Peyton And Afnan Have A Communication Meltdown | Season 5 Ep. 11 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

We are coming up to one
minute until your first switch. No one’s started
their nigiri yet, and they’re all
underestimating how hard it is. Get the nigiri done! Nigiri, nigiri, nigiri! Nigiri! You need the– get
the nigiri done. What’s Afnan got to do now? What’s going on? He’s supposed
to do the nigiri. I don’t know what he’s doing. Oh no! Afnan, what are you doing? Is he listening? These rolls are not done! Which roll? Which roll? The tuna California roll. Afnan, at this rate, we’re
going to have nothing done. What’s wrong with them? Look, there’s a swirl in them! It’s supposed to swirl! It’s a roll. This is not right. You need to
communicate, and get on the same page now, quickly. Otherwise, it’s going to be
sayonara for the both of you. Oh.

20 comments on “Peyton And Afnan Have A Communication Meltdown | Season 5 Ep. 11 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR”

  1. Sammi Doll says:


  2. Orbit ?? says:

    Afnan a fat dumbass

  3. Michael J Elizaga says:

    Afnan needs to focus Peyton!!!!

  4. relaxdrawlive says:

    Ugh bullshit I was rooting for afnan

  5. Kassandra Estrada says:

    Afnan definitely deserved to stay. 🙁

  6. Coco RS says:

    This show should be banned. so much food wastage!!!

  7. EllieHowell _ says:


  8. Jordan Lee says:

    I well kill her if I was in afnan position

  9. Improve Elite says:

    ageri ageri ageri AGERI

  10. Josiah Duarte says:

    Otherwise, It's Sayonara To The Both Of You

  11. Catherine Newhouse says:

    Goodness gracious! I know for sure I wouldn't be able to get anything done with her shouting at me like that, I'd be a nervous wreck!

  12. Fun And Games Studio says:

    Peyton must not Go home she is a good cooker

  13. icedwhite mocha says:

    Afnan was constantly one of the better cook. He definitely had a chance to win. They shouldn't have eliminated both. Maybe had them do a 1 min challenge or something. I'm really disappointed.

  14. Samuel Pollas says:

    Didnt anyone see peyton have a moustache?

  15. Jakob Green says:


  16. zarif kabir says:

    Afnan is my freind

  17. OSHANE says:

    Afnan deserved 2 stay, HE WON 2 MYSTERY BOXES!!! And he only started cooking the same year he got into the competition…….. he screws up once and hes gone. like wtf?

  18. Niall Yuxin Xie says:

    I honestly thought that Afnan was going to win the competition

  19. Giang Nam Anh says:

    Afnan is dont know rolls its nigiri its a roll

  20. Mo-likes-internet says:

    Its like subha and dorian from masterchef season 10

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