Pig’s Tails and Duck Hearts: Chef’s Night Out with Pitt Cue Co.

100 comments on “Pig’s Tails and Duck Hearts: Chef’s Night Out with Pitt Cue Co.”

  1. Jay Chen says:

    Been there, one of the worst restaurant experience I've ever had. Totally not worth visiting.

  2. DeJ Bi says:

    shit looks disgusting.

  3. Shichao Wang says:

    was there yesterday. the meat and the sides: heaven!

  4. MR EATS says:

    David Warner's twin

  5. OCSleazy says:

    Was just me or was anyone else waiting for farmer charlie or whoever to start getting belligerent after pounding those drinks at the french house. These guys got so drunk they couldnt even do a proper munchies video where they cook up a feast for everyone they met at the end of the video. 

  6. gts1067 says:

    is everyones self esteem so low whats with all the hate on this video seemed fun to me

  7. K3VYK3V1 says:

    why are almost all of these chefs night out vids are hosted by pretentious hipsters?

  8. necroturky says:

    The jaw meat from the pig is also used in Penne alla Amatrciana. 

  9. Franny Moar says:

    6:30 🙂

  10. SDB says:

    Jealousy is an ugly characteristic.

  11. sikmik77 says:

    That sourdough/bone marrow/slow cooked ox thing at the end looked AWESOME!

  12. MrFstasfk says:

    I`ve eaten here twice plus bought the Pitt Cue book which is amazing and very inspirational. I had lunch with Tom and must say he has his head very securely screwed on and F**king sorted. The food is slapping awesome and I will be going to Pitt Cue many, many more times. Cheers Tom. Hope to see you soon mate. Rich from Dorset.

  13. Mirrorenergy says:

    Haha that was fucking hilarious. Seems like a great time there.

  14. Ì·RÌ·AÌ·QÌ·UÌ·EÌ·LÌ· says:

    Tom looks like Tyler Oakley a little bit

  15. John McClane says:

    8:39 Best part

  16. Mattsnotyours says:

    I'm English and I regularly go out in Soho … god I hate us. 

  17. pinkdeerguns says:

    Vice pretty much ONLY makes stuff involving hipsters in some way

  18. Mark Bertumen says:

    London looks like it's full of lovely people.

  19. HighlyOpi{nion}ated says:

    aaaaand im hungry. 

  20. HighlyOpi{nion}ated says:

    BUT i could never trust someone that could farm pigs and then slaughter and eat em.. thats sick. 

  21. RagingDong says:

    How could that Devon looking fuckbag sit there and drink french cider. Fucking cityfolks.

  22. Bjotten says:

    This looked like a sausage fest for alcoholics :-

  23. Dan says:

    That ox cheek though…

  24. spidaminida says:

    "He didn't want me to leave so he peed on every car door handle"
    is the greatest thing I've heard in recent memory.

  25. Rahul Varghese says:

    haha 9:30, that guy has no idea whats happening.

  26. Richard Cray says:

    i heard you can't farm your own pig that is horizontal integration unless they live somewhere else thats not in the us

  27. Nicolas Martinez says:

    a human q tip

  28. goodfan210 says:

    So they raise all of these pigs, right? and then promptly serves assholes, snouts, jowles {cheek meat) tails, testicles, and hooves. Where is all of the prime meat off of theses animals, can you even get a decent chop, or shoulder steak in this joint?

  29. Dodo M says:

    What did that waitress do at 7:26?

  30. TheEnigmaticHermit says:

    What the fuck is everyone's problem complaining about 'hipsters'?  These guys are passionate about what they do, and doing something about it. Probably more than the whiners can say about themselves.

  31. Bruce Hansson says:

    Wow i really love this "Chef's night out" it makes me wanna quit my dayjob and take the step into the Chefs business!
    Keep on making more lovely episodes of this Munchies!

  32. SkitHertz says:

    Didn't expect to come across a restaurant that I've actually been to while binging on Munchies videos! Pitt Cue Co. was really good!

  33. SethHesio says:

    The hipsters are taking over…

  34. SethHesio says:

    Ok… the pigs having a great life. that's awesome. I can really get behind these guys if that's really how all their pigs are treated. Keep up the good work guys!

  35. SethHesio says:

    This makes me want to drink

  36. Anna Dolleris says:

    Love, love, LOVE this show! Does anyone know the tune beginning at 1:55?

  37. Man E says:

    That was a huge shot of the worst possible liquor aka. Chartreuse.

  38. India Abdul says:

    so stiff

  39. George A. says:

    I really want to watch midget porn now

  40. Cheesy Panda says:

    I went here for my b day on the 24th july and I had the bone marrow mash and some type of ham,bloody lovely

  41. Simon Metin says:

    there was no need for subtitles at 3:55

  42. John Tedonneraipasmonnom says:

    STOP drinking red wine like shots, you british !

  43. Don Young says:


    This show brings out the real conversations.

    "I never watch midget porn… I don't watch midget porn."

    Love it.

  44. gillettecrackers says:

    Why do you need to caption someone who speaks good, clear English?

  45. Craig Johnson says:

    You are a mad man 🐖

  46. wreagfe says:

    Very cool to see so much passion. Put Pitt Cue on my todo list next time I'm in London. 😛

  47. Nabil Golmohamad says:

    قلقاس بالطريقة اللبنانية

  48. Neelki says:

    Owns Japanese restaurant; Doesn't actually have any Japanese people work there.

  49. JG Lee says:

    Duck hearts are tough. I cooked for two hours in the pressure cooker and they were still not tender enough. Try 4 hrs and then BBQ, you will be the king of duck hearts.

  50. Qaqamba Rugweda says:

    did he jus sae they knead theie noodles by FOOT 👣👣👣 omg. hw dscustin

  51. Winston says:

    why are they driving on the wrong side of the road?

  52. chang jung says:

    I treat them like a goddess then I kill them.

  53. tom111 says:

    Is soho where i get sex

  54. suril says:

    this video is to sexual for me

  55. joe jan says:

    bro this fuckin ox cheek open faced sandwiches dear god

  56. G Fleming says:

    I blame Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for posh-cook-cunts.

  57. Pierre Fox says:


  58. Sunny Wu says:

    British accent. How to sound classy even when talking about watching midget porn.

  59. FrenkHenk says:

    Finally a Chefs night out where they get actually drunk! Got, I love the british 😀

  60. coffee lover says:

    midget porn lol

  61. Robot Rabbit says:

    Good friends go to eat at each other's restaurant's

  62. Rapheal Francis says:


  63. The Man who doesn't know Anything says:

    I'm not cook or chef…but if you try my gandmuuu kitchen u go up and down like sugar…

  64. Julián Andrés Marín Silva says:

    WTF with that laughter 5:42 :/

  65. memadman says:

    Hippies. They just look dirty and not should be handling food.

  66. OMEGALUL says:

    nothing like eating drinking and watching midget porn

  67. Tim Smith says:

    Arrrrrr yes hipster chefs being sustainable organic and environmentally conscious nessness with beards and other people's money catering to other self absorbed twats named Nigel or Giles.

  68. nested bird says:

    this looks like how the bourgeois youngsters of the regency would have enjoyed the night .

  69. Anony mous says:

    "grilled vegetables better than meat almost" heresy

  70. Cassian says:

    What the actual fuck…

  71. JoseDTFitness says:

    This first guy actually kinda looks like a pig

  72. Daymen- Witvoet says:

    I love pigs and I don’t like this at all 🤬🖕🏻

  73. Justin nierengarten says:

    He a murderer

  74. chupa cabra says:

    that smoked ox cheek with bone marrow on toast looked amazing!

  75. J L says:

    pretentious poshos and nonce farmers. Hipster London.

  76. Tvest says:

    I cant be the only one needing to se what migdet porn was

  77. brandon pendaz says:

    That laugh though

  78. Tony Chopper says:

    I wanted to like this one but of course in came the weaboo serving Japanese food, bro just make white people food

  79. Unqiuegameplays says:

    It's Normal to eat pigs in Texas so nothing is different

  80. Thomas Draper says:

    Funny to see Lee in a Parts and Labour hat. Trans Atlantic love between Canada and the UK

  81. Evania Anisa says:

    he looks like lewis from meet the robinsons

  82. Mark Northern says:

    Mint: “I’m the log man”

  83. Maria C says:

    Tom is so handsome 🤗🤗

  84. Ņőť Hůmăņ says:

    I can see that Inglish people likes to talk a lot about pines…

  85. Tommy Nico says:

    Bunch of batty boys.

  86. Mini Ho says:

    This was the best episode yet!!! Must go to London to eat at pitt cue stat!!!! All you haters dont understand the skill you must have to rear pigs cook every part and be successful – thats talent and on such a young guy right there !!!

  87. The Sacha says:

    Behind every drunk chef, or "chef", there's a sad, haunting heartbreak. Speaking from experience 😛

  88. Neal Harrison says:

    These guys are just so gross

  89. Chloe Chan says:

    So he kills animals that trust him 😑

  90. Chris M Sterling says:

    Gay AF

  91. Michael Tudda says:

    Koya is very impressive.

  92. PaxisLetsPlayBig says:

    I don't know what it is, but there is something about this video that i don't like.

  93. medusa little says:

    damn i was there in 2012 and spent a lot of time in soho i wish i wouldve know about you lot

  94. Zehe Chen says:

    pigs tast good

  95. Judge Dredd says:

    I want some jowl right now

  96. V J says:

    Reminders me of Trainspotting, but with more pigs! Instead of heroin.

  97. James Coster says:

    Pigs dicks are like a meat spring.

  98. Victor Da Silva says:

    Look mummmy a lot of British cuntzzzz….

  99. Pauly Paul says:

    This is the sort of video that lifts the spirits of anybody who has ever lived or worked in London. Anybody who has lived in London has had a similar night getting drunk in one of the best cities in the World.

    "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" – Samuel Johnson

  100. Jackwhoknows says:

    2:11 my god it looks like an oyster made entirely of edible pork

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