PIZZA CHALLENGE feat. Dadi & Dadu | #Family #Fun #Kids #Comedy #MyMissAnand

I asked you people on my instagram “should I do a challenge with my Dadu you said YES Here I come up with a challenge I have given task to them they have to bring 5 item what is the Challenge? Pizza Challenge Share it with your grand parents these packet will contain our favorite food item our team will shuffle the packet we will pick the chits here is our pizza base sauce cheese do you know how to make pizza? spread sauce and cheese pizza base is ready for topping challenge starts now you dont Know this is your stone paper scissor Dadi got my item – oreo dadi lets change No cheating anantya is in trouble this round is best for dadu as he got his favorite item and worst for me Next round and hope in this round I got my item OMG I got my fav item Dadi got dadi item and vice versa this round went well for all as everyone guess Anantya what I got Jaggery Chicken – Salami Broccolli Dadu pizza is comin to be Desi Pizza mine is colurful pizza as I wanted Dadi pizza is Greeny round three is good for all as we got out fav item Chyawanprash paneer do comment who pizza is best I will pick first marshmallow Buttermilk Corn last round Cashew icecream apple should I share the secret even I didnt knew its a pizza challenge otherwise I would not have got these item for pizza lets sprinkle cheese bake the pizza 5 min later our pizza is ready do tell us who Pizza is best lets cut it into slices Yummy Dadu is confident that East or West his pizza is Best Lets name our Pizza Gur Pizza Melted IceCream pizza Oreo Pizza Do suggest name for our pizza in the comment section Do hit the like button for my dadu as he featured First time on my channel Bye

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