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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you Pizza. This pizza is such an amazing thing when bunch of
guys get together to watch a sports channel they want pizza and a bunch of
ladies get together I having a kitty party they want some
quick bite it speeds up as a kid what they want it’s pizza making a pizza dough is more
or less how you make your bread dough or even pretty much a naan dough so what we’re going to do you’re going
to take some warm water you know around the 250 ml of water make sure that the water is warm not hot
if you put yeast into hot water the yeast will die so in the warm water at
the same temperature where you set your yogurt add one packet of yeast this is around seven grams of yeast if
you remember I told you about 7 grams of yeast is good enough for seven cups of flour add around the half a teaspoon of sugar and around one teaspoon of salt and then add 1 cup of flour keep this aside for around 10 to 15
minutes I’ll take around five cups of flour for every 1 cup of flour add 1 teaspoon of olive oil so i’m going to add 5 teaspoons of olive oil I have this mixture kept aside for around 10 minutes so
I’m going to add this mixture into this and then makes this to make a nice dough the dough has to be soft now the dough is all ready we’re going to add some oil on top of
olive oil just make a nice coating here I’ve got a cloth which i dipped in little
bit water and then squeezed out of the water and i’m going to use this to
cover this dough keep this in a warm place at the same
where you leave your yogurt to set. After one hour because of the
yeast the dough will become twice the size originally you left it when you let this
dough rest see the aeration is very uneven the air bubbles some places it’s
big some places it’s small so what we’re doing is punching and
removing that air out now we removed all the air that is there inside and now we’re going to let it ferment for one more time ok now to do that we’re going to do the
same thing we’re going to cover it with a cloth and leave with at a warm place for
another 30 minutes then we’re going to make a our pizza it’s been 30 minutes that I have rest this
dough so you can see the dough i kept the dough here and just put lot of flour on
your table and just cut the size of the dough we need so let’s say I need a this much dough to
make my pizza what they do is when they flatten this dough they put all the required sauce and everything and they slide it onto a
pizza stone that is preheating in the oven since we don’t have a pizza stone we need to modify it to our requirements so what I’m doing I’ve got a tawa here on
which I make my chapati. This is a non- stick tawa so i’m going to use this as my
pizza tray I’ll also show you how we can get away
without a piece of stone and still get better quality than the pizza you buy
in the market so I’m just going to keep this dough here
and then slowly spread this with my hand just flatten it little bit. ok lot of
people love thin crust pizza whereas I like a little bit
of thick crust I like little bit soft pizza ok now you can see I’m
spreading it evenly some people like it very thin and crispy
so i’m going to show you both of them today it so now isn’t this very easy so you’re going to let it rest for another five minutes before you put the sauce and the toppings now well I’ve got
some you know homemade pizza us we’re going to spread this okay just
leave the edges and the rest of it spread nicely i’m going to put some jalapeno spread
them evenly whatever ingredients you gonna put pineapple capsicum got some
onion spread the onion also evenly i’m going to top it off the cheese and the make sure spread the cheese evenly cheese buy mozarella cheese that is what is good for your pizza last but not the least is just add a
little bit of olive oil just a few circles and now the last and most
important thing is take a brush and just apply olive oil on the edges of the
pizza ok so that the crust comes very nice if we are going to put this pizza in our oven is it going to come out fine a lot of people have tough times because
sometimes the pizza underneath remains raw and that is why it is
better to use a pizza stone but we decided that we’re not going to use pizza stone so i’m going to show you how to do this
alternative I lit this flame very slow flame and
then I’m putting this pan on top of the flame so it cooks from the bottom and i’m
going to heat it up from the bottom so that the dough gets slightly cooked then i’m going to put this in the oven see this pan is really hot the bottom part started getting cooked I’m going to put this in the oven at 450 to 475 degrees farhenheit wow my Italian friend when he is to make
pizza for pizza hut he used to make it totally different but when he is to make pizza for himself he used to totally use a different recipe his pizza was never round it used to be
square and then he used to put all kinds of vegetables and baked it really
thin His pizza was never thicker it was like thin so we’re going to learn how we’re going make a thin pizza here I’ve got done some more pizza dough so i’m going to put on a tray on a flat tray see the guy never cared about the shape
of the pizza you know all you he wanted was a thin pizza so just take this pizza dough and make
it very thin if you want to thin pizza spread it
really thin take a fork make a little bit holes so this holes will prevent the aeration happening too much spread this pizza sauce very little
yesterday when I made sheekh kebab I kept a little bit of this chicken meat
which i’m going to use it into small dumplings and put it on top of this
little bit of onion capsicum and slice off our tomato so I’m going to put some cheese and a little bit of olive oil and the
best way to know if the pizza is done is to see on top of the pizza if
the color of the cheese is nice golden color that is the time when you need to
remove your pizza out actually my round pizza which is a soft deep pizza is ready i’m going to pull it out who oh mamma mia you know the pizza is come out but think
about it when you order pizza by the time you get home it takes around atleast 10 minutes so just let this pizza cool down for 10 minutes after around
10 minutes you know we’re going to pizza out
and then all you do is run your pizza off cutter and if you don’t have a pizza cutter like this never mind we can even use a simple
knife you have to see this crust to believe it so
beautiful see the cheese on the top of the pizza holds the heat inside very well so it takes really long time to cool down a pizza mm… wow Wow haha i want to show you the back side of the pizza see how beautiful well cooked it is now
look at this pizza look at this now i have
to end the show go back home watching cricket match and eat pizza ok now look at this and I’m going to
enjoy today. kids look at this pizza Wow with this i’m sure
many of you will try to make this pizza at home and i’m sure i will hear so many Wow from many of you with that remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you.

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