rise after adding olive oil put a damp cloth over it its going to take 5-6 hours for it to rise the dough has rised after 5-6 hours its ready i hope you liked this recipe for the english written recipe you can get it from my facebook page linked it the description box dont forget to like, subscibe and comment

42 comments on “Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe – recipe from my takeaway – with english subtitles”

  1. shah roum says:

    aoa. backing powder and backing soda is same thing? white simple soda Jo hum aata goondnay me use kertay hain

  2. shah roum says:

    its me shagufta and I like almost all of your recipes because that r very easy and the tips you give r very valuable. thanks dear

  3. abiha ali shah says:

    sis Allah app ko jaza dy.bohat achay tareqay sy smjhati hn.

  4. Safreena Fatma says:


  5. Safreena Fatma says:


  6. Safreena Fatma says:


  7. Safreena Fatma says:


  8. Safreena Fatma says:


  9. Aftab Hussain says:

    v nice

  10. Javeria Mazhar says:

    pizza dough main egg nai daltey ?

  11. aktp mirpur says:

    i pray for u ap kuch b hidden nhi rakhti

  12. ayesha ayesha says:

    i have a q.pls ye bata dein k take way wali or ye recipie same hei to aap ne itna time q rakhane ka bataya . mean kia hum b is straightaway bake nahi kr sakte. agar karte hein to kia pizza crust harab ho ga.?????

  13. Sadia Abbaas says:

    sister,, agar instant yeast use kren to bhi itni hi amount len? (yeast ki) and instant yeast to directly maida men jaye ga na… plz help jazakAllah

  14. usman ch says:

    api agar instant active yeast use krna ho to Kia yahi quantity ho gi plz reply me

  15. Enn Haych says:

    how long do we cook it for and what gas mark?

  16. Bilkis Khan says:

    masha Allah jazaq Allah kheir sadaka jaria hei app ka mam

  17. zoya IQBAL says:

    aap ny 2 tb spoon yest q ka ha jb k pehly 1/2 tspoon yest kaha plz repy perfect yest and sugar for 2 cups flour plz reply.

  18. nazim ali says:

    Hi I like your recipes very much and liked your honesty of revealing your recipes to public even though you are running a take away outlet most of the people will keep it secret, inshallah your outlet should go places and many more outlet you should open.

  19. Anila Usman says:

    Please ap written recipe bta dn confusion ho gae h apply ny pehly one teaspoon salt and one tea spoon yeast btaya tha

  20. Anila Usman says:

    App ny

  21. Zarin Tasnim says:

    Is is atta? Or maida?

  22. palwashax says:

    Hi, dear sister ! I love your recipes , but I wana make pizza for my kids today please let the written one for 4 cups please . Thank you 😘

  23. AJAY RANA says:

    maida kitna liya hai

  24. Sharafat Bhai says:

    Apka yeastt n namak koch samajh ni aya.

  25. kusiman magar says:

    Love you yashmin

  26. Mubbashar Hussain says:

    Kia chadder cheese use kr sakty gain pizza main mozrella na mily tho


    sis yeast packet mein ota a to kia jitna chahiye o leker usko again rakhsakty hn ? ya 1 e bar sab use kerna ota a warna kharab ojayega ?

  28. Masoud Movaghati says:

    how much material

  29. Lisa Shannon says:

    hi can you place state how much sugar, salt and yeast ratio because you stated the ratios differently in the video which confused me.
    please just write the recipe and send the copy after reviewing my concern-thanks !!!!!please write back

  30. sehar amjad says:

    Hi.. today i tried ur dough recipe.. believe me itna zabardast recipe ha k bary sy bary chef ki recipe bhi itna achi ni bni…. its just perfect… it turned same as of some good brand's dough… impressed realyyyy… got so much appreciation..

  31. Alyas Riyaz says:

    plz plz plz plz plz sis ap gloves dal k ata na gunda krain or na e rori bnaty time gloves dala krain plz i request u plz

  32. Shaheer Farhan says:

    Aasalamo Alikum, madam kindly ye bta dein k me jb b pizza bnati hn to wo karwa sa banta he. Muje samj nai a rahe k kya masla he. Us ka taste itna kharab ku ho jata he.?? Kindly guide me.

  33. saima khan says:

    Thank u very much for sharing

  34. Ahmad Ali says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Can you please tell how much grams of dough is required to prepare 7, 10 & 13 Inches Pizza. Please tell at your earliest.

  35. Khurram Shehzad says:

    Your recipes are the best..
    Can you plz share how to make thin crust pizza dough ?

  36. Shiraz Agha says:

    mashalla bhot bara dil ha aap ka ke aap takeaway recipe ko share kar rahi ha

  37. Shiraz Agha says:

    agar professional way pay aak sat kafi pizza ke oder aah gaeey to kaya oney 4 ya 5 hours wait karvaeengy 🙂

  38. aktp mirpur says:

    Confuse phly aap khti hein pani me me ny aik tablespoon cheeni daali baad me khti hein aik table spoon namak dala 2 table spoon sugar

  39. ibraheemshah kakakhel says:

    Yasmin sister ap ke takeaway kes taraf hai I mean restaurant?

  40. ajmalhanifmaitla ajmalhanifmaitla says:

    is recipie main maida ki quantity bta dein plz grams main ya phir ye bta dein cup small ya large konsay 2 cup? plz zaror btaein apki recipies best hain

  41. Umm Ukasha says:

    Aap nai yeast kitni use ki hy pahly aap nai bataya aik 1tea spoon phir aap nai kaha 1 table spoon

  42. Dylan.. says:

    Hi, you say it needs to rest for 5-6 hours. Can I let it rise for maybe 45 minutes or 1 hour?

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